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If you type rebound into the fitness tracker, you can see what the estimate is for that.

As M@L pointed out, a HRM won't give you accurate results for strength training in general and what we have listed in the Fitness Tracker database is a general estimate based on various studies that have been done.

Coach Denise

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11/17/13 4:55 A

An HRM is not going to produce accurate results for a strength training workout such as kettlebells.

With cardio, your muscles are burning aerobically (with oxygen) and your heart rate increases in a fairly predictable way to deliver more oxygen to your muscles as you increase your intensity.

With ST (and this includes kettlebells), your muscles are working anaerobically (without oxygen), and your heart rate doesnn't increase in the same predictable way. So a heart rate monitor will not produce accurate results.


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11/16/13 4:32 P

I do not have a heart rate monitor, but am planning to get one with a chest strap, because the one I thought was a hrm, does not calculate weight or calories burned. I know kettlebell training can burn a lot of calories, but I highly doubt that it burns 600 calories in 30 minutes for a 135-145 woman. My other question is how many calories is it estimated that urban rebounding burns for 30 or 60 minutes?

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