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PAMELA811 Posts: 48
5/18/11 2:37 P

Thanks for sharing. Glad to know I am not the only one!

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
5/16/11 2:44 P

Sometimes exercising too close to bed time does make it harder for me to fall asleep. I wake up and get in my workouts in the morning before work. But, I do them from home. My husband goes to the gym every morning at 4 (he can't workout at home, we don't have the equipment. He lifts insane amounts of weight.) I get up around 5. I am lucky enough that we have an exercise bike, so I try to do that every week day for 30 minutes. My eldest (10) usually sleeps through it. My youngest (2) is hit or miss, so sometimes she's crawling all over me. I also do strength training 5 days a week before I bike. Could you look into some workout at home options? DVDs? Some of the videos here? My husband helpe dme put together my daily strength routines, but all the exercises I use are from the SP Library. I usually get in 45 minutes-an hour before I get read for work each day, between the strength training & the bike. You could also try family walks with your kids during the day or after dinner.

I will say, while I am often tired when I wake up, exercising helps to get me going, and makes me feel energized.

MAUIHONU Posts: 15
5/16/11 2:35 A

I have a 1 yr old and a 2 yr old. My husband works about 70 or hours a week and I'm a SAHM. I would love to go for walks everyday but it is just too hot outside and the sun is killer.

Anyway I bought the Zumba dvds and LOVE them. My kids dance with me! I like that they are seeing me working out and hope it helps them learn to do it naturally so it's not such a struggle like it is for me.

I have the four dvd set and it has an ab dvd too.
So, some evenings we go for walks, some days I do Zumba and on days my son is preschool I take the 1 yr to the pool.

Good luck and I hope you find a solution to your workout needs and sleep! emoticon

HURLEYA SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 41
5/15/11 9:16 P

Thanks for all the suggestions, guys. I like the idea of breaking up a workout throughout the day. I'll have to give that a try.

SCHOCHOH Posts: 70
5/13/11 3:15 P

How old is your youngest? My youngest of 4 is 2, our local gym doesn't have daycare I strap him in a small stroller and try to get in elliptical or treadmill, somedays it works somedays he throws too big of a fit. When the weather is right I take him for a stroll outside and if none of that works I try to fit in a quick exercise during his nap. Good Luck, I know with 4 and a husband that works that much it is challenging.

WHOAMI9999 Posts: 48
5/13/11 2:02 P

Find things you can do without going to the gym while your little one(s) are around during the day. Exercise videos, or I'll second the pushups, lunges, jumping jacks, etc - these can be done in your apartment. Walk or jog with a stroller, or chase your kids around the park. There are lots of creative ideas on this web board.

MUMMYUK2 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/13/11 9:59 A

Try HIIT (High Impact Interval Training) throughout the day instead of one big block of time


20 Push Ups (10 mins)
20 Crunches (5 mins)
Jumping Jacks (9 mins)
20 Squats (10 mins)
20 Lunges (10 mins)
Air Boxing (10 mins)
Planks (6 mins - 30 sec front and sides x 3)

You can have a 60 min workout broken up throughout the day and you might want to try doing Yoga at night it might help you sleep

Good Luck


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ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (199,953)
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5/13/11 5:53 A

For me, I work evenings, and until a month ago, had no access to a gym since having my son. So I don't WANT to get up at 4 am, but I do it anyways, because there was NO other uninterrupted time to exercise. Many nights I got (and still get) 4 hours of sleep or less, but it's always quality sleep, don't get me wrong, I don't want to get up, but that's because I'm lazy, not because I'm still tired. But I don't ever let lazy Zorbs win and the workout ALWAYS gets done.

It is a cycle...I'm willing to bet working out in the evening is having an effect on your sleep. Try getting up early just once or twice next week and stick to it for the next month and I bet you'll find it's not that bad, and that your sleep will improve.

5/12/11 6:27 P

Like you, I often start my workout at 8:00 or 8:30 after the kids are in bed. But I don't feel like it affects my sleep that much. I might look at whether there are other issues that could be affecting your sleep. And being in sleep deficit can actually make it harder to sleep, so see if there is some way you can make sleep your number 1 priority for a few days so you can get caught up. Good luck!

HURLEYA SparkPoints: (0)
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5/11/11 4:35 P

Here's the background: I have four children. My husband works full time and goes to school full time in the evenings. I am a stay at home mother and am also a part time Independent Sales Representative for a company called Native Touch. Needless to say, that doesn't leave much me/excercise time. Basically, unless I want to get up at 4am to go to the gym (which I DON'T) I have no time to excercise until about 8pm (@ the earliest 6:30pm). The problem: I'm having sleep issues. I've been told by family/friends that excercising that late in the evening can interrupt my sleep. But I really have no other choice. I go to the gym in my apartment complex, not an independent one, so I have no child care to speak of for my workouts, until my hubby or eldest teenage daughter comes home (around 8pm). What a conundrum! My sleep has been so badly off that I can't function in a normal day without taking a nap. I also have insomnia, and toss most of the night. On a good night I can get 5-6 hrs of sleep. I'd say I average only around 3-4 though. I would really like to wake up and be alert and refreshed throughout my day, but I can't seem to get there! Any suggestions?

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