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10/6/11 11:23 P

Thanks TIAMET2,
I will give some of those a try!

TIAMET2 Posts: 211
10/6/11 9:07 P

I have both arthritis and a torn meniscus in one of my knees (so both sides hurt). My Physical Therapist had me doing about an hours worth of exercises to strengthen the rest of my leg, my core as well as the ligaments alongside the knee. They helped although I need to continue doing them still.

15 minute warm up on a recumbent elliptical machine
Calf/leg stretch
Heel raises
weight machines
leg curls
a sort-of backwards leg push
leg press (single leg and both legs)
front, side and back steps
balance exercises on a balance board
balance exercises with a ball
stretches with theraband
side plie walks with theraband
knee bend with theraband
bridge with theraband

Usually after all that, I went home with an ice pack but I am much more functional.

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10/4/11 11:45 P

Wow, REDSHOES! That is awesome that you were able to get off pain meds. That is a very interesting point about the effect of a 10 lb wt. loss on joints.

With all this great information I am sure to find either a back door or a side door to get into this new "ball game"!

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10/4/11 11:40 P

Thanks SLYSAM. I don't believe I have any injury to my knees. It is just from being fat for a long period of time and not being active. I've had a couple of full body bone scans checking for metastasis to my bones (2 time cancer survior here) which just showed some degenerative joint disease. I'm thinking with some proper training, my knees will start behaving. I will check out "strong knees".

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10/4/11 11:35 P

Thanks OHBEBLESSED, that sounds interesting. I will look it up for sure!

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10/4/11 11:29 P

Nutrition- a ten pound weight loss causes 30 to 50 pounds of extra stress to be relieved from the joints..
If you have injuries, clear it with a doctor before starting a exercise program- this is alfa important and report back if anything don't feel right..
I can't do ordinary lunges because of bunion issues and flat feet- I use one leg lunges with one foot on a workout bench and a smith machine bar just to stablize myself without over balancing- I use the mirror to watch posture and form..

If something didn't work for me, I used patience continued on with other stuff and increase my strength in other ways then returned.. It make it alot easier, if my core was weak work on exercises to improve it, if my wrists were weak- I looked up exercises to improve them too..
On return a whole new ball game- sometimes we have to get into the game by using the back door method..

I got myself off a 1200 mg painkill use daily- and can ignore my aches and pains now..

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10/4/11 1:36 P

If you have an injury see a doctor and try to get a referral to a physical therapist. If it isn't serious (like you don't think it is an injury), there is a very basic strength/stretching dvd that might help called "Strong Knees". The instructor is called Chantel Donally (my spelling my be wrong). It is kind of dry, but includes a lot of good information on what often causes knee issues, a workout to strengthen the lower body to prevent the knee issues that can come from weakness and imbalance, a good lower body stretch as some issues can come from tension and tightness, instructions on how to massage the IT band. The workout is beginner level but I found it "cured" my minor knee issues the first time. Well, I guess in my case it was the tightness issue so I have kept it and do the stretching routine fairly often.

10/4/11 9:25 A

Oooh I had to responde to you. I have had issues in the past with my knees, and ankles! I have flat feet and through the years it has effected my other joints. However about a year ago, I started doing, praise moves. It is a christian form of yoga. But it was the learning about total body alignment that was key for me. You learn to distribute your body weight correctly! AMAZINGGGGGGG and so simple! It has allowed me to exercise, walk and do so many things painfree! look up TBA or Total Body Alignment. Practice it a few minutes a day. You will be surprised.

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10/4/11 8:17 A

Awesome website! Thank you so much. This is exactly what I've been looking for.

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10/4/11 5:39 A

squat, deadlift, lunge, stepup are all good for strengthening the quad. The knee movement for a lunge is identical to a squat, I'd check your form.

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10/3/11 11:41 P

Hello Everyone,
I was just wondering how to make your knees stronger and more flexible. I can do some squats just fine, but doing lunges, well, my knees just don't want to bend that way. Is there a way to get your knees in shape?
Thanks in advance,

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