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JANISSA11 Posts: 6
5/12/13 9:24 A

Thank you for your reply! I was 226.1 this morning, down .5 lb from earlier this week. I was not expecting or seeking to lose that much, that quickly. I ran some numbers -- I no longer have the exact figure I calculated, but I figured out how many calories it would take to maintain my starting weight (245) as a pretty sedentary person. Then I subtracted 500 from that amount in order to hopefully lose roughly 2 lbs per week, which was between 1500-1600 cals per day.

Then I dropped about 7 lbs the first week, which was shocking. But I figured it would level out. It did, a little, but was still higher than I'd anticipated.

The thing about it is, until this weird patch I had end of this past week, I haven't felt ANYTHING like this. I snacked (primarily fresh fruit), I ate regular meals, etc. And yesterday I upped my protein intake and got carbs down to around 30%, and I felt (and feel) terrific again.

I still don't have an explanation for why my initial loss has been so high, but we all metabolize things in our own way. Years ago when I lost weight eating 1200 cals a day, it went much slower. Now, at roughly 1500, it's faster. Why? I simply don't know. Maybe that calorie level keeps my metabolism revved a little higher? It's the best theory I have. But I promise, I am absolutely not starving myself. The weird part of this huge recent hunger surge was that I was eating well.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,325
5/11/13 3:59 P

how much do you actually weigh? because 20lbs in a monthish is a lot of weight to lose. i'm going to call it 5 weeks, which means you're looking at a nearly 4lb loss per week. which is reasonable to expect if you weigh over 400lbs. but if you're closer to 200lbs, that's about twice as much as you can expect to be reasonably able to lose. while it's possible to do for a bit, immense hunger in this sort of scenario is your body's way of telling you to feed it more. and the answer in that scenario [you weigh right around 200lbs or less] is that you should be eating at least 500 cals more per day.
if you do have a lot more weight to lose, the fact is that foods don't fill everyone up equally. in other words, some foods will keep you fuller longer than others, and what works for one person doesn't work for everyone. so what you should start doing is keeping a food journal [or adding to the one you already use]. include not only the foods and amounts, but also the time you eat. make another note when you start to get hungry again. get some data and then start to look at what is keeping you full the longest and what is leaving your the quickest. then start to work to tweak the meals that are underperforming or even eliminating them in favor of foods that do keep you full.
you may also want to start looking at a hunger satiety scale and keeping track of where you are. because sometimes, it can be easy to associate "not stuffed to the gills" as "hungry," when in fact there is a lot of play between hungry and stuffed.

if you're a woman, it's also possible that this could be in some way connected to your fertility cycle.
and i'm not sure where you came up with 1500-1600 cals, but it's possible that might not be enough for you. if you're a fairly small and inactive woman with little to lose, it might be just right. but if you're taller or younger or pretty active then it may be too few calories. again, without knowing your sex, height, age and weight it's hard to say. depending on all that 1500 can be too many or too few.

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5/11/13 3:52 P

I agree. I was always much, much hungrier when my carb intake was higher. I'm doing more low carb, higher protein now and I was only ravenous for about 30 minutes the first day. :) Just think day by's always day by day, right?

BJPENNY70 Posts: 4,806
5/11/13 3:45 P

Use your food tracker and then check at the bottom where it says "See Today's Full Report." Pick that and look closely to see if you are lacking any of the important nutrients you need. You can adjust that and get a more balanced diet. Print it out so you will know what you are suppose to eat for a healthy intake.

FAITHP44 Posts: 8,833
5/11/13 2:08 P

In addition to the points already made, I often feel hungrier (or just feel more like eating something) if I haven't had enough sleep.

I do wonder whether you might be right about your body craving something that you need to be providing. A few years ago I was going through chemo and for those 8 months I hardly ever ate chicken or fish because my body constantly seemed to want red meat. I decided that I must need the iron, or something that was in red meat and not chicken, and just went with what my body was demanding. (I may have put on a couple of pounds during those 8 months - but not much more, in spite of the fact that I was often quite inactive while going through chemo.)

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5/11/13 1:39 P

I've just started eating healthy this week, and it's crazy to me how hungry I am all the time now. I never thought I ate that much until I started limiting calories (even just to 1500... sounds like a lot but doesn't feel like it). I hope my body gets used to it, I know your hunger and it can be very discouraging.

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,802
5/11/13 1:20 P

I experienced that kind of hunger recently and attributed it to antihistamines that I had taken. I read they can affect some people that way.

JANISSA11 Posts: 6
5/11/13 11:50 A

Thank you -- I appreciate this info! I think you have have something here -- my carb intake is pretty high, although I haven't logged foods in a couple of weeks. I will check into this and keep it in mind!

Much appreciated!!!

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5/11/13 11:45 A

Check your carb to protein to fat ratio. Through journaling I discovered that days when my carb intake was over 55 percent or so of my caloric intake, I would feel much more hungry. The 55 percent number is just what works for me....your personal one could be higher or lower depending on how your body works. I know protein and fat take longer to absorb than carbs so it is logical that they would hold off hunger longer.

JANISSA11 Posts: 6
5/11/13 11:09 A

Hi y'all --

I have been eating clean and healthy since April 7th of this year, so far so good, and have lost nearly 20 lbs. I've been seeking to keep my caloric intake around 1500-1600/day. I eat primarily vegetarian, although I do have eggs and every once in a while, some meat, usually fish or shellfish, but I'm not against turkey or anything else, again occasionally.

The past three days have been different, though. I'm accustomed to being hungry -- before April 7th I was eating a LOT of food (mostly crap food), and it was a shock to cut back to the 1500-cal level. But I'd been okay with it until these few days.

At this point, the hunger level I am experiencing is off the charts. MUCH worse than what I've been accustomed to experiencing. What is going on? I eat adequately in terms of calories and nutrition, but I am hungry again within an hour of eating, and the pattern keeps repeating. To the point of feeling shaky and rather unwell (I am not diabetic, fwiw).

Have you experienced this? The problem isn't that I feel tempted by foods I'm trying to avoid, at all. I just feel as if the sort of hunger I'm experiencing is for something I'm not providing, and I can't figure out what that might be. Weight loss completely stalled, as well, but considering I lost quite a bit the first month I'm not as concerned about it as the feeling of general ickiness associated with this level of hunger. I eat a lot of fruit, but the past two days I don't even want it, at all.

Thanks so much for reading and have a great Saturday. :)

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