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6/4/14 4:52 P

welcome...first off clean the junk food out of the house. then put yourself on the list of things to take care of. Last use all that sparks has to offer. U can do this......

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
6/4/14 4:23 P

emoticon emoticon

Be patient, persistent and kind to yourself.

Start by tracking the food that you are currently eating (every bit of it) into the food tracker here and make sure you do this every day. At first, it will seem like it's taking a lot of time and it may be frustrating, but, after you get all your favorite foods, recipes, etc. entered and you get used to tracking it will only take a few minutes per day. It's absolutely worth the time it will take you. Continue tracking your food as you lose weight.

Enter your stats and goals into the program here and slowly change what you are currently eating so that you end up falling within the recommended ranges for calories, fat, protein, fiber, carbs, etc. Don't try to do everything overnight, just slowly ease yourself into the recommended ranges.

I really recommend a food scale and I recommend you weigh all of your foods except for liquids, which I think are best measured using a liquid measuring cup, and oils (I'd use a measuring spoon). I was never successful in losing weight until I got a food scale and weighed and tracked my foods. You can get a food scale for about $20-25 on Amazon, at Target, Walmart, etc. I'd get a digital one that weighs in grams, ounces and which has a tare feature.

If you slip up, don't use that as an excuse to give up for the day, week, weekend, month, or however long and say you'll start over tomorrow/Monday/on the first of the month, etc. If you slip up, just acknowledge that it's happened and get back on track at your very next meal.

Don't think you just need to eat chicken breast, broccoli and salad (or whatever you think of as diet foods). You can eat a wide variety of foods and they should be foods that you enjoy eating. Give your favorite recipes makeovers instead of giving them up in favor of "diet foods." You can still have red meat (choose appropriately portioned lean cuts), hamburgers (use an appropriate portion of 93% lean hamburger meat, grill it, and watch the toppings), fries (bake them in the oven), baked potatoes (weigh them so you're eating an appropriate portion and watch the toppings), etc. You may need to reduce portions of some things and increase portions of others (e.g. less spaghetti on your plate and more veggies to go with it). In the end, you should end up with a meal plan that places you in the recommended Spark People ranges and which leaves you feeling satisfied (if you're hungry a lot, you will want to adjust the foods you are eating) and which is composed of foods that you like.

You can do it! Just be patient and persistent and kind to yourself. The weight will take time to come off and that's okay because a slower weight loss (1-2 lbs/week) is more easily maintained than a rapid loss and it's also healthier to lose weight slowly.

Finally...don't think of this as a diet. Make it a lifestyle change so that you can maintain your weight loss results and better health permanently.

FAITHP44 Posts: 8,714
6/4/14 3:56 P

Hi Coopie and welcome to Spark. As Eelpie says, tracking is really important, and upping exercise levels help a lot too. Hope it all goes well for you.

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
6/4/14 3:40 P

lol....not to post the same thread on two different boards? emoticon Someone will answer you, give it some time.

Seriously, though, 2 things:

* Track your food every day - yes it's a pain in the hiney for the first few days until you get the hang of it - take full use of groupings and favourite options for more ease

* Patience. It's never the hare who wins the's always the tortoise.


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6/4/14 3:15 P

Welcome, just read most everything on this site, there is too much information for us to spoon feed it to you on a thread on this board.

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6/4/14 1:18 P

Welcome-hang in there. There are alot of informative sites. hopefully you can also lose some weight!!!!

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6/4/14 1:09 P

Hello and welcome to SparkPeople!!

If you have not had a chance to check out SparkTeams, they are a great way to find other members with other common goals and interests.

Good luck reaching your goals!!

Be well,

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6/4/14 12:58 P

Hi I am new to Spark and am on a quest to lose weight. I want to get healthy and fit for myself and my two grand children so I can do more with them. Any and all help and advise would be greatly appreciated.

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