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10/28/13 2:43 P

I think it depends on how sore you were. I take Group Power weight lifting class. We do a fully body workout in 1 hour. I walk away a little sore. But 2 days later I am fine. I can feel the soreness as I lift but that is normal. It's not normal to be in pain........You should not give up either.

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10/28/13 12:22 P

Modify the exercises so that you're not crippled, and do some easy cardio. There's nothing worse for soreness than sitting around doing nothing.

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10/28/13 11:46 A

Is it like body pump where you're choosing the weights you use for each exercise? If so, maybe lower the amount of weight you use for the squat section, or just don't do all of the reps.

Also, I found that light exercise helps the soreness go away faster than if I didn't move at all. So for example, if I'm really sore from lifting one day, the next I'll keep it light with some gentle yoga or a long walk. Stretching also helps too. It may feel a little uncomfortable (but shouldn't be painful!) but it will help your muscles recover faster in the long run.

GABBY0913 Posts: 199
10/28/13 11:43 A

I would recommend working a different part of your body each time you lift/strength train. If your class does not offer this, consider going somewhere else or lifting on your own. For example, if last Thursday's class was geared towards leg workouts, you could workout that next day, just don't work your legs; work abs, biceps, back, etc. I would say a two day rest period is sufficient between reworking that particular area. It does get better/easier, but when it does you have to change it up to make it challenging again!

Good luck!

10/28/13 11:20 A

Does anyone know/have any tips about keeping your exercise momentum going when you get really sore muscles? Last Thursday I went to a weightlifting class and ended up with really sore quads from the squats and since then have skipped all exercising. Today is the first day I have been really willing to consider it again. I would like to go to these classes, especially with winter coming on, but they always seem a little too intense. Maybe if I just stick with them they will get better? I usually just walk otherwise with maybe a little yoga or toning. I would like to step this up a little bit though. Any help would be appreciated!

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