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RAINA413 SparkPoints: (98,670)
Fitness Minutes: (87,255)
Posts: 1,971
1/23/12 11:11 A

Welcome to Spark People!! I am so glad you are here!
This is a great place to begin your weight loss journey. There are so many amazing resources to benefit from. From the fitness and nutrition trackers, to the teams and groups where you can get endless amounts of support, motivation, and advice to the articles which will make you fitness and health smart!
This is a great site! I hope you have much success!!

1/23/12 11:00 A

WELCOME :) I book marked it and pull it up as quick as possible and downloaded the iphone app to track when I'm not near my computer... that has REALLY helped me track my workout minutes and seeing those has been soooo uplifting and keeps me going to get more minutes... i've definitely seen a trend in that the more activity minutes i have, the more weight comes off and the better i feel :D

LOSE4LIFE47 Posts: 69,265
1/23/12 9:56 A

Welcome to SP! Best wishes to you.

1/23/12 9:29 A

Welcome :)

EBARNES52 SparkPoints: (3,936)
Fitness Minutes: (7,357)
Posts: 26
1/23/12 8:53 A

I have been on this site to track my food ect... for a while now but, I just started last week really reading about stuff and joining teams and weigh ins. I would love to keep this going because it does seem to keep me on track.... Please feel free to give me any tips you might have ..... emoticon

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