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4/10/12 3:48 A

If you want a creamy texture that will hold more air than most other fruits, use bananas. They make a great ice cream on their own, but add sweetness and creaminess that turns into great sorbet. I know that you CAN turn any fruit into a sorbet or granita (sorbets have a much finer texture than granitas), but depending on the fruit you use (and without adding in syrup or sugar), there may not be enough structure to hold air, which is necessary for the sorbets.I have made granitas (more of a slush than ice cream) with just melon and it came out really tasty, and I have taken extra smoothie and just dumped it into containers in the freezer and it turned out well, but rather more icy than sorbet since I didn't stir it constantly. Wow, that was a ramble, let me sum up.

Short story:
It should work. Use bananas for a creamier treat. Stir often when freezing after the ice maker step to keep it fluffy. Experiment with different combinations to see what works best!

3/28/12 4:59 P

I have an ice cream maker, can I use it to make a sweetner free sorbet which is only made up of fruit? I love the taste of pure unsweetened fruit and Id love it more in the summer if it were made into a sorbet

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