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8/20/12 11:28 P

Hi Rita
That is awesome maybe we can buddy up. We have the same amount to lose AND I love the Wii!!!
I'll give you my regulare email address maybe that will help and we can stay in touch. Today was a tough day (First day of 500 calories). I am really tired and my head hurts. I did some reading and this can sometimes happen as your body adjust.

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8/20/12 11:21 P

Trish I can't figure out how to answer you email so I will do it here.
My weight is 186 my goal is to be 130.
I do not care how long it takes. I like doing the wii for execise at home and I go to curves 3 x a week .
Today I have taken it one step forther I started a weight loss clinic.
I used to weight 210 about 10 years ago so this weight loss yo-yo has been going on for a long time.Yes sometimes I get discoraged but I really would like to see me healthy again an stay that way.At 51 I feel like I am falling apart and know the older I get the harder it is so this time I pray that I stick with it .I feel like if only I can get the weight off I can maintain it hey look I have keep off most of what I lost

8/19/12 1:32 P

Can I get an invite to the private forum please?

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8/19/12 8:28 A

Glad to know you are doing fine. Sparks doesn't approve of the hCG Diet, but it has worked great for lots of us. We have a hCG Support Group Team that they had us make "Private" so let me know if you need support. I follow Roby Mitchell, M.D. who uses the diet for his patients. He is a medical doctor who graduated from Texas Tech and he also has a PhD. He does a lot of hormone supplements for his patients as he says most of us who are fat have ours out of balance.

8/19/12 1:30 A

I just started the HCG diet today. I am taking the drops. Right now I am doing the "load" days which are pretty easy. I am a little nervous about the 500 calories but I am looking forward to losing weight. I am praying that this works.
Glad to be here.

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