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10/1/12 1:27 P

It's hard to be motivated all the time. Some times we just need a break. Take it easy and focus on your accomplishments.
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NANCYPAT1 Posts: 59,554
9/27/12 1:37 A

Maybe you need frequent small celebrations of smaller goals than you are doing now. Some people do their best when they get frequent reinforcement for successes. Losing weight is not the only thing you can celebrate, fit of your clothes, that you ate all the veggies you planned, that you followed your plan, that you exercised every day you scheduled this week, that you could buckle your seat belt, whatever the successes you choose, recognize your success and celebrate often.

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9/26/12 6:41 P

Seems like I do great for weeks and then I start getting sloppy. I need to find ways to stay motivated at all times.

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