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3/25/13 7:22 P

Labellasoul, Congrats on the exercise routine that you are committed to! I second the opinion that you should put the calories that you burn into your Spark calorie burn weekly goal so that Spark can adjust your calorie intake range accordingly. I would keep the 2 pound/week weight loss goal and I wish you the best of luck. Most people at your weight aren't able to consistently lose two pounds/week but it doesn't hurt to try (while maintaining realistic expectations). I lost about 2 pounds/week while hitting my calorie burn goal and averaging about 200 calories/per day above my upper calorie intake limit. Every one is different. Wishing you the best!

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3/25/13 2:11 P

There is lots to address here. Please forgive the length of this post.

1. If you check out my blogs below you'll see why you should never use Spark's figures for the elliptical.

So while Spark is best for walking/running type movements, never use their figures for magnetic resistance. Use the machine's, or if you want more accuracy buy and wear an HRM.

2. You should never out-exercise your goal. But you should not change your exercise! Change your goal! You can manually set how many calories to burn each week on the fitness goals page and you should do this and set it to be more realistic. It is the calories burned figure that is used to calculate your needs, not the calories tracked.

3. The "Weight Loss" program on this machine - does it keep you at a pretty low and easy pace? Many machines still promote the "fat burning zone" of lower intensity cardio to promote fat loss. This is a mistaken application of science, and isn't actually the best way to burn fat. The best way is to work hard - as hard as you can reasonably manage to do. If this routine leaves you feeling like you didn't work much, try ignoring the machine's recommendations and just putting the resistance up till you personally feel like "Boy, that's hard!"

It's better for fat loss to burn more total calories, not to burn a greater percentage of a lower total calorie value directly from fat. It doesn't matter what you burn in the exercise session - the body compensates the rest of the day to make up for it. So burn as much as you can! :)

4. Your goal is not feasible. The site allows all users to set up to 2lb/week, it isn't weight-based. But your body is weight-based. Bodies don't want to lose much per week, the less there is to lose.

I recommend a general guideline of 3% of what's left to lose each week. So you have 20lbs to lose in total, at the moment you should be aiming for 3% of 22 (0.66) pounds per week loss.

When you try to lose weight faster than the body wants to, the common result is that it rebels and doesn't lose anything. Slow loss is at least loss in the right direction!

I'd recommed keeping half a pound as a minimum due to the inexact nature of all the estimates in the equations anyway, so you really won't have long till you're at that, so you should probably set half a pound now as your goal. That would have those 22lbs gone by mid January 2014. Maybe set Christmas as your goal, push a little harder, and see how that goes.

But June? No. You're not fat enough to lose that much weight by then, sorry.

5. Last thing - no strength training? Strength training is great for every goal and in every body and will definitely help you to lose weight and make sure it's "fat" that you're losing, not muscle! :) Maybe do this routine M/W/F, with ST on T/T and a wildcard for either Sat or Sun, go do something fun outside! Play a sport, ride a bike, take a scenic walk, etc. :)

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3/25/13 1:39 P

You may want to manually put in your expected calorie burn (if you haven't already) and see if SP bumps up your intake range (it may or may not). Assuming it doesn't, I guess you're probably all right, though you may not lose as quickly as you want to given how close you are to goal already. If you don't, don't get discouraged, because it sounds like you have a really great attitude toward things and that'll take you a long way.

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3/25/13 11:37 A

One thing I wanted to point out - you don't have much to lose. 2 pounds a week is probably too high a goal for your weight; you might want to set it more towards .5 to 1 pound per week.

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3/23/13 7:55 P


The best routine you can do is one you can see yourself committed to doing for a long time--so great job!

As for the calorie expenditure on the machines, I would recommend that you use the SparkPeople calorie expenditure calculator and see what you get--the reason, gym machines are used by many and unfortunately the calibrations from these machines can carry a large margin of error, therefore you will want to use a calculator that uses your data (gender, age, current weight, etc) to give you the most accurate readout.

If you are expending more calories than what your SparkPeople Program shows in your calorie burn figure, you will want to manually edit this figure to better reflect the calories you are expending--as to whether or not your calorie range changes depends on the other factors you have entered, including goal weight and time frame to meet your goal.

I think you are right on track--I love reading that you enjoy your current routine and exercise adherence trumps everything, including reaching one's goal weight.

I wish you continued success.

Coach Nancy

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3/23/13 7:43 P

Hi! I have a fairly simple question (For those who have expertise) that I am a little confused by

I have recently started to work out.

I have a fairly simple routine I am able to maintain and have time to do everyday. It doesnt exhaust me at all and it seems to burn a good amount of calorites, in a reasonable enough amount of time.

I walk through my community (1/2 mile) to a small gym. It takes me about 7 minutes and I using the Nike + iPod app, it says I am burning an avg. of 65 calories on this walk.

I then proceed to do a "Weight loss" 30 minute routine on an eliptical glider, which is basically an mix if various inclines and resistance. My heart rate avg. about 135-145, and the machine says I am burning 350 calories on Avg. each time I do this.

I weigh - 167 lb
I would like to reach 145 by June
(although using the spark people calculator which says I shouldnt lose more than 2lbs a week, I can expect to reach this goal by June 8)

My calorie intake goal is 1200-1550 a day
(I do a good job of staying within this zone and balancing my meals)

My Fitness goals are 180 min/week & 650 Calories/week
which I am far exceeding calories wise.

I really like this routine, and I would like to continue to do this everyday, with maybe 1 day off a week if necessary, but I would prefer to just keep at this pace.

My question is (after all that, sorry for so much info!)

Is it healthy for my calorie output to be so much higher than my sparkpeople suggested amount?

I've read about sending my body into preservation mode if I offer too few calories, but I am not sure if that will still happen if I offer a good amount of calories, in balanced meals but continue to burn them the same way.

Please help! My goal is to maintain this activity (and momentum, since I have been really motivated to keep this upo and its working well) but I don't want to stall my progress towards weight loss because I am not knowledgeable about what I should be doing!

I'd appreciate any help! Thank you so much!

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