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8/7/12 6:35 P

Hi and WELCOME!!!
Fast break, trackers, log log log everything..and log in to Sparkpeople often!! We are here to help!

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8/7/12 11:10 A

Use the trackers!! The food tracker will help you to understand your eating habits, and the fitness tracker will keep you moving! If you set goals for yourself, you can meet them and possibly surpass them!!! When you have questions, post to the boards, these people really know what they are doing!!! Good luck on your journey!!!

OMALLEYC Posts: 608
8/7/12 11:03 A

Hi Rosemary, welcome to Sparkpeople! The best tip I can give you is to follow your fast break goals. It makes everything else a lot less overwhelming knowing that you only have to do those 2 things. Everything else is a gradual buildup. :)

Good luck!

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8/7/12 4:38 A

Any tips would be appreciated! emoticon

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