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4/30/13 5:42 P

Hey Monkey -

Rest assured - GNC has a 30 day money back guarantee. You still have time to go talk to your doctors and/or pharmacist. You're not locked in.

I agree with a couple of previous posters that there is no magic pill, but I also believe that we need every advantage that we can get to win this battle. Do your homework, and if you're not satisfied, return it.

Take heart, and emoticon

P.S. BTW, not intending to be argumentative, but some of us DO need pills to lose weight, and it's not an easy way out or a gimmick. Without my medication, not only would I not be able to lose weight, but I would be at terrible risk for other health issues.

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4/30/13 2:22 P

personally, i refuse to buy anything at all from GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. Mainly because when I asked the question of how things were pressed or made, no one could answer me. Their protein is not made from 100% green fed cows and it is heat pressed not cold pressed like mine.

however, i have no issues with protein powders or replacement shakes. I make green smoothies all the time but i make them at home. I also trust implicitly the supplier i get my protein powder and vitamins from.

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4/30/13 2:08 P

Monkey don't feel bad... we all like different things!

Some people like "meal replacements" and "shakes" and the like. Some people don't.

There are pros and cons to using them.

Pro - the "good ones" are typically nutritionally balanced and calorie-appropriate. They are quick to make, and fit the bill for a "No Time For Making Breakfast, Breakfast" or a "Omg I'm Going To Die of Starvation Right Now, mid-afternoon or post-workout snack."

Con - can be pricey. Can be "un-filling" (there are plenty of folks, me included, that just do not feel "full" from liquid foods - to me, it just doesn't feel like I've eaten until I've chewed! kind of a psychological thing.

Whether they are going to be a good idea for YOU, really only you can answer that, you'll just have to give them a go.

I think what a lot of us here "worry" about is that various commercial products are sold with an implicit promise of weight loss - but really, they're just another form of food/calories, they don't do anything special to enhance weight loss. So some of us get grumpy at the misleading messaging in the advertising. The other big worry is - and we worry about this BECAUSE WE HAVE ALL DONE THIS AT SOME POINT - you hear about some product that will "help" - and you try it, and... it tastes gross or unsatisfying, makes you feel miserable, like you "can't do this!!!!!!!!!" and then you beat yourself up as if it is "your fault" that you couldn't make the Miracle Product work for you.

I think that is all anyone is really trying to say here - test them out, see if they suit your needs/lifestyle/preferences/tastebuds.... if so, great, and if not, chalk it up to "tried 'em didn't like 'em"...

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4/30/13 12:52 P

not trying to take a easy way out emoticon emoticon
good mood to sad

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4/30/13 12:33 P

The PP could not be more right. Especially with unregulated industries like the weight loss supplements, they can affect a normal, healthy person negatively. Just be careful, very careful. I know that the only thing that really seems to be working for me is not taking an easy way out, but really working hard to lose the weight.

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4/30/13 11:19 A

Keep in mind that the vast majority of things you can get over the counter are simply ineffective at best, and potentially dangerous at worst, especially if you're on prescription medications and under the care of a doctor for medical conditions. You need to consult your doctor AND your pharmacists before taking ANYTHING. Even things you would think are harmless can interact with your medications in surprising ways. There's no shortcut!

Case in point: My grandmother started taking St John's Wort for her memory problems. however, she nearly had a heart attack, and her doctor told her to STOP, because it was counteracting her blood pressure medication!

Be sure and ask your pharmacist, too. I trust my pharmacists over my doctor when it comes to drug interactions. They've saved me too many times from making mistakes coming from the doc with multiple prescriptions when the doctor wasn't aware of potential problems.

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4/30/13 10:29 A

i was just emoticon about my order. Yes I should of asked b4 but willing to try a bunch opf different things bc need to lose this weight. My meds make me gain weight well not really they wont let me loss the weight they should make me gain but I can maintain if I can just get it off.

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4/30/13 10:18 A

Isn't this a question you should ask before you order something?

GNC sells a lot of supplements, including many that are not long-term weight loss solutions. could you be more specific about the one you're interested in? You don't need pills and shakes to lose weight. What are your goals, and what do you hope the things you have ordered will help you do?

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4/30/13 10:00 A

I ordered their drink mix in vanilla and some other weight loss stuff :) Anyone have any good bad review of that mix? TIA :)

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