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11/17/12 7:34 A

Twinkies are disgusting. No big loss there.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (198,565)
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11/17/12 5:47 A


You know, I feel bad for Hostess products and the poor maligned Twinkie. It's been taking the blame for America's obesity problem for years. You've all heard the negative comment,"if you put down that Twinkie, you'd lose weight".

I remember eating and enjoying Twinkies as a kid. Not too long ago, a friend did give me a Twinkie. I hadn't had one in years and decided to have it. Well, I was disappointed. this was NOT the Twinkie of my youth. Yes, the consistency was right, but the taste wasn't. it really did taste terribly artificial. Looked at the ingredients, yup, lots of artificial ingredients.

I think it stinks that all those people, thousands, are now out of work. I hope another company buys them and reinvigorates the brand. I will miss those Hostess cupcakes.

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
11/16/12 10:42 P

It's not like we needed these in the first place, but I am upset that instead of meeting the needs of its workers-whom without, the bakeries couldn't even function, they're just going ahead and closing them. It's not like the CEO wasn't making enough money. He just wanted to maintain his bottom line while sacrificing the rising cost of healthcare, a decent wage, and the pensions that those workers so rightly deserve. And what's even more sad is they're not the only company that is doing that. Papa Johns said that can't afford to pay for employees healthcare, yet they can afford to give out 2 million free's disgusting really.

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
11/16/12 10:07 P

Hahaha!!! They truly are disgusting. Once in a while, the s/o will get something Hostess for the kids, and I'll take a bite and remember why I don't eat them anymore. Tastes like sweet plastic. Ugh. All those nasty preservatives. I'm GLAD they're shutting down. 400 calories for one of their FRUIT pies? 600 calories for the pudding pies. MOST of those calories from fat, because fat = flavor! *throws up*

LITTLEBO Posts: 1,197
11/16/12 9:28 P

LOL!!!! Maybe more of those companies should go out of business...the world would be a healthier place!

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11/16/12 8:38 P

and Hostess announces they're shutting down, and it's like everybody lost their dang minds.

NO. I'm not going to actually EAT the Twinkie on my desk, but one coworker had BOXES of the things. I did get 1 bite into a Ho-ho before I realized how disgusting they were. But friends guilt tripping me into eating some Hostess? Not needed.


Glad I'm not tempted by that stuff, because the shelves are all bare at the store.

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