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1/30/14 9:32 P

Natural is just a buzz word, it really doesn't mean anything in particular. Unprocessed food is what you mean, versus's a wonderful idea, and I've done it for months, time and time again.............but, look around you, it does not "satisfy" as much, and a person tires of it, that's why it is hard to change your lifestyle. Work at it, but let yourself have something tasty now and then, or you will binge at some point. It ain't easy, no matter how much you "know".

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1/30/14 8:59 P

Junk food versus Natural Whole foods - do i have a story for you.... I have heard that people can diet and still eat lots without being hungry and I experienced it first hand last week. I had to go out of town, brought an apple with me to eat, stopped at Tims for a tea and grabbed a peanut butter cookie as well. When I got home I was staving, but knew I had a good supper planned. I cooked fresh broiled chicken breast with a steamed veggies (green beans, brocolli, carrots). When i was done I was stuffed. More so than my lunch that day. When i went to log in my nutrition i could not believe that the cookie & apple (which hardly filled me) were about 3 times the calories as my awesome supper. So I now know first hand NATURAL WHOLE FOOD is definitely the way to go for me, along with a 2 lb loss this week! :) emoticon

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Planning and preparation is the key.

Before you go shopping plan a weeks menu. Then you can choose the healthiest options.
For example, if I don't have time to roast a chicken on Sunday, I'll buy a pre-cooked one at the store.
The roast chicken with a green salad is a great dinner.
Then I use the leftovers in other meals. I'll mix up a pot of chicken chili and package it for lunch

I buy a couple of pounds of carrots and peel and slice them and package them for my lunch. Same with celery and other veggies.
I slice up melons and have them in a bowl, ready for a snack.

I toss chicken breasts, quinoa and seasonings in the crock pot before I leave for work and dinner is almost ready when I get home.

I package Fiber One cereal for a work snack on Sunday, one package for each day.

If you buy a prepared foods like lasagna think about making two lasagnas and freezing one for a later meal.

Don't worry about being perfect, just work on doing better one day at a time.

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1/30/14 8:19 P

it's hard to get out of the cycle of "but it's easy" :)

One thing to remember, is that a lot of those easy meals have 2-8 portions, so watch your portioning if you are just cooking for yourself. Make sure you have something else to augment your meal to add volume (cut veggies, a premade salad, etc)

Something that has helped me is cooking more than one thing, one day a week, and putting away servings in the fridge or freezer, for an easy, home-cooked go-to on a busy day.


1/30/14 8:18 P

Keep it as simple as possible to start.

Peel a carrot and eat it.
Fry a salmon fillet, 10 minutes
Fry a couple eggs, 5 minutes.
Eat a piece of fruit.
Eat a handful of nuts.
Boil some potatoes no need to mash them, 20 minutes.
Make burger patties yourself, it only takes a few spices and 15 minutes.

Simple food is fast food and it's great for you too! As you get more used to buying and preparing whole foods you can start making it more elaborate if you want. But to start keep it simple.

The best to you.

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I used to think I had time just for packaged foods or restaurant food instead of just cooking my own healthy meals. It's easier to get it already made when I am in a rush. But now, I am having to take a look at all my habits that led me to gain almost 300 pounds and have have so many health problems because of it. Natural whole foods taste better than packaged foods even though I have some favorites I like. I am wanting to know how I can balance both. I have tried to radically lose the weight by quitting junk food but found myself going back to it but at the same time want to eat healthy too to lose the rest of the weight. Has anyone had these struggles? d

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