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3/24/13 10:59 P

This article really hits home for me, and sounds like it will to you, too.


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3/24/13 9:24 P

It sounds to me like you're still in a diet mentality. You talk about things you "shouldn't" eat, and hating yourself for eating certain things. You shouldn't be flagellating yourself for things, because if you're not on a diet, there isn't anything you can't have.

The trick is moderation. Instead of two junior bacon cheese burgers, just have one. Instead of four spring rolls, stop at one. Getting a pizza? Opt for veggies, thin crust, and just have a couple of slices, instead of half the deep-dish supreme or meat lovers. Going to chili's? Have that bacon cheeseburger, but ask for your condiments on the side so you can control it, and ask for a veggie side, instead of fries. Get a kid's burger instead of the monster one-pound-of-meat version.

It's all about moderation and portion control. I say ditch the diet, and start focusing on making healthy, sustainable changes, SMALL changes, that are about healthy living... not short-term dieting:

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3/24/13 8:19 P

Do you like cooking? You can find cookbooks that have recipes that are similar to fast food with less calories. I used to eat out a lot too, and I think that attributed mostly to my weight loss. Cooking is now an escape for me, it's kind of relaxing lol and I love finding new recipes, and making good food. I haven't eaten fast food in over a year, and over time I have stopped craving it. Just think about all the horrible things that are in fast food. Sodium is through the roof, and that causes you to carry water-weight, as well as is harmful to your heart and other organs. Good luck with everything. You'll find the motivation, and just remember that every day is a new day, don't beat yourself up! Stay positive! =)

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3/23/13 7:51 P

Hi! Now that spring is coming maybe you could get outside with the baby and walk! The outdoors is a great motivator, and maybe the baby will sleep or at least be calm if she's moving. I know it's been snowing, but that should hopefully stop soon. Walking could give you not only exercise, but some peace and quiet to think and just "be." I've been there, with two little ones, (who are now 13 and 15), and you may not believe it now, but it DOES get better!! :) Hang in there, and try take care of yourself so you'll have energy for your little one and your husband. And give yourself a break too. Having a baby in the house can be exhausting! It's amazing how much havoc one little baby can bring to your life. but it's also the most wonderful job you'll ever have! Take good care! Natalie

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3/23/13 6:44 P

Last July I had a beautiful baby girl, I gained around 20 lbs during my pregnancy, probably would of gained more if I wasn't sick the first 22 weeks. So gaining that weight put me at 200 lbs by the time I delivered my daughter. Months that followed I was very tired, stressed and was eating a lot. By the time it hit January I was 210 lbs, I only had a few outfits I could wear, and looking at myself made me disgusted. So I decided to change my diet and start to exercise. Since then I have lost between 10 and 11 lbs.

I am a stay at home mother, my daughter is mama's girl and constantly has to be held or have me sit with her on the floor or she will cry and scream. Also, she have been teething recently and hasn't been eating very much or sleeping very well. Which has been stressing me out really bad. I'm exhausted, and I just don't have the energy to exercise.

I have been eating really well, I cut soda out of my diet completely and have been only drinking water. I have cut down on bread and only try to have pasta once a week. I have been eating a lot of fruits,veggies, chicken and salmon and if I have a craving to munch on something, I just get a light handful of plain almonds.

These past few weeks I have been cheating really bad. Had pizza/bread sticks three times, went to Chili's and got a bacon cheeseburger and fries, went to Wendy's and have two Jr. bacon cheeseburger, Had an Asian meal that was high in calories and had four springs rolls, and have had some cheesecake and cookies. I feel disgusted with myself and I have been stuck at 199 lbs, this whole time.

Every time I eat something I know I shouldn't, I feel guilty while I eat it, and hate myself afterwards. It's really hard for me to eat healthy sometimes around my husband. He is 123 lbs and have always been that weight since I have known him. It's like he can eat what he wants and not gain a pound, though he does have an active job. He buys sweets and stuff for himself and if I see it then I want it, which makes dieting harder. He does support me with my weight loss and makes sure I don't over eat or eat bad things, but these past few weeks we just kind of got lazy. It's not like I haven't completely gave up on eating healthy, I still do everything I have been doing, but have recently decided to eat some things I know I shouldn't. Just since starting my diet eating has become more of a chore.

Anyway, I just don't know how to pick myself back up right now. I'm exhausted, stressed and my choice in foods recently have been making me depressed. Not to forget that when I started eating these foods I know I shouldn't have, my teeth started hurting none stop and I haven't had that happen before. I need new glasses really bad and money has just been a huge issue. Stress is a huge problem here and it doesn't help that it just keeps snowing once a week or two here. Being stuck in this house have been driving me a little crazy.

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