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1/1/13 4:54 A

Thank you for your reply, it means so much to me. emoticon I wish you a Happy New Year and all the power to over come what keeps you from your goals.

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,778
12/31/12 8:55 P

Kudos Bobbi!

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12/31/12 8:40 P

Thank you Nancy, It did help. I just did not want to add something that I knew I did not do. I will try that next time. That is so funny it is not on there because it is on the exercise goals to do that at less once a month.
I am so happy I have came back, this is going to help me more then I ever thought. I was here a few years ago. A friend told me about it and I tried it for a little bit but my life has changed and my health. I just found out that I have diabetes so that is what just put me into a situation that I just can't hide only more.
This is going to be good for my whole family. Thank you for your time with me. emoticon

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12/31/12 4:24 P


You can plug in the exercise (sit up for example) into the search box and select the exercise that most closely matches the exercise you did. As for cardio activities that aren't listed, you can use the general aerobic exercise option or if you have access to a heart rate monitor that calculates calories expended you can manually enter in your calories burned.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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12/31/12 4:16 P

I thought what a way to start a new year. Finding out just how much I could do .I know it was not a lot for now but I promise you it was all I could do.
I did 25 push ups on my knees,45 crunches and in 3 min I did stair climb 76 times. I could remember when I was young, I use to run 5 miles a day for track. I had to laugh , if you could of seen me trying to climb those stair this afternoon you would of laugh also. I had my husband time me and he made me feel so good when he told me that he did not think I could of done all of that and that he was proud of me for giving it my all.He also said to me that he did not think he could do it.
I felt pretty weak right after it but than I felt a energy come over me. I do believe that I will do that at lest 3 times a week just to see how I can build up the numbers with out feeling that weak.
I have one question thou.. how do I find out how many calories I burn from doing push up,crunches and climbing stairs???? emoticon

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