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10/15/11 2:55 P

I can't take statins and so use fish oil (high quality tabs) instead. They seem to work just as well. Exercise will raise your HDL (you already know that) but you also might try a (again, high quality) multi vitamin. I've never been a vitamin taker but until I added a multi, my numbers stayed bad.

Good luck!

10/15/11 3:29 A

emoticon I forgot to talk about the triglyceride problem. These are increased radically by the amount of simple carbs you eat. So stay away from sugar, processed foods, white bread, and read labels carefully. Tons of foods on the market are loaded with added sugar for no reason other than to get you hooked on their product so you will come back and buy more. Sugars are very addictive and cause us to crave foods high in them. Especially the ones containing high fructose corn syrup, which is cheap because of Govn. supplementing corn farmers for growing it. I learned just how many foods contain it while my small children were struggling with corn allergy! It's added to most processed meats, why? So we will buy more. Instead, we need to eat brown and wild rice instead of white, and since it is available in instant form, there isn't the hassle of cooking it 40 minutes. The more fiber you can get into your diet, the faster your cholesterol will come down. My total cholesterol went from 275 to 139, so I'm speaking from experience here. Gotta be willing to make some changes in the kind of foods you eat. And remember, as good as a baked spud is, carrots, corn, peas, are all converted to simple sugars and raise your triglycerides! They belong in the starch portion of your diet, not the vege portion. Sorry, sometimes the truth hurts! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

10/15/11 3:14 A

emoticon AHHH! A chance to share what I've emoticon About mono and poly unsaturated fats! emoticon Poly unsaturated fats are more common in most fatty foods than mono unsaturated fats. The problem with that is that poly unsaturated fats, while lowering your bad cholesterol, also lower your good cholesterol! Mono unsaturated fats, on the other hand, lower your bad cholesterol and INCREASE your good cholesterol! You will find mono unsaturated fats in avocados, almonds, filberts. The Hazelnut oil, while quite expensive, because is imported from France, should be kept in the refer, and used cold. On your salad or drizzled over your steamed veges. It has 10 g of mono to 2 g poly per tablespoon, and taste really yummy. A serving of fresh hazelnuts is 1/4 cup. However, I cannot find information on the mono fats in those fresh raw nuts. Almonds, on the other hand are one ounce, or 20 kernels per serving. And again, I don't know the content of mono fats. But Avocados, while mostly fat, are an excellent source of mono unsaturated fat.

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10/5/11 5:49 P

Hi there--I'm there with you. I have a family history of high cholesterol/heart disease (my younger brother had a heart attack at age 41 two years ago.)

Last December I had my bloodwork done and it came back terrible:
Cholesterol: 244
Triglycerides: 234
HDL: 30
LDL: 189

I had resisted going on a statin drug, but I couldn't fool myself any longer, especially since it's in my genetics. I started on simvistatin 20 mg (really cheap as a generic) and after two months this is how my numbers looked:
Cholesterol: 175
Triglycerides: 120
HDL: 38
LDL: 127

Massive improvement! Now I'm really focusing on my diet and exercise and I'm really looking forward to seeing how that improves the numbers even more. I understand that with HDL, about the only thing you can do to raise that is with exercise.

Good luck!!

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9/17/11 1:13 P

Received my blood work and the report isn't what I expected, I have alot of work to do and will need help in getting the numbers back to a normal reading.Will be reading post from others who have been working on lowing their number.

Cholesterol 369
Triglycerides 320
HDL 38
LDL 226

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