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12/5/12 11:42 A

I got a fitbit end of last month and it has got me walking. Right now I do about 20 minutes on the treadmill, and that with my usual running around the house gets me over 5,000 steps a day. I am going to gradually increase it. I might start running eventually, not sure, we'll see how it goes. Maybe I'll start doing multiple walking jaunts rather than try to make the one walk longer and longer. Then I get more benefit from "afterburn" I think. Not quite sure how the math on all that goes.

As for motivation, I see my transformation as equally food, fitness, and motivation. I gotta show up for motivation every day just like I do the food and fitness. If I put nothing into it, I get nothing back. So, how to get motivated? I blog, I have a couple of spark teams I get on with extra good, and I protect my state of mind like I would protect my food plan or my fitness time. A good attitude doesn't just fall from the sky, and there is a lot of stuff out there trying to sabotage us. Just like junk food, there is junk attitude. Maybe I'll post a blog about it.

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12/5/12 10:40 A

I love walking. But personally, I feel like it takes a lot of time to burn calories. However, even 20 minutes of walking can improve your cardio abilities. I started with walking and noticed a differeence. My mom started walking, and did 2 miles a day for 3 months. She lost 8 pounds (135-127... She is 5'0) without changing her diet or doing any other exercise.

When I walk, I try to capitalize on my time. Most friday or saturday mornings, I will grab a friend or family member and go for 1-2 hour long walks outside somewhere. Instead of meeting for coffee or just to hang, we'd go for walks together.

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12/5/12 10:11 A

Congrats on coming back!

I absolutely LOVE walking! I started walking after my son was born. I had him via C-section and had to get my daughter to school when my husband was away. Not being able to drive, I walked with her and my son. It was only just over a mile both ways so it took about 20 minutes all round. That really helped start me off on my weightloss journey which I didn't even realise at the time.

Now my daughter is in a new school and I still choose to walk her there and home. This one is about 3 miles round trip and takes about 20 minutes to get there (all uphill). I walk between 3 and 5 times a week. When I started feeling that the walk was no longer overly challenging I started running as well. Basically for me, walking was the start of a wonderful new exercise routine in my life!

BELLYDOG Posts: 2,459
12/5/12 9:51 A

DEEDEE2007, I started out walking a very slow and very painful one mile per day with the dog. Slowly, very slowly the pain became less and less each day. Hubby was out of town and I had to walk the dog. After several months I had to do daily treatments at a clinic that was 3 miles away. For three weeks I had to do a six-mile round trip five days a week. Thank goodness I had taken a lot of weight off by then and had worked my way up to being able to do the walking. I still had to walk the dog too. So some days the dog only got a one-mile walk. Now that I no longer have to do the clinic walk, I try to get the dog out for at least an hour (about two miles), sometimes we go for two hour (about 4 miles). Here it is winter now and snow is sticking around, and dog is ill. So I've been shovelling snow. And I have a treadmill too. Which actually helped me to improve my walking peed and distance early on. Remember, start out slow, don't over do it. You are not in a race to lose weight. You are conducting an experiment of one. Find out what works for YOU. You are the one that matters. And YES, you are worth the effort. You deserve to be healthy! Good luck.

JDMAKEIT2HOT Posts: 8,458
12/5/12 7:58 A

I lost most of my weight with walking. I joined a gym and am getting into strength training now. ( still walking too)

12/4/12 7:37 A

walking has not only been the mainstay of my exercise program and weight loss, it has also saved my sanity. I work out my stress and my problems on my daily walks (hour AM and an hour or more PM).

I simply won't miss it unless I'm too ill to stand up!

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,294
12/4/12 6:47 A

Walking has been (and still is) my main form of cardio. I don't own a treadmill and I am really cheap-- so I walk around the neighborhood. My rewards for doing good with staying in my calorie range, have been mostly related to my exercise-- a good pair of shoes, performance shirts, just bought myself a great jacket to wear while walking. Even with my rewards though I'm cheap-- the long sleeved shirts I got recently were from Walmart for 6 bucks a piece. In the winter I wear layers. I already owned a super long raincoat with a hood. I draw the line only at sleet or pouring rain-- then I'll do a Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds video. (If you don't own any videos, there are cardio videos here on Spark-- for FREE-- that you can do in bad weather.)

The thing is that you have to walk fast enough to get your heart rate up; a leisurely stroll won't do it. I usually only do 30 to 40 minutes a day-- one, because I don't have more time than that to devote to it on a daily basis, and two, the boredom gets to me. I am getting an iPod for Christmas though, so that should help.

They say that losing weight is 80% what we eat, and 20% what we do (exercise). When I first got serious about losing the weight and keeping it off, I put off exercising. But that 20% is really important. It feels great to not get out of breath, climbing the hill to the parking lot at work. I love to feel my muscles working to power me up a hill-- my thighs might still be a bit flabby but they get me where I need to go.

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12/4/12 2:08 A

hi deedee!

walking is a great way to loose weight, it was my only workout during my weight loss journey, i will say keeping up with my calories/diet made a bigger impact but walking definantly didnt hurt. like said below start small, and work your way up, also i would try outside walking and treadmill walking and see what you like most, i love the outdoors so i use to walk my block but one day i did the treadmill and actualy found i could go alot long on the treadmill for whatever reason, when i would walk 1.5 miles outside, i realy felt it and seemed like it took forever and on a treadmill i could do 2miles and when i was done feel better and it seemed like it went by realy fast, so just experiment to see what you like most. also somthing i just recently did, not sure if you have acess to a treadmill with a tv but i started using thoughs and bringing head phones to the gym and i would get so wraped up in a tv show i couldnt beleive how far i would have gone when my mind was tooken off the walking, thats just another thing that might help.

for a long time i realy dreded doing my mile a day walk, but it realy did get to where now i look forward to it and feel so much better after it and now im doing 2.5miles, i could go more but my feet start to cramp some at that point, and you dont want to go to the point you are uncomfortable. good luck!

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12/4/12 12:48 A


I pretty much walked all my excess weight off. Started with short walks every day. Up to 5-8 miles a day now, on most days. Just me, my iPod, and the road. Love it! Such a great way to combat everyday stressors! My (totally unqualified) advice is walk a little every day. Start small and work your way up to longer and/or faster walks. And enjoy it! Don't make a chore. It's a mini vacation from the real world for me. emoticon

DEEDEE2OO7 Posts: 49
12/3/12 10:02 P

Wow congrats Rebecca! That's a lot of walking!! I don't think I could do that much just yet, but it'd be nice to get to where I could..It's awesome you made it a habit of doing!

I appreciate you replying too! I hope you're losing weight journey has been a good one so far! emoticon

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12/3/12 9:02 P

Hello DeeDee,

I love walking and it is how I started learning healthy living habits. Walking gives you time to de-stress, connect with nature and appreciate building stamina. I started with walks around the block. Now I walk at least 6 days a week for at least 2.2 miles but usually more and sometimes 5 something miles. I average 60 minutes of workout time per day (I wear a bodymedia fit monitor). Sometimes I do road biking instead of walking. I wear Kangoo Jump boots for all my walks as it doubles the caloric burn for me and they are fun!

Here is one of my frequent routes (with quotes on walking that I like)

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DEEDEE2OO7 Posts: 49
12/3/12 7:05 P

Staying motivated seems like one of the hardest things to do (for me). I was around 150 something pounds back in 2010..back up to 220lbs as of right now. I failed...

Just took a 20min walk, feeling great...but I was wondering how walking has been for you? Success? How long do you guys walk for? How many days a week? Winter is gonna be here...wondering what I can do to lose those pounds again!

Thank you! I missed this site!

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