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4/29/13 11:35 P

I live in a subdivision, but it's only half built because of the economy. So, most of the lots around us are empty. Well, yesterday I was sitting on the couch w/ the windows open and I start hearing this yelling... it was a woman who had walked down the street while on the phone, screaming at someone on the phone. I think she is a renter who lives in a house that's for sale on the next street over, and from what I could tell, her and her husband (who I think is who is on the other line) are at odds about where they should live next. At one point her daughter came running down the street and she yelled at her to go back home. I guess she didn't realize how much her voice carried because I heard all of it :)

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4/29/13 11:27 P can dance and don't care if anybody is watching!!!

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4/29/13 9:48 P

You laugh so hard that you cry when your 2# puppy is attacking the feet of a full grown Great Dane at the vets. The Dane just sat there and watched. I don't think the puppy knew there was a dog attached to the feet.

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4/29/13 7:34 P

we saw somebody bringing 2 goats to the vet last time I was there.

and a farmer in our Sunday school class took a trailer full of Black Angus calves to the FFA camp a few months back. There was a high school class from north Atlanta at the FFA camp for a field trip. As the farmer and his wife were driving out with the calves, they overheard the teens talking to each other: "Look at all those horses!"

4/29/13 7:28 P

Where we live, we usually see more animals than people - dogs, cats, sheep, goats and sometimes wilder creatures. Is it strange being able to identify whose sheep are in the fields just by listening to their 'conversation' and the sounds of their bells?

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4/29/13 12:54 P

it's usually something involving my goofy dogs. The newest one is still a pup (found him a few weeks ago at the park & nobody has called to claim him). This morning he discovered himself in the mirror. We have a cheval mirror in the front bedroom (which we use for an exercise room). I heard Omar growling and when I checked on him, he was standing in front of the mirror. Silly puppy!

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4/29/13 12:44 P

I live in a very quiet neighborhood, so when things happen, everyone and their dogs are outside witnessing the action.

LOL Of course, I find myself right in the mix with the neighbors...

There was a major car accident which blocked off the main street, the area that I live in, is an older neighborhood (you know with the very narrow streets) to where its almost impossible to fit two cars down the street if there are cars parked on each side LOL

Just comes to show how much excitement we see on a daily basis and you know you your entertained when....

The funniest of the time was trying to see huge work vehicles and the city bus trying to make it down the street and hoping they don't take the power wires or the parked cars with them.

This is just a random post... feel free to add things for when you find yourself being entertained by the public :-)) emoticon

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