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12/13/12 4:24 P

I went back to the doctor with all these questions. Turns out it was an ACL injury from back in highschool. Just never healed to what I thought it should be.

He said to use the wrap, and is actually helping a lot!

Thank you for all your comments!

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12/13/12 3:03 P

I have knee issues with my right knee. In my case, I finally know exactly what's causing the pain and why, but it took an x-ray, an MRI and an assessment by a physiotherapist to finally sort it out and start me on some sort of treatment regimen. I'm also on a waiting list to see an orthopedic surgeon about my knee.

My physiotherapist is a saint with poofy hair...but don't tell her I said that! She has been working with me to strengthen muscles, stretch tight ligaments, and all sorts of other things that she has in the plan to help get me to a point where my knee issues are under control. Although I've never heard of the item your doctor has recommended for you, my physiotherapist does use both ultrasound and something like a giant TENS unit (can't remember the proper term off the top of my head right now) to help with blood flow and such. She tells me that the primary purpose in my case is to reduce/control inflammation.

Personally, I'm reluctant to buy something that I consider really should be used by a professional - I'm accident prone and would likely injure myself. Perhaps you may want to consider going to a physiotherapist yourself and seeing what they say. In my case, my physiotherapist knew a LOT more than my doctor did about joints, ligaments, muscles, and how they all interacted together, as well as how to adjust the body part/tissue that was causing the pain.

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12/13/12 9:21 A

Per our community guidelines we ask that everyone respect other members questions, even if we do not agree.

Thank you!

Coach Nancy

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12/13/12 12:56 A

Second all the things DalCanT757 said. Including removing that link.

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12/12/12 10:18 P

A reasonable answer to a musculoskeletal issue isn't usually a special gadget or a magic pill. Anyone seriously considering treatment of your issue would first do a good physical examination to identify the structure that is causing your discomfort and then refer you to a proper professional to help you with your issue if it was out of his/her expertise.

While physical modalities can be a helpful adjunct to a treatment plan, they are not meant to replace a proper regimen. Also, I'm doubtful of the claims that product makes. It claims to be a solution to get heat into joints and such. Any traditional heating modality should be effective up to 4-ish cm. Ultrasound should get down a little further. An electromagnetic field is sometimes used for bone stimulators, but I've never seen it used for this purpose. Maybe we should all start playing under power lines.

The biomechanics that deal with the knee are complicated. You basically need to see someone who understands them and can help you correct them.

I would also probably remove that referral link.

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12/12/12 9:32 P


While I am not in a position to second guess your doctor, what I do know is that many times the source of a knee issue is not the cause of the knee issue. In other words, poor quad development, tight hamstrings, weak hips can all cause knee issues. So finding the cause of the muscle imbalance may actually be something you may want to check into as well.

Coach Nancy

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12/12/12 9:09 P

Hi all.

I've recently started to get back to running and my knee is extremely painful after I'm done!?

I asked my doctor and he told me I should invest in a blood flow stimulation kit. I was seriously considering it

Does any one have any other alternatives to this problem?

Thanks all!

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