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4/19/14 1:27 P

I think of the scale as an area to shoot for. My scale did not move for the longest time (other than slight fluctuations up and down) After a few months I learned the formula to figure out what was going on. When I took the latest body measurements and compared them to the time I plateaued, I felt pretty good. I had lost 4 lbs. of fat but gained 3 lbs. of lean body mass. I know you cant bulk up in muscle in a calorie deficit but you can come close to retaining what you have. A half hour of moderate weight training 3 days a week really helped in the fat burning process. So if the scale don't move and your clothing isn't getting tighter, do not become discouraged . Take all your body measurements from your neck, chest, arms, forearms, wrist, waist, hips, thighs and calves. Then check them again next month.

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4/19/14 12:24 P

don't give up the scale will move. I went through the same thing and now I am down 6 pounds since april 3. I thought my scale was broke. lol. but as long as you are losing inches keep going. I have lost 11 inches in chest, waist and hips. so you are doing great.

4/19/14 10:52 A

Wow, Java286 - this makes me think I need to take more careful track of other (non-scale) measurements. That's amazing!

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4/19/14 10:12 A

I've been working at my weight for years…like so many of us…just added a few pounds here and there till I was at 217. That's when I decided to get serious about getting healthy. At 5' 81/2", I'd love to be 150…that may never happen…I'm almost 72 and did lose 27#…so now, I'm fluctuating right about 190…for a year…I figure that's OK, cause I'm not gaining and I lost weight slowly enough that I don't have saggy skin. I'm now walking 22,000 steps a day and rationalized that that paid for my wine at night. Finally, I had to face the fact that the wine was keeping me from losing the next 5#.

SO, I'm drinking water (with MIO or something for taste) instead, at least till the next 5# are gone…then I'll hold there for a while.

As many point out, this is a marathon, not a sprint! Happy traveling to all…we can make this journey fun and successful!

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4/19/14 8:59 A

I've been burning on average 500 a day and tracking my food and I'm not losing any pounds...BUT I have lost TEN the same weight...since 2/22. The scale is a liar!

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4/18/14 10:58 P

Denisentexas - I totally understand how frustrated you are feeling. I am in the same place. I learn a lot and get a lot from the articles on success stories and motivation.. They really do help sometimes. Stick with healthy habits, everything I read overwhelming supports the notion that it pays off. Feel free to email me. I am here to support you.

4/18/14 8:12 P

Even as seeing the numbers on our scales go down can be an amazing positive reinforcement and example of our progress, in many instances that same scale can be heartbreaking at times. What's important is to remember that the scale is not a perfect instrument for measuring health and it can't tell us what's going on inside of our bodies.
For example, here are just two instances of healthy breakthroughs that in the short term could look like plateaus or even jumps in weight: Increasing water intake and increasing muscle mass.

So let's say you've just started your weight loss journey (yes it's a journey, not a sprint) and you're drinking a lot more water than usual and you're working out and building muscle this could show up as the scale not budging or even as increases in weight, when in actual fact you're improving your health over all and in ways that will make weight loss easier over time. Now this isn't a reason to be complacent about little to no weight loss or a weight gain, but a reason to stop negative and destructive thinking from causing you to veer off track completely by binging, giving up, etc.

Imagine yourself in a car on a cross-country road trip. You're not going to race across the country without stopping; you're going to take bathroom breaks and fill up on gas, and go on a little sightseeing, and maybe even backtrack to the last motel you stayed in because you forgot something there. The point is you need getting healthier to be enjoyable even if it is challenging. You shouldn't be depriving yourself or making yourself miserable because are you really going to do that for the rest of your life? Heck, no! And why should you? Don't make losing weight and gaining a healthier lifestyle harder than it has to be! Don't force yourself to drive all night at 150 miles an hour because you can't keep that up indefinitely, and you're only going to make yourself feel bad and probably go into a tailspin. Be a safe driver whether you're on the highway or on the road to healthy living.

I myself have just (maybe!) broken a 1-2 month long plateau period after having lost 25lbs. And I was fine with that, because at the time I was massively stressed about things I couldn't control, so I said well alright if I lose, I lose, but right now staying healthy is what's important, not pushing myself so hard I go into a tailspin. So, I focused on smaller goals and ways of measuring fitness and health like...

-Not going to bed at all hours of the night
-Increasing my intake of vegetables (Just in the last week, I tried making green smoothies and wowzers!)
-Cutting unnecessary sugars (including bread products and too much fruit/fruit juice) from my diet
-Increasing my consumption of healthy proteins and fats
-Increasing my awareness & knowledge of different food sources/labeling practices/etc
-Changing my outlook from one of "how do I add this into my diet" into one of "what else should I eat besides that"? For example having beans and veggies be a starting point in my meal planning instead of an addition to add nutrients/fibre/etc
-Increasing the amount I walked
-Making plans to compete in a mud dash & the things I want to accomplish to get to that goal (This was actually something I wanted to do this year, but for financial / health / stress / fitness / etc reasons I decided to wait for next year)
-Coming up with ways to incorporate activity into my daily activities like doing squats while I wait for water to boil instead of wandering around the bored or checking facebook. I was super proud of myself when I came up with that one!
-decreasing the amount of time I spent online/watching tv
-Organizing my cooking/shopping better, so that I wouldn't be tempted to eat unhealthily
- Goals to reduce stress
-Work to reduce clothing sizes and waist/hip measurements (I lost two inches on my waist even though I wasn't losing weight)
-Work on using weights as a regular part of my day/week

Other than those things a couple of things I would recommend that helped me are:

-Not focusing on calories other than how that number relates to the nutrients/enjoyment you're getting. Are those calories empty or are they being used to help you?
-Making sure you track EVERYTHING and ACCURATELY, this gets easier with time as you favourite or create entries for foods/recipes you eat often and as you get used to knowing how much of anything you're eating. Definitely get a set of measuring cups/spoons and a food scale and keep track of measurements (i.e. I know that a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds is 10g making it easier for me to grab some and go)
-Focusing on one thing/nutrient at a time: For me it was upping my protein and fibre content and my magnesium intake (I found out I had a magnesium deficiency) and I've since moved on to upping my veggies. Doing this really helped me accomplish small goals and really changed what I ate for the better.

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4/18/14 11:12 A

started getting on the scale a little more. it says I lost 2 more pounds. I am hoping its true. lol but I don't care. I am losing inches, 11 so far in the mid section. chest, waist, hips. so I am happy with my results so my plan is never give up keep trucking down this new path and enjoy every minute.

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4/17/14 5:59 P

Spark for inspiration and maintaining

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4/17/14 1:58 P

My weight has been steadily increasing over the last 10-15 years (getting older, metabolism slowing) and despite some pretty intense dieting and working out, I haven't been able to lose more than 3 lbs. in four months. It's very hard to stay motivated, especially if I mildly splurge on one or two meals and I'm literally back to square one.

That being said, using SparkPeople has helped me focus on eating healthier (my first step) and in the first four weeks I lost 7 lbs. What is keeping me motivated is not that weight lose, but that right off I decided to commit to a total life-change, not just a diet to lose 20 lbs., although that is my hoped for weight goal. I have learned that I can't diet to drop the weight and then just "try" to keep it off. I have to eat a completely different way for the rest of my life, so my goals include eating healthy and within a reasonable range of calories on a day-to-day basis. If I meet that goal, I don't worry about the weight - it will eventually come off. This is the first time I've been able to stay motivated in a very long time, and that alone excites me!

My plan is that a year from now I will be eating healthier than I ever have, I will be more active than ever, and therefore I will be at a weight that is healthy as well.

Keeping my eye on the prize - healthy living.

4/17/14 12:39 P

Count me in as another SP member who needs some motivation and a bit of encouragement. The scale has budged for me but it's going the wrong direction! I'm staying on plan but gaining weight. :(

It could be one of the medications I take, it could also just be the direction of the wind. Who knows?

I'm very frustrated and discouraged right now, though, and trying very hard to not resort to my old friend, emotional eating. I wrote a blog post about it all awhile ago and that helped a little, just talking about it.

Some days.......

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4/17/14 10:57 A

There is a lot of very good advice mentioned already below, not really sure there is much to add here. But I will try anyway to tell a bit about how I review the motivation matter, perhaps it helps....

Of course losing weight is something that is easiest measurable as a number, so we all set targets of when we should weigh how much.
But at the same time, how much you will weigh at any given time is something that is not fully controlled by you. Your body has its own pace of getting adjusted, and that is fine. You didn't gain overnight and you wouldn't lose overnight either.
It's no race to the finish of your goal weight, when you are changing your life style you are in it for the long run, and you should not be in a hurry.

What is fully controlled by you is what you eat and how much effort you make.
And even when you are focussing on "controllable" matters, try to take baby steps here.
Add one new "small" habit at a time and get adjusted to that.
Then feel proud of being able to make that change, and then move on to the next.
Don't try to change everything at once, and don't add habits that you won't be able to stick with for the rest of your life.

You could for instance try adding exercise to your daily routine. That doesn't mean you need to start training for a race. It can be as little as just parking your car a bit further away, or taking the stairs if you only need to go up one or two floors. You will start noticing that you are getting fitter in weeks, and that is already a measurable result!

And the same goes for food. You should not be feeling like you are depriving yourself. If that is how you feel, you need to take a step back and make a smaller step there.
If for instance you are eating junk food 3 times a week, try to limit this to two times. Or just try to get your veggies in and keep the rest of your current eating habits for now.
Take it one step at a time, and feel good about yourself for everything you have been doing up until then, regardless of the weight loss result.

That is why I love SP so much.
By tracking all the other things I am doing I can see that I am making progress in my healthy habits even if I am at a plateau or even gaining a bit.

Good luck with finding the motivation to keep going, even if your weight is stuck at the moment.

4/17/14 9:07 A

What an inspiring and encouraging post, ThinnyGinny! You are a wise soul! Thanks emoticon

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4/16/14 7:49 P

Thank you so much THINNYGINNY for your post. You helped me to remember patience - with myself, with my progress and with the scale. I will gradually chip away my weight while striving for healthy habits. Your story of your progress and achievements has renewed my commitment. Thank you for sharing. And now I'm going to go shopping at a thrift store.


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4/16/14 9:32 A

I haven't lost a pound since September. I recently joined a gym and after the first month lost 1 pound and 2.25 inches. That is progress!! I still would like to lose another 60 pounds but am taking what I can get. Hubby and I recently made some modifications to our diet so I am hopeful this will spark the scale into a downward slide again. We are already so much healthier than before but I understand how easy it is to get discouraged. I just try and focus on doing what I know works and works for us.

Not everyone is on the same path but we are all on the same journey!

Take care sparkers!!


4/15/14 11:54 P

Writergirl, Thinnyginny, Wildangelkuri, you are all right.

Be kind to yourself and have the understanding that when you look at the testimonies on the site, a lot of people reach goal within a year or two. Wanting to reach it quicker is natural, but unless you only have a few pounds to lose, you need to just trust that small steps in the right direction will totally transform your body in a year or two.

JVENUS7734 If you only have 20 pounds to lose, it won't even take that long most of the time, but to do it in 20 days, you generally will do things that will stall your metabolism and make the last of the pounds harder to lose. If your husband is praising you - and your kids are noticing - then you just have to have faith that it already is working.

Muscle does weigh more than fat. Fluid retention. Hormones. Lots of things can cause the pounds to briefly go up, instead of down. My advice is to focus on getting healthy, rather than the number on the scale.

My scale stopped budging for a few weeks, so I did one of the challenges and decided to make this month a "no weigh" month, so I would not let the number on the scale cause me to back off on all the good things I am doing.

SENECAN - the word "depriving myself" puts up a red flag to my ears. I am not depriving myself. I did add in some fruit and veggies and did make smarter dessert choices and things like that, but I am not low in calories at all and I am wondering if you are doing the whole slow steps to a healthy lifestyle process, because it sounds like you might be doing a diet and this site recommends against dieting and suggests choosing steps that you can live with for the rest of your life. Are you too low in calories? Or did you do something like give up your favorite foods or carbs or something like that?

Are you drinking the water, eating the fruits and veggies, exercising the 10 minutes or more a day and working the steps?

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4/15/14 9:59 P

I switched from vegetarian back to omnivore about 3 months ago. At first I dropped 5 pounds in a week, now I'm stuck at 135. I got my body fat vs lean mass tested and found that I had actually dropped my body fat by 2% and gained almost 5 pounds of muscle! I learned scales are big fat liars and pounds don't mean a lot if you're replacing fat with muscle. The extra muscle mass will boost your base metabolism and you'll burn extra calories by just carrying your newly build muscle around!

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4/15/14 8:51 P

I been sitting on a plateau for several months. As the doctor pointed out although it's been long beasty winter I haven't gain any weight so I should be glad for that. So now that spring is attempting to show itself I been out walking to get this journey moving forward.

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4/15/14 1:16 P

EXCELLENT advice! emoticon

WRITERGIRL55 Posts: 247
4/15/14 1:07 P

I haven't lost any weight in a month I was feeling discouraged, and was starting to lose motivation to continue on. However, I realized this is crazy. I feel so much better since losing 20 lbs. I did give myself one year to lose 50 lbs so what's the rush? I hiked on Saturday and was climbing and moving so fast I amazed myself, what could be better? My advice- forget about the scale, forget about time, keep going, keep exercising you will get there.

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4/15/14 6:37 A

I too am exercising a lot. I use the treadmill 5-6x's a wk and use stationary bike. The scale doesn't seem to move.(maybe an ounce or so)..As discouraging as this can be, Thanks to all the Motivation articles and Great quotes on SP I am going to press on and keep thinking positive. emoticon emoticon

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4/15/14 4:08 A

I'm exercizing A LOT, this days, and i find it difficult to be on a diet at the same time. I'm hungry, i eat, my weight doesn't go down, and sometimes it's frustrating. but when i see general fitness improving(i run faster and longer, i'm getting much better at boxing, i'm more muscolar even at the same weight), i realize i'm on the right track, i just have to give myself more time, eat healthy and enjoy sport as i always did.

CINDYJO-GO Posts: 17
4/15/14 12:59 A

That was a great post and makes so much sense. I think we don't give ourselves any credit and not much of a break. I think your post was right on the mark. Thanks, I needed that today as I have been having a very tough time staying motivated and getting the scale to move. Going to keep at it, maybe with a little more compassion for myself, but definitely not for serial killers. :)

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4/15/14 12:22 A

My scale was moving down about a pound a week, until a couple of monhs ago. I will have to cut back on calories and work out more! That should get the scale to move down some more.

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4/14/14 10:41 P

Thanks I needed this alot. I just e-mailed, due to staying the same for three weeks and before that losing .5 a week. This came at a time when I needed it most.
Thanks emoticon

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4/14/14 7:47 P

thinnyginny, I so appreciated your comments! It was exactly what I needed to read today!

THINNYGINNY Posts: 1,143
4/14/14 7:15 P

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! FattyMclady you are right on target. Sometimes you can't lose anything because life happens. And you have got to be kind to yourself and nurture yourself. I have days when I am much hungrier than usual, for whatever reason. I used to starve through those more. I have begun talking to myself on those days and telling myself that today is a day when I will feed myself... Our metabolisms fluctuate...our bodies are complex. Sometimes we are injured. If you see changing your body and your health as a long term project, like going to college and earning a degree, than you will relax and be able to enjoy your current life more. When I began several years ago, of course I wanted the weight to all fall off immediately...I was so impatient. And truthfully, I still am. I am still tempted to exercise too much or eat too little...but whenever I do, my body strikes back with a binge or an injury.
I am learning that significant weight loss is much more of a mental exercise than anything else. You must convince yourself that you are going to take care of yourself and not punish your body...then your body will cooperate.
When you are tired, rest...when you are very hungry, eat some more. When you are injured or stressed, your exercise program can be skipped.
If the wedding or reunion comes and goes and you were not at goal weight, the world will keep turning.
If you keep going slow and steady weight will come off. Not every week, but it will come off. And every bit that falls off counts....great health benefits from even 10 pounds gone.
I have kept lists of things I can now do that I couldn't do is helpful to look at those lists and remember that I have changed. When I am discouraged I will put on something that has gotten loose, and remember that it used to be unwearable.
And I tell myself all the time that no matter what I weigh....I am a decent soul who does good things and is basically kind to others. It is okay to be either chubby or skinny. My worth as a person has nothing to do with BMI or waist measurement or pants size. I deserve to take up space in the world. I do not have to be perfect to be valued. Neither does anyone else. Sometimes I think we get panicky if we can't progress fast enough towards our goal...maybe because we value the weight loss more than we value ourselves.
Don't get are in this process because you are ALREADY valuable and deserve good health and to feel good in your skin. You are not in this process to lose weight so that you can BECOME valuable. We are all already good enough. Unless of course you are a serial killer...

4/14/14 5:36 P

It is also important to recognize that there are periods when you cannot put in what is necessary to break through a plateau, and that's okay. Creating a calorie deficit day in and day out is challenging and stressful, and sometimes it is physically or emotionally too much. Just keep with the positive changes you've made, accept where you are, and stay as healthy and on track as you can. You can only do what you can do.

I am going through a period now where, although I am exercising 30 minutes to 2 hours a day, 6-7 days a week, and making positive food choices, I am 10 lbs heavier than I was a year ago and I can't seem to get back on track to lose the 20 lbs I have to lose. That said, I am not currently able to put more into my health than I already am. Injuries and job pressures prevent my exercising any more, and the only calories I have the willpower to cut out of my day would be at the only meal I get to eat not at my desk, with my family. For my mental health, I am not willing to give up those shared meals. Maybe when work calms down or my body heals more, I will be able to shift that scale. Until then, I have decided to stop beating myself up over not making progress and focus on keeping from backsliding.

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4/14/14 2:53 P

Setting realistic goals is the most important. 1 to 2 pounds a week is realistic, but as you progress this may slow down. I am happy if there is some loss, even if it's only 100 - 200 grams. If I have a week where there is no loss but no gain either that's still a positive.
Using body measurements is also helpful. While the scale may not have budged the body is leaner and fitter. We have to remember that muscle weighs heavier, but is healthier.
My youngest daughter is studying dance at a prestigious university arts course in Australia. She dances everyday, as well as doing yoga and pilates. During a holiday break she will lose weight on the scale but be no smaller, during school times she weighs heavier, but no change in size. This is purely muscle weight.
If you have upped your weights etc it might take a couple of weeks for this to begin to show on the scale, so set realistic goals, keep working out track calories and measure the bodyas well. Be consistent and patient and you will see results.

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DEDICATED2HIM Posts: 4,123
4/14/14 2:50 P

ThinnyGinny--thank you for your words of wisdom. I have about the same amount of weight to lose as you have lost. Lately,for no discernible reason the scales have gone up one pound every time I get on them..Needless to say,this is distressful. I look in the mirror and do not recognize myself because of all the weight. My weight is kicking up my asthma so every time I walk up the stairs I almost pass out from breathlessness

I really liked what you said about looking at only the next pound or two and closing your mind to all the rest you have yet to lose. I'm going to adopt that plan also. And I will reward myself by celebrating each loss as well.

I have begun to do some strength exercises... I have not done cardio because of my difficulty breathing. I am hoping that when my weight drops down some the breathing issues will resolve themselves. I cannot afford a hospital stay because they will pump me full of IV steroids and my weight will soar.

your words were very soothing and wise. Thank you for sharing with us all.

MICHELLE73101 Posts: 317
4/14/14 12:09 P

Great topic! I ran into this challenge recently. Check out this article for some ideas for seeing progress when you aren't finding it on the scale:

I don't know what I would do without these methods! For me, it really isn't about the scale anymore so I have found ways to be very in tune with my body, feel motivated and see results

JTANDLM98 Posts: 345
4/14/14 11:20 A

Thank you for your post, Thinnyginny. You are inspiring!

4/14/14 10:07 A

It's hard for me to see scale go anywhere but it is for all of us. For me, I was in denial about my weight gain for a long time. The clothes that I always wore did not fit and my pants were way to tight. So this weekend I went shopping and bought clothes in my current size...not my dream size. It was freeing because I can again feel confident in what I where and hopefully motivated to keep going. It will be nice to have options in my closet again!

THINNYGINNY Posts: 1,143
4/13/14 7:21 P

Over a period of several years I have gone from a very unhealthy, unfit 267 lbs, down to a healthy BMI , weight at 151, able to run/walk an average of 6 - 8 miles a day.
I have had some significant plateaus, a few times of regain of anywhere from 2 to 10 lbs... Lots of ups and downs...lots of learning.
My advice is to throw out the date that you are using for when you want to be a certain weight. Change your mindset from crash diet to long term project. Then break it down into a series of very small, attainable goals. I have lost 116 lbs so far. And guess what? I lost them one at a time...
I have also learned to be kind to myself, to speak kindly to myself about my body and my progress... I weigh myself a few times a week, and reset my goal every week - I like to lose 1 or 2 pounds a week... and that is all I ever think about - the next two pounds.
I reward myself every time I meet a goal - anything from a new CD, a new t-shirt, an extra hour of relax time, a bubble bath, an hour watching funny youtube videos... Every 5 pounds or so I reward myself by trying on all my clothes - I get rid of things that are too loose and I almost always have a few things that can move from storage into the closet cause they finally fit! I shop at thrift stores and always have a small collection of things just one size too small. So, so fun when they fit.
I don't think I can emphasize enough the importance of being kind to yourself... If you are trying to lose 20 pounds in 20 days, you are depriving your body of necessary nutrition. And trust me, your body will strike back!! So nourish your body with healthy food that will help you lose a pound or two a week, slowly build your strength by gradually increasing the amount of exercise, build in lots of fun activities into your life...and LIVE NOW... Don't wait to buy a new shirt until you have lost all your weight.... dance at that wedding even if you're not thin yet. You are a loving decent person who deserves kindness and fun NOW!
I have one image I use all the time - I was part of a church once which allowed a sculptor to use some outdoor space to work on a very large sculpture... I saw him at work very often, chipping tiny pieces of marble off the huge took over a year to complete. Every child in the church came home every week with marble chips in their pocket. From week to week it seemed like not much progress was made - the sculpture really didn't look like much for a long time. But over a year and a half of slow steady progress, it went from a block of marble to a beautiful statue. When my progress is slow, I remind myself of the process of sculpting, how every single chip counts and adds up over time.
Losing a pound a week seems agonizingly slow if you want to lose 100 lbs... I have taken over two years to lose 116 pounds. Little tiny chips of weight fell off over time and it added up. Size 22 falls off me now - now I wear size 8. 3X shirts billow around me cause I can wear mediums.I can bend over and paint my toenails, I can squat to pet the dog, I can run and catch my teenage son, I can walk in a room and no longer wonder if I am the biggest woman in the room.
It was worth 2 years to get here.. I am still sculpting...still have 20 pounds i'd like to chip off. And if it happens in 10 weeks or 20, it will happen. And I will live fully along the way. I will wear a bathing suit even if I have some thigh flubber, I will go sleeveless, even if my batwings could knock down a small child... I will happily enjoy a glass of wine or a piece of strawberry pie. I will feed myself enough - because I deserve enough food.
Every little chip all adds up.
But please, please, be as kind to yourself as you are to other people!!

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4/13/14 3:02 P

I've been through this many times. I lose weight and then hit a wall. I stay the same for a month or more and then I lose a few lbs. I started graphing what was happening on my weighing in over a year. The biggest thing I noticed was I would lose 8 - 10 lbs in one month but it would be followed by a yo-yo of up and down for the next following few months. I would start at 179 and lose to 172 then bounce back and forth between them until I settled on 172. I would stay there for about a month then drop the next weight to 169 and the process would repeat again. Weighting on the scales helps me to understand better how my body loses the weight when I graphed and could see the pattern. Now when I plateau or gain a couple of lbs. I don't worry about it too much because I understand that's part of my weight loss pattern.

4/13/14 12:32 P

There are other ways to measure progress that don't include the scale, and are still motivating! If you lift weights, can you do more sets than when you started? If you're a runner, can you go farther without stopping/stop less often/run farther/run faster than when you started? If I'm running a frequent route, I like to see if I can beat my time the last time I did it. That to me shows my endurance is improving, lung capacity, my legs can carry me there just a little bit quicker. Can you do more crunches, pushups, etc than when you first tried? All of these things are indicators that your body is changing and improving, and have nothing to do with the scale. Try to include some of these things into your goals to keep you motivated when the scale is being stubborn!

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4/13/14 9:36 A

started jan 1 by march 10th , I lost 22 pounds. then april 3 I had gained 4 pounds. today april 13th I lost 4 more pounds and inches too. because I didn't give up on april 3 I started losing again. just stick with it.

DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
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4/13/14 7:50 A

I didn't lose any weight for over three months and it started to really bother me until one day my neighbor said to me that I look fantastic and about 10 years younger. I told her that I haven't lost any weight in a while and she asked me if I went down in clothing size which I had. She told me to throw away the scale and remember that my fitness and health are not determined by the numbers on a scale. Hang in there because everything does get better in the long run as long as you keep trying!

CREATIVEHEART5 SparkPoints: (9,600)
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4/13/14 7:46 A

When ever I come from a place of less and deprivation I get stuck. Instead of focusing on what I cant do yet or what I know I should not eat. I love what I do eat. Fresh Veggies and Lean meats and how glowing my skin feels. When I do add a fruit . I savor it. I focus on the energy I have when I choose working out instead of watching tv. I focus on a spring in my step when instead of reaching for a box of little Debbie cakes I choose to take a warm bath and go to bed earlier so I feel more rested. Focus on Positive and soon there will so much positive that you will reach your goals when you aren't even looking. Sometimes the scale wont budge so just look at your patterns and think where can I be better.

EDELWEISS33 Posts: 2,019
4/13/14 7:13 A

just keep on keepin on. I have started over several times. workouts=Changing it up helps and diet=cut it out. I have food allergies and realized that I was killing my cilia 2 years ago. I just realized this week that I was causing my skin and internal organs toxic problems that could lead to cancer/death. so I am changing up my diet too. No more killing myself through ignorance.

JAYDEE1211 SparkPoints: (30,040)
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4/13/14 3:34 A

I am hearing your frustration. I have been at the same weight now for four months! I am still at it but I have had many tearful times. What I have found is that I have had many non-scale victories. I take the plateau as another hurdle in my journey to love and accept myself - no matter what. Keep at the process as it is life changing (I jogged 6 kms this morning!). Best wishes.

4/12/14 9:13 P

Let me just say, weight loss goals are overrated, IMO. As in, I want to weigh X by June first. You may, you may not. If you don't, was it all in vain to have eaten right, gotten healthier and exercised? I've missed lots of goals. But I have gradually lost weight. Blow off the goal and start over.

It's hard, but you just have to keep going with the faith that the scale will eventually go down. Weight loss is a simple addition and subtraction problem, so if you're eating fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight, without fail. If you're not sure whether you're eating fewer calories than you burn, track your calories very carefully and figure out about how many you're burning every day and adjust accordingly. Spark is fantastic for this.

There have been times when I lose nothing for a few weeks in a row and I feel like giving up. Then there are times when I step on the scale and I've lost more than a pound, and then I lose another a few days later. It speeds up, it stops, occasionally you put a little back on due to water weight or other natural fluctuations. It's not as linear as we'd like it to be.

You can't let the scale make you crazy. I know it's hard, but try to tune it out. Bear in mind that a sudden increase in exercise can cause temporary minor weight gain as your muscles adjust. This means you're gaining muscle, which will make you lose faster in the long run. I know how it is to be on cloud 9 when the scale goes down and to be depressed when it doesn't, but it's irrational to base your moods on a number that is so naturally variable. Keep on keeping on and you can't lose.

HEARTPROCLAIMS SparkPoints: (18,151)
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4/12/14 9:08 P

There is some really great advice here.

It also helps to remember we need to set realistic goals. Losing 20lbs is an awesome goal! But it's not going to happen in 20 days. It will take at least 10 weeks (Losing a healthy 1-2 pounds a week, on average). If we set realistic and attainable goals for ourselves, such as losing 5-8 lbs a month, we don't set ourselves up for failure.

If you're consistent with your healthy eating and exercise habits, and the scale hasn't budged in weeks- keep going. All those healthy choices you make add up to something and eventually you'll hit the tipping point.

Everyone's body is different and will react differently, so you may have to change your routine a bit to see results.

But I think the main thing here is to take your time and be patient. If you're making healthier choices, you're doing yourself a favor whether the scale reflects that or not!

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FRUGALISTA54 Posts: 260
4/12/14 8:48 P

From my experience with the scales I find that as long as I don't gain,I am not going to panic. Our body fluids mess with our heads and then one day when you don't really deserve it the scale says you lost a couple pounds. This really messes with me because the devil on m,y shoulder taunts me by reminding me of any cheats I may have been guilty of and that payback will happen (It does of course) But for that moment I am in sheer bliss and I bask in it for as long as I can and then focus on exercise and drinking water along with all the streaks I can be maintaining until my next weigh in. Just don't beat yourself up just yet.

NOOSIE3 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/12/14 6:56 P

Hi everyone, this is actually my first ever post on SP. As for staying motivated when the scale won't budge, I have been working on weight loss for over a year and have lost 50 lbs. I can tell you that there have been times when I have gone for weeks with no movement and then all of a sudden-movement. This has been one difficult journey. BTW, I regularly do an endurance Heavy Bag workout and Zumba, so it has not been for a lack of exercise. I watch my calories closely and it is not that. I am not sure what causes it, I know that lack of restful sleep and for me, too many carbs (even while staying in my calorie guidelines) will slow me down. Try something different, cut carbs or cycle carbs. Try more protein, more good fats. Just keep trying and don't give up!

TRIKERBON Posts: 178
4/12/14 2:55 P

ALIAKAIS excellent advice! I have been on SP since 2009 and I think the SP philosophy is finally sinking in for me. Lifestyle and mindset change! My mindset change started when I got rid of my scale because of the head games that those numbers played on me! It made me into a crazy women stepping on the scale several times a day. But what was worse was how I would let it dictated my mood for the day! Day in and day out when there was a gain or no change at all on the scale I would feel like such a failure. Now I am only going to weigh at the Dr. Office once a month. This time around I know there are no short cuts and I am in it for the long haul and by long haul I mean 200 lbs to lose!!!! So now my focus is no longer the pounds because that is such a huge amount and seems impossible. My new focus is going down in pants sizes one at a time, that doesn't seem so impossible! Luckily being as heavy as I am I can shop in my closets for quite some time for smaller sizes!! By not just focusing on the pounds it has gotten rid of so many bad emotions (frustration, failure, anger, disappointment, etc) that the scale produced in me daily!

One good thing is every time I got derailed I came back to SP I also managed to hang onto some good habits each time and my lifestyle has actually changed considerably since 2009. This whole weight lose thing is a process and we must all find what works and what doesn't work for us individually. The process will need tweeking as I go along and who knows maybe someday I can make peace with the scale and let one back into the house but for now I will remain scale-less!

Hang in there everyone, we can do this together!

LMSLONE Posts: 1
4/12/14 9:18 A

Hello everyone! This is day 1 (AGAIN!!) for me on my journey to weight loss. I have tried every diet under the sun but find myself frustrated if the scale doesn't move as quickly as I would like for it to. I would like to know from all of you how long it took you to start seeing results on the scale while working out 3-4 days a week.

ALIAKAIS SparkPoints: (6,828)
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4/12/14 12:57 A

I understand both of your frustration, but remember: being a part of SP is as much about our healthy habits as it is the weight lost. Do you feel stronger? Can you do more? Are you able to walk further, lift more, etc? The scale is one measure of success and not a very accurate one at that. Your weight can fluctuate 5-10 lbs over the course of the day based on the food in your gut and the water you may or may not be retaining. Remembering these things really helps me when I'm struggling. Plus, remember, if you learn those habits and focus on them instead of the numbers, you'll be WAY better equipped WHEN you eventually do get there. In other words, it'll give you the tools to not only get to but to stay at where you want to be.

Remember, you didn't pack the pounds on in a week, or two, or even a year. It took time to be put on and it'll take time to come off. It's hard work, it's a lot of change, but when you're losing hope or thinking of giving up, remember why you began. It helps to write up a vision for what you want you life to look like in the future. Make your future self into a strong character, someone who eats healthy and exercises, and makes themselves a priority. It sound really, really silly, but that image REALLY helps when you're hurting like this or giving yourself excuses not to get off the couch.

My picture is myself making it up to the top of Mount Si in a few years. I see my lighter self strong and self-assured, and I can only imagine how beautiful the view will be but I have maps plastered all over the walls of my house and pictures of the mountain as the background on my phone and computer. I remind myself daily I won't get up there with excuses and that having 150 less pounds to carry will help me carry my gear up, and these thoughts are what keep me going. You'll need to find your own image, your own motivational "bullseye" that goes beyond simple vanity or health concerns, or you'll go right back to your old ways.

Do yourself a favor and make it about something other than just the numbers. Often our bodies operate on their own schedule, and at those times we need to take care of them despite that. It's the only body you have, after all.

JVENUS7734 Posts: 7
4/11/14 11:42 P

The scale has not moved in 2 weeks. Screaming has done no good. I had a major goal set and now I know I can not meet the goal. I am mad at myself for setting a 20 pound goal for 30 days. I am upset that the scale has not moved. Frustrated that I must reevaluate everything- my food, my mindset, and changing up my workout routines. I noticed my workouts getting easier but I just was not expecting the plateau to hit now when I wanted to hit such a big goal for a big event. My husband brags on everything I have done. My kids tell me to pull up my loose clothes and go buy new ones, but I feel horrible,sad and alone. I feel like I am out of time to hit the 200 pound mark by May 1. I just want to see the scale numbers dropping. I feel like I wronged myself. 20 days = 20 pounds no way. My plateau has become my mental ball and chain.

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4/11/14 11:01 P

I think I must have much less patience or willpower than most people. I started out on a healthier eating plan and lost 8 pounds the first 5 days. Naturally I was excited and enthusiastic but now I have not lost any more in the next 6 days. It is hard to keep on depriving myself when I am making no progress. My doctor wants me to lose a lot of weight in order to have a hernia surgery.

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