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KYLIAK Posts: 253
1/15/13 12:17 P

I agree with others while it counts as water maybe try something a little less artificial.

those fake sugars just set you up to crave more junk and aren't the best for you.

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,272)
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Posts: 3,790
1/15/13 12:10 P

I would have concern about the maltodextrin and artificial flavorings/colorings.

An alternative I like is ice tea , "poor man's lemonade", or iced coffee sweetened with stevia.

ARMARTIN527 SparkPoints: (15,818)
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Posts: 100
1/15/13 11:43 A

The unsweetnend Kool Aid is pretty harmless. This is a decent article that talks about each ingredient.

But you might want to consider using a more natural sweetner like Stevia. Aspartame (Equal) is pretty nasty stuff that's created in a lab. Some consider that to be the worst artifical sweetner on the market.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,299
1/15/13 4:50 A

Here's a link to a Spark article on what counts as "water":

So yes, Kool Aid would count. But I don't think it should be your only source of fluids. Sometimes using a lot of artificial sweeteners can set you up for cravings, for sweet things. One of the best things I've done is "get used to" drinking just plain tap water.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
1/15/13 12:57 A

Anything wet is water.

We don't get that product in this country so I can't comment on it in particular. If you can barely pronounce the ingredients you might want to consider simply adding lemon juice to water to make it more palatable.

But any drink at all counts towards your water for the day. Just try to get some actual 'water' water, and not all Kool-aid, milk, juice and tea! :)

HLTHAPPINESS4C Posts: 27,808
1/15/13 12:23 A

A couple of months ago I started dating a guy who loves to drink sugar free kool aid (adds equal) and I've started drinking a lot of it myself. I know that 100% juice and herbal tea, milk and such count as water, but what about Kool-Aid? Am I fooling myself thinking this an acceptable substitute for water?

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