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1/2/13 9:03 P

There is a Spark Teens site, meant for the 13-17 year olds, but maybe it would be ok for your kids?

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1/2/13 8:56 P

i think it is great your family is trying to be healthy! : )

maybe check with their doctor, and perhaps the doctor can suggested a dietician that works with children.

my son is almost twelve and about 5ft 3 and 95 pounds and very active and thin. he eats more than me. i would guess he eats 2000+ calories a day.

maybe think of ways to reduce their unhealthy eating-cut down on soda, juice. maybe cut down on some of the processed foods. (popcorn is a good low calorie snack-just don't load it with butter.) have meals at the table, not watching tv. if you eat fast food, look up the nutrients ahead of time. have salad and fruit with the pizza to help fill them up. maybe have them wait before going for seconds, to make sure they are still hungry.

maybe focus on making the meals you make more healthy (lean ground beef, bake things instead of fry)

if you make small changes slowly, they might be easier to stick with and met with less resistance.

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1/2/13 4:54 P

this is the perfect question for your children's pediatrician. he or she will help you figure out where your boys should be and what is the best way to get them there.

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1/2/13 1:05 P

If I were in your shoes I think I would try to keep it simple, around 2000 calories/day for boys in the 10-14 age range with active lifestyle, more if they are very active, less if they are more sedentary.
I would try to break it down according to a common kids' school schedule and utilize all whole foods to allow for maximum nutrient absorption.
I think exchanges are easier to follow to allow for variation as exchanges can shift freely between meals according to need (examples of meals I would personally consider for my own children in parenthesis).

B: 1 protein (such as: 1 egg, 1oz meat, 1oz cheese), 1 vegetable, 1 dairy, 1 fruit (something like an omelet with veggies, 8oz yogurt, small banana)
L: 3 protein, 3 veggies, 1 fruit, 1 fat, 1 dairy(tuna lettuce wrap w/mayo, sweet potato fries, sugar-free ketchup, side of green beans, cup of milk, side salad with 1oz dressing)
snack: 1 veg, 1 fat (baby carrots with ranch dip)
Dinner: 4 protein, 3 veggies, 2 fats (spaghetti squash, marinara sauce, sauteed mushrooms and onions, meatballs, side salad w/olive oil)
snack: 1 dairy, 1 fruit (yogurt, 1c strawberries)

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1/2/13 12:05 P

Well, they are obese according to the BMI index and they do tend to like all the wrong kinds of things like soda, pizza and snacks! And at the same time they do have A LOT of energy to spend and never avoid any type of activity, they love being out or doing sports.

The link you sent is awesome! Brief, but exactly what I needed! Thank you! I think they will be happy to see for themselves what is healthy and what choices they have to make every day. emoticon

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1/2/13 10:18 A

what a great Link~ Thanks for sharing.

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1/2/13 10:11 A

If they're active and not dangerously overweight, I really don't think there is any reason for their portion sizes to be reduced - they're still growing! By all means, if they eat a lot of junk food, try to get them to eat more nutritious food but I don't think it's necessary to reduce their portions.
Look at this:

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1/2/13 9:18 A

I would think growing boys those ages ould be similar to what you are eating.

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1/2/13 8:56 A

We made an agreement in our household to make definite and permanent changes in the way we shop, cook and consume food. I have two growing boys who will be 12 and 10 in a few months and they have always been stronger, bigger and taller than most boys from their generation. They play basketball, ride bikes and actively participate in their sports classes at school. Now, when we sit at the table, they would always get an equal portion of food as me or my husband.
We have discussed this with my husband for many times, but (so far) they didn't seem to be willing to eat less and it always ended with them whining for more.

Now that we have all agreed upon lifestyle change, I wonder what size should their portion be? How do I determine who gets what in his plate? I know what to do for ME, but I wonder what to do for them!?

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