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6/15/12 2:13 P

I think what matters here isn't what duration or intensity is appropriate for this child at all. She may be able to run it just fine.

What matters is the fact that she's being forced into a sustained activity. Does she want to do this? What's the benefit of forcing the 60 minute run? Does she want to stop, and isn't being allowed to?

This could be abuse, or this could be the boyfriend helping the girl reach her own desired goals.

It's hard to say which is which.

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6/15/12 1:04 P

The duration and the intensity of the run is what really matters most. We know the duration is 1 hour but we don't know the intensity. If she is running at a very high intensity then 1 hour is totally not necessary for good health and may be dangerous. If she is running at a pace that is barely above walking speed then that might be fine for 1 hour but I still wouldn't recommend it for 1 hour. I'd say 10-15 minutes for high intensity, 15-25 for moderate, and 25-40 minutes for lower intensity.

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6/15/12 12:28 P

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6/15/12 12:01 P

If you've all tried to talk to the mother and nothing's happening, something more has to happen. It says a lot when the boyfriend doesn't want you to take them for a walk and gets upset; that's weird and controlling. It's NOT acceptable. He's forcing her to run as punishment!! This isn't exercise or just for fun!

It sounds like the 9 year old and the mother have witnessed this so it's not just her word against is. And even if it is, that doesn't mean that it doesn't need to change, or be reported. If the mother's not going to do anything, talk to the father. Someone has to protect her; she's a child.

6/15/12 10:54 A

She's not new to being active, but she is new to running
I try to take them walking once a week on their father's week (their mother won't let me take them because her boyfriend gets upset).
BUT, we take breaks every few minutes or as needed and we take water bottles and a bag of non-buttered popcorn and sunflower seeds.
Where as here, she told me she didn't get any breaks.
In addition, we go walking, not running.

We've all tried talking to her mother, but everything goes back to her boyfriend.
She gets upset and looks at us as attacking her, even though we just tell her "this is what we've heard, and we are worried about the girls, we just wanted to bring it to your attention in case you weren't aware of it."
They have a child together, about 3 years old.
And he treats my three nieces (12, 9, and 3 - the two three year olds are 10 months apart) completely different from his own child, especially the older one.
She said she had to run because her half-sister told the mother's boyfriend that she (the 12 year old) didn't do the chores, and of course the boyfriend always takes his own kid's side, whether or not it's really the truth.

If she could stop to take breaks every five or ten minutes, it'd be *a little* more acceptable - though I dont think he has any place to FORCE her to go running on a treadmill.

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6/15/12 10:37 A

Whether it's too much depends on what kind of shape she's in. If she's new to running then an hour is definitely too long. At 12 I swam competitively year around and had practice 2 hours a day 6 days a week. I'd run 30-60 min during 1 month that we had off.

I'd be really concerned that her mother's boyfriend is forcing her to exercise for long periods of time. Her father definitely needs to speak to her mother.

6/15/12 10:28 A

Does anyone know how long of time is safe for a kid to run on a treadmill?
The reason I ask is, my niece recently told me her mother's boyfriend (she and her sisters go back and forth between their mother's and father's houses every week) made her run on the treadmill for an hour without stopping.
I am a little worried about it.
I don't know about her, but I know I cant run for more than a few minutes at a time - maybe half a mile or a little over at the most, because I start to feel like my throat is closing up.
She's active - she would swim all day if the pool was open all day and she plays basketball.
She's 12 and I don't know how tall she is, but she's a little shorter than me and I'm 5'4"

I was just wondering if anyone knew how long is good for children to be on a treadmill without stopping.
I read on the internet, and one article was about a 9 year old who died after her parent forced her to run for 3 hours (which obviously is too long), and another that said you should check them after 5 minutes because children's heart rates spike faster than adults'.
Does anyone know any recommended lengths of time for a 12 year old though?

I'm worried about her and she said her father was pretty upset too when she told him.
But, we don't live there so all it would be is an adult's (the mother's boyfriend's) word against a twelve year old girl's word.
I just want something she can try to use next time she goes to stay at her mom's house and he tries to force her to run again.
Does anyone have a link they know of where she could show him she's not just making stuff up?

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