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I totally agree with the shoes recommendation. I'd also think about doing a program that mixes jogging and walking (like C25K) to break yourself in rather than just break yourself. :) You might also consider the surfaces you run on ... concrete and asphalt are a lot harder on your knees than a trail or a high school track. A gym treadmill is also a good place to go to protect your knees as long as you aren't working on a really old POS machine.

You might also try doing some strength training focused on your quads. They can be shock-absorbers for your knees. My patellas don't track in a straight line, and I can get wicked knee pains that sound similar to yours if I don't keep up the leg strength. Some bicycling can help build those muscles and get in cardio on days when your knees hurt too much to run as well.

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Before starting to run or jog or walk for long periods of time, you should have your core muscles toned. If I were you, I would go to the exercise pages here on Spark People and try the following routine - it actually took very severe pain from my knee in one work-out. I was absolutely amazed and could not believe it. These are the exercises I did. I don't know if it was one or two or the combination of all of them, but it DID happen;
1 superman, then while on your belly do 1 set of lying leg curls, then the other superman, then the other set of lying leg curls, then 2 sets of the pendulums, then 2 sets of the bridges, then then 2 sets each of both the lying adductions & abductions, then ending with 2 sets of reverse ab crunches.
I pray it helps you like it did me.

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I'm not sure when the research occurred, but here's a few articles that talk about it:

Basically, lactic acid doesn't actually build up... it's pretty much gone an hour or so after you workout!

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Hmm..I realized that exercise causes those microscopic tears, I didn't realize lactic acid buildup had been debunked. How recent is that? When I got my bachelor's, minor in health, we certainly covered lactic acid! lol money well spent...or rather money, well, spent. :) I really think that it is just simple muscle soreness and a bit of stiffness when I've been sitting or lying down for a while. When I was 12, I was diagnosed with patella femoral pain syndrome and compared to that pain, this is mild and there is no swelling. I have a new pair of shoes on their way, thank goodness! I hope that's all it is...thanks for taking the time to respond I appreciate it!

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The old lactic acid buildup thing is very old school... and has since been proven as untrue. Lactic acid buildup doesn't cause DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness.) Microscopic tears in the muscles do!

As for the cause of your knee soreness (are we talking soreness, or true pain here?) only your doctor can determine the cause. However, a common cause of leg pain from walking and running is your shoes. When was the last time you got new shoes? Many of us, especially when first starting out, just jump in any old pair of tennis shoes... nevermind they may be broken down, have little cushioning/support, and no longer be fit for fitness. You'll get the best results from a pair of properly fitted shoes. Head to a running specialty store, and have your gait analyzed to find a pair of shoes that will fit your feet. What works for me may not work for you! Having a pair of shoes properly fitted completely eliminated my shin splints and other joint pain.

If it continues beyond a new pair of shoes, I would suggest heading to the doctor to rule out any potential medical causes.

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Hi all! I've been walking for about three months, with weight loss of about 20 pounds. I've recently added jogging into my walks, very mild, slow, not for long time periods, but my knees are sooooo sore! I was wondering if others have had this experience. How did you deal with the pain? Should I ice or heat my knees? Is it just lactic acid build up in the muscles around my knees? As far as I can tell there isn't any joint pain/stabbing feeling/scraping, just soreness that is similar to muscle soreness after a good workout. Opinions and advice are greatly appreciated! Age: 24 Height: 5'8 Weight: 244

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