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7/30/14 3:35 P

I have PCOS and am trying to conceive... On my second round of Chlomid. Once they told me that being overweight was the ONLY thing stopping us from conceiving (eggs are fine, swimmers are olympic, etc), I started losing weight. It's frustrating and hard and heartbreaking.

I'd love to keep up with your girls about this - someone had the audacity to tell me "Oh, go on a vacation, you'll get pregnant right away." Excuse me, but a doctor has told me I have an actual condition that impedes the process. PCOS is not fixed with maitais and beach chairs.

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6/26/14 8:30 A

Wow! My first time on this site and I already found women like me. I was officially diagnosed with pcos yesterday, though I had a feeling I had it for a few months. My husband and I have been ttc for a year now, so I understand how frustrating it can be to not get pregnant like everyone else. My dr is recommending a low carb diet, it's difficult for me right now, I tried a low carb dinner and still felt hungry! Maybe we can share successes together!

6/23/14 8:02 P

Almond meal is just ground up almonds really, but you can mix it with whole wheat flour when you bake to boost the protein a bit. I think on the box it says you can substitute 1/4 of the flour for almond meal :)

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6/23/14 7:45 P

Sunny I had the same experience before my diagnosis. I had weird symptoms but never knew it was connected to anything. I went to one specialist that only looked at me and said I didn't have it. Without asking questions or doing any kind of blood work.
I agree about the protein...I am not A big meat eater either. But I do like scrambled eggs for breakfast and sometimes I throw in some turkey sausage and cheese with a whole grain tortilla to make a yummy breakfast taco. I also like all kinds of beans so I get protein there.

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6/14/14 9:43 A

I've Never Heard Of That. Is It Similar To Oatmeal?

6/14/14 1:11 A

Thanks! I'll definitely look into including more nuts and legumes into my diet! I bought some almond meal on amazon and am going to try cooking with it!

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6/13/14 11:11 P

Oh man, a cure would be great!

As far as proteins go, you can always incorporate beans or nuts or peanut butter. Google some easy ways to get protein in your diet and I'm sure you'll be able to find lots of ways to do it.

Good luck! If you need more tips or encouragement, feel free to send me a line.


6/9/14 10:10 A

Thanks you! I've already started to cut out sugar and refined carbohydrates, but I am struggling with the protein. I am not a big meat fan (only eat it 1-2x a week as of now). I do eat fish 2-3 times on top of that, but I need to find ways to add more protein. Congrats on your weight loss and your child! Here's to us beating this thing together! Who knows, maybe they'll find a cure!

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6/9/14 12:00 A

YES!!! Still a battle every day!

I was so relieved to get diagnosed because I had a mess of symptoms that my previous doctor didn't connect. When I switched doctors, immediately he had me tested for it. I cried in his office because I FINALLY had an answer to SO many things!

It's been a difficult road. It still is every day. You don't have a choice but to make the right choices. I am WAY overweight and I want to live a long healthy life. I was fortunately able to conceive after 5 years of trying without losing weight. Some people have been fortunate that their body almost resets after giving birth, but I was not that lucky. I lost a lot of weight being pregnant (that was so exciting!) and I want that excitement in my life again!

Take hold of your life and be encouraged! You can still live your life and have PCOS!

Two things I've learned/in the process of learning:
1. PROTEIN!!! LOTS OF IT!!! I'm told that you need to eat 2-3 times more than the average person of it. But don't forget to balance that out with some veggies. (I eat 7 mini meals a day to accomplish this. It takes dedication.)
2. NO SUGAR!!! I love me some sugar, don't get me wrong. Chocolate is my downfall. I have been able to find some protein powders that have 0g of sugar that are chocolate (my current one tastes like melted rocky road ice cream YUMMY!). Try using cinnamon instead. It really cuts back your cravings. If you MUST have sugar, pick up some stevia sugar packets. They are better for you than substitute sugars.

I hope this helps. Feel free to PM me any time for encouragement or other tips I've learned.

Good luck! Stay Strong! emoticon

5/25/14 10:12 P

Thanks! It is great to hear you were successfully able to conceive; I really do want a family!

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5/25/14 10:05 P

Yes I was diagnosed with it at the age of 32 after trying for a few years to have a baby.but I found a great specialist that put me on a healthy diet for pcos and it really helped me. I lost weight very quickly, lost some of my other symptoms and conceived within 4 months. Know have a beautiful baby boy who is almost a year old. Having pcos is not that bad. It just means you have to take care of yourself!

5/23/14 10:07 A

:( Anyone been through this?

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