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8/19/13 1:42 P

Your welcome

8/19/13 1:27 P

Thanks! Well you might be right! I will play a little more with my calorie intake to see what happens (always healthy of course). But you see I wouldn't like to be a size 0, I just dont like it, I love my curves and my muscular legs and butt. BUT I hate my flabby arms and tummy. Thats what I want to change! And maybe Im just changing... I will have to keep things consistently. Thanks for your reply!

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8/19/13 1:22 P

What kinds of food u eat to lose weight!

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8/19/13 7:15 A

It would be hard to suggest anything without first knowing what your calorie range is, how many calories you burn through exercise, and also possibly seeing your Nutrition Tracker to get an idea of how you usually eat.

Since you say you get hungry... it's possible that you aren't eating enough on a regular basis. Paradoxically, when we don't eat enough our bodies cling to the fat (instead of burning it, like you might think they would). So it's entirely possible you need to eat more, to lose those last 20 pounds.

It's also possible that you've reached a healthy weight already. We might decide we want to be such-and-such a weight, but you have to take into consideration things like muscle mass when deciding on a goal. The BMI for example does not take muscle mass into consideration. Or perhaps you've decided that such-and-such a weight would get you into a size 0 or something. Which may not really be realistic at all. Bone structure etc needs to be taken into consideration. I'm 5'8" and my skeleton has wide hipbones. I could say I want to be a size 2 all I want to, but realistically it is never going to happen.

8/19/13 2:33 A

Im in the middle of my journey. Im 160 cm tall and whit a starting weight of 160 pounds, I have struggled with these vicious last 20 pounds for the last year!!! (my weight is 140 pounds) 2 years ago I started to weight lift and although I have lost volume and gain muscle I still have tummy and fat arms (which I HATE). I go to the gym everyday, eat proteins and whole grains... sometimes I struggle whit binge eat but for the last month (thanks GOD) I've been fine. I was wondering if anyone had this problem: sometimes I get really hungry, I drink water... then I wait 20 minutes... then I eat some protein or fruits, but I DONT loose any weight -at all!!!- when that happens! I feel so frustrated, because I know that if I stop eating when I'm like this, I will end up taking all the sugar and fat in the near stores. But in the other hand, I haven't loose any weight for the last week (or any of the days this has happened) and have been REALLY hungry lately and I just dont like my body as it is... So PLEASE help! Anyone has resolved these kind of troubles??

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