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JULIACOLLINS62 Posts: 1,706
11/6/12 3:14 P

What great feedback! I'm glad I asked :-). I hate wasting anything, so I can really relate to "just in time" concept after the replies. Keep enjoying. Sincerely, Julia emoticon

LISAR333 Posts: 83
11/6/12 2:13 P

I agree with PATNSL07, I love my Keurig because I can just make a cup whenever I want in no time flat.

When I got mine, I was drinking more coffee than I do now, but it was spread over throughout the day (I work at home). I had a thermal carafe coffee pot because I didn't like how a regular one with a warmer tended to produce burnt tasting coffee after it was kept warm for a while. Also, my coffee pots tended to last a year or 2, and then had to buy another one. I switched to a french press when the last one died and put the coffee after it was done in my thermal carafe. The coffee was better than traditional drip coffee, but the cleanup was a pain. In the meantime I had been researching other kinds of coffee makers and discovered single brew machines.

I was attracted to the ability to just make 1 cup at a time since it is just me drinking coffee and the variety of kinds of coffee and the EASY cleanup!!! I decided on the Keurig. It was well within the money I had saved for a new one as the B40 was right at $100.

Now I'm not drinking nearly as much coffee as I was, just 2 cups a day. No matter which method I used before, I would be throwing away coffee if I used one of them. I can even do a cup of decaf later if I want to (It's mighty cold here in Indiana at 2 am this time of the year and sometimes I want something warm without a lot of calories and no caffeine). Like PATNSL07, my daughter also enjoys using it for hot drinks, but she is 15 now and not a coffee drinker, so she uses it for tea and hot chocolate. If it is on and warmed up and I need hot water for something, I use it rather than using the microwave since I can get about a cup in less than a minute where as the microwave would take more than that to get it to that temperature.

As I said in my previous post, I no longer use the k-cups generally since they have gotten VERY pricey since I bought my machine. This just means that I don't have the variety I used to have, but I have been getting different kinds of beans and changing them up generally every week (I just put in a couple of days worth in my grinder's hopper and push the button to get as much ground coffee as I need for a cup).

Oh, and I love mine so much, I got one as a wedding present along with a grinder and the Ekobrew for my son when he got married. Now that his wife is pregnant, they can enjoy it even more with him drinking coffee and her drinking tea or decaf coffee.

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
11/6/12 11:13 A

I love my Keurig and since getting it have always done my tea that way when I've been in a rush. I've also been using the My Way (is that the name of it?) basket that I bought with my own coffee more than buying the K-cups and adding my flavored creamer. I'm the only one at home who drinks coffee, and then only 1 cup a day, so a regular coffee maker is wasted for me! Last year my brother and his friend did work on my house to repair hurricane Irene damage and I used the My Way thing with Folgers that I bought on sale for $1.89 and they had fresh hot coffee for 2 weeks with no waste... can't beat that with a stick!!

PATNSL07 Posts: 44
11/6/12 10:15 A

To Julia--I received the actual machine as a gift, but as much as I use it I would totally invest in one for myself now! I love it because I'm always on the go, and it's just me and my daughter (who is 3) so I really don't need a whole pot. I used to get up early and make a whole pot of coffee, and end up dumping half, or drinking the whole friggen thing and drinking waaay more caffeine/coffee than one should haha.

Now when I get up, I turn the Keurig on and it's warmed up and brewing a single cup of coffee in less than a minute. If I'm headed out the door I just put the travel mug there instead of the coffee cup and it's good to go! I also like it because I can make warm drinks for my daughter too (she likes hanging with mommy doing whatever I'm doing) so on the weekends when I have a cup of coffee I'll make her a cup of hot cocoa or cider by just running plain hot water from the Keurig.

Gosh I feel like I should be a spokesperson! emoticon

JULIACOLLINS62 Posts: 1,706
11/6/12 8:17 A

I've seen this kind of appliance and wondered what the appeal was. Is it individual brew? Is it time saving? Is it taste? I saw $$$ and never bought one. The thread suggests people really enjoy, so why do you enjoy your "k" machine? Just curious :-) emoticon

JULIACOLLINS62 Posts: 1,706
11/6/12 7:53 A

I've seen this kind of appliance and wondered what the appeal was. Is it individual brew? Is it time saving? Is it taste? I saw $$$ and never bought one. The thread suggests people really enjoy, so why do you enjoy your "k" machine? Just curious :-) emoticon

LISAR333 Posts: 83
11/5/12 8:31 P

I've had my Keurig for about 3 years now, and I haven't bought K-cups in probably about a year. We tried the tea K-cups when I first got it, but I agree, they are kind of expensive. We have done the leaving it empty since then and allowing it to steep for how ever long you want. I will try it your way though next time I make tea.

I have the Ekobrew (6 of them) and a good grinder for regular coffee and have been making my coffee like that since my stash of K-cups ran out. Admittedly, I do like a cup of decaf once in a while, so I do keep some of my favorite K-cups in decaf version, though I am down to just 1 kind, so I will have to decide whether I will replenish my supply when it runs out considering HOW much they have gone up in price.

PJANTO Posts: 79
11/5/12 7:53 P

Can't wait to try!
I use a nifty device called a K-Kap that fits over a used and rinsed out k-cup for using my own ground coffee. You can reuse a k-cup several times and they rinse and dry out rather quickly. It makes a stronger cup of coffee than the My K-Cup that Kuerig sells.
My new fave hot beverage is a few drops of lemon Mio liquid (I know, I know, propylene glycol and all) with a shot of hot water from the Keurig. Warm and comforting on these chilly damp days.
Off to try the tea-bag idea!

PATNSL07 Posts: 44
11/5/12 4:11 P

I love coffee and tea...a lot...a few times a day to be exact. Owning a Kuerig is amazing--but if you drink these lovely warm beverages as much as I do, your pocketbook gets a little upset with you.

I bought the reusable filter for "regular" coffee which I don't mind, but it sure does get messy sometimes. Then for tea, I began just leaving it empty, tea bag in cup then running it through for hot water. That worked, but I still had to let the tea bag steep for a few minutes.

Then the other day I had an OMG moment (or ermergherd! for those of you who get as excited as me). I opened up a tea packet--just regular ole tea bag, yanked off the string and put the bag itself right where the k-cup usually goes. I pushed brew and waited in anticipation. I watched as a perfect cup of tea was QUICKLY brewed. My life will never be the same.

Sorry Keurig but I will no longer be one of your top $$ k-cup customers!!

A favorite afternoon sweet treat for fall that I've been loving is pouring about 2 tbsp of coconut milk into a coffee cup, adding about a half packet of stevia, then brewing a chai tea packet straight into it. It mixes right up for you and it an instant, delicious treat!!


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