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12/15/13 6:53 P

emoticon Welcome TIANNAMJ!!! You're off to a great start!!! Sparks really is a wonderful website to develop a healthy lifestyle to get fit and lose the weight .... permanently!! And you've got the supportive folks on Sparks to help you along the way as well!! So have fun with your nutrition and fitness plans while you become the new, slim, healthy you!!

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12/11/13 8:28 P

Welcome to SparkPeople! You'll find lots of support, information and inspiration here. All the best on achieving your goals!

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12/10/13 9:41 P

Welcome! SparkPeople is a wonderful resource for meeting your goals.
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12/10/13 9:22 P

Hi! I've been on this journey several times with no results. I get pissed and give up. I have a husband and two kids and always put their needs and others before mine. I am disgusted with my weight and I need help. I hope I can stay on track this time and make a lifestyle change that last. I wish you luck!

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12/10/13 4:34 P

Hi all! Today is the first day back into restarting my lifestyle change.
In January, 2011, I weighted in at my all time high if 259lbs. I was horrified. I had 2 pretty difficult pregnancies resulting in 2 premie babies, with my second being born 4 weeks early after 3 months bedrest. I was pumped full of medications to help with a chronic blood disorder I had, as well as meds to keep my sons in for as long as possible. I had my spleen removed in 9/2010 and was shocked at how un-healthy I had become. I decided enough was enough! I started learning weight watchers on my own and lost 50 lbs with just changing the foods that I eat, and then started adding exercise in. I've learned that I love zumba, and am now convinced that I enjoy running, hiking, biking and trying new things. I hit a plateau at 70lbs, and was there for 5 months, before my food tracking got lazy. I gained 10 of those lbs back and am currently weighting in at 197. Much better than 259, but nowhere near where I want to be.
So it's game on, again! I am commiting to at last 30 mins, minimum of exercise 6 days a week with Sunday as my rest day, drinking 100 oz of water a day, tracking my foods much better, and 8 hours of sleep a night.
Whose with me?!?!

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