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NHOYLE1 Posts: 351
7/13/13 10:32 A

I used to do laundry sprints, running up and down the stairs with handfulls of laundry, making myself do pullups at the top of the stairs, jumping jacks at the bottom, to get my laundry done while exercising on rainy days.

KOKOMAD Posts: 726
7/12/13 11:40 A

That is cool. You could work in some push-ups, free squats, or lunges at each end of the trek too.

RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
7/10/13 1:59 P

that's cool!

I like the approach...and it's the first new email in The Guy's Lounge in weeks... so thank you for the breath of fresh air.

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7/10/13 1:10 P

This won't be for everyone....but it might be applicable for some.

I own a private office and quite frequently I need to clean out client files on my own.

Sometimes on a miserable hot day, or a miserable cold one I will stay after the office has shut down... then.I'll pull out some files....I'll take the first file....and then as I fast walk through the entire office, I'll go thru it to determine if it is still active or inactive. Then it's on to the second file...and so on, and so on.

My point is that some of the work that we have to do CAN BE DONE in the exercise mode. Of course I only do this when no one else is there.

I suppose you just about have to be the boss to get away with this behavior....but I am amazed at how much dreadful busy work I can get done when I'm KILLING TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE.

When my walking time is completed, I put the files away and head on home.

It's a pretty good feeling.

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