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9/29/11 1:40 P

Katrina, Now that your treatment for your leukemia is coming to and end, it will be good for you to focus on doing something good for yourself. Don't push to hard though, you've been through a lot. I wish you the best. emoticon

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9/29/11 9:42 A

Good luck to you on your journey. Only you know what you are able to handle and what you are feeling.

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9/29/11 6:21 A

I started with spark people in January 2011 and managed to lose around 40 Ibs, with 27 lbs left to go to get to my ideal weight. Everything was successful I felt fitter and healthier than ever, until I was diagnosed with leukaemia in July 2011. For the past 3 months I have been having chemotherapy and on many different drug for treatment. Due to the side effects of the treatment I haven't been able to exercise or even walk much and have gained 8 lbs so far, even though I'm eating the same amount if not less than before. I'm nearing the end of my treatment now and am now having many more good days than bad, and so I want to get back to doing some sort of exercise and eating healthier, as I feel I have lost control of eveything else like my weight, my independence and my wedding that was going to happen in january 2012 but had to be cancelled. Everyon keeps telling me to take it easy and not to worry about these things until I'm completely better, but I'm not that kind of person. I need to do this, even if its just 10 minutes a day. I AM GOING TO DO THIS! :-D

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