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2/6/13 1:29 A

... i think I read the exact same thing in a different post 0_o why the multiple threads about the same diet?

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In my opinion you are better to eat (healthy) normally MOST of the time, not cycle like this. Whether it works or not I don't know, and to tell the truth, for me it is totally unappealing. I would FAR rather eat to the lower end of my range and with a good balance of carbs/fats/proteins most of the time with the occasional day off - in weight-loss mode I generally applied the one day off in every two weeks - since I have been maintaining, my 'day off' is SOMETIMES once a week.


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2/5/13 6:50 P

A significant reduction in calorie intake has been shown to extend longevity but ... why would you want to live like that?

I don't think the trade-off is worth it, personally.

Be aware, as well, that one of the side-effects of a starvation diet is actually feeling that you have heaps of energy. So if someone reports having lots of energy on a low-calorie diet, that doesn't necessarily mean that diet is safe and healthy and not affecting their energy needs and their body. It could simply be that they're physically starving, even if they don't report feeling hungry.

IMHO, not worth the hassle. Eat clean and balanced. Much easier to do and to manage long-term. :)

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below is a statement i found regarding the 5:2 diet. I found it quite interestind and wondered if anyone had tried it this person states:-

I experimented with the diet after the programme was shown, then had a very dissolute December, knowing full well that I was going to go at it full tilt in the New Year. I started on the 2nd, 19 days later, I've dropped 10 lbs with no problems, no loss of energy (I play squash vigorously, and 5-a-side when I can get a game), and no trouble sticking with the plan. So, yes it works. Absolutely.
However, the most important point to emphasise is that this not a weight loss diet. Weight loss is entirely a side effect of the real purpose of the diet, which is to prolong life. It's a milder version of Alternate Day Fasting. This is scientifically unproven as yet, but is said to reduce the chance of developing various cancers, and to help manage a variety of conditions / illnesses wide enough to include diabetes & arthritis. What tends to get the headlines is the fact that on your Fast days, you cut your calories to a quarter of the recommended. What is more significant is reducing your protein intake. This is said to force your body from "growth mode" into "repair mode" where, instead of creating new cells, the body attempts to repair damaged ones. Since cancers are essentially uncontrolled cell growth, it's obvious how this diet could help; equally, repairing damaged cells will presumably help with any number of ailments, aches & pains.

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