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6/14/13 12:27 P

Allow yourself to fall in love with healthier versions and healthy foods.

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6/14/13 11:56 A

Kudos on quitting smoking and Diet Coke, and on planning on a 5k! Those are all tremendous accomplishments! Dealing with junk food should be a breeze after that emoticon

There are a couple of things that you may want to do first:

- Keep an eye on your tracker for a few days, and see if there are any obvious nutrients missing from your usual menu. For example, are you low in fats, protein, or fibre? Each of these are things that will have an impact on whether you feel full and satisfied. If you find that you are low on any of these, start looking at ways to add more in to your planned meals and snacks to see if that eases the junk food jitters.

- Start really thinking about which junk foods you are going for, to see if there is a trend that you can satisfy in a healthier way. For example, if you are always going for something crunchy, then popcorn or fresh veggies might be a good substitute. If you are always going for something salty, then baby dill pickles might be good. If you go for sweet, then fruit with yogurt might work. If it's a hand-mouth thing, then veggies and hummus or yogurt dip might work for you.

You also might find that you feel better if you eat more often during the day. The going for seconds with every meal might be because you've let yourself get too hungry. I work best when I eat 6 or 7 times a day, whereas others do better with just 3 meals. Pre-plan some really delicious snacks - ones that you look forward to - to replace the junk in your desk drawer. It's easier to resist a momentary urge for junk when you know that you've got something really good coming up soon.

Also keep in mind that others in your household may have different calorie requirements than you do, so they might need the second helping of a meal to meet their requirements even though you don't. We didn't figure that out in this house until my partner dropped 10 pounds in a month by unconsciously matching what portions I was eating (and he didn't have it to lose). It may be an equally unconscious thing with you that you feel that you want/need a second helping because everyone else is having one.

For myself, I have really dedicated myself to making fresh, whole foods and experimented with lots of delicious sauces and variations. After only a few months, I have to say that the few junk foods that I've tried recently (as a "treat" - hah!) taste, at best, disappointing, and usually just awful. Really, there's nothing that I can't make a healthier and far better tasting version of.

Good luck figuring out what works for you!

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I have found that for some things moderation does not work well for me. I have found that cold turkey works better than 'just a little'. Could I suggest you try doing a sugar fast? Basically try avoiding all (and I really do mean all) sugars and starches for a week or two? This includes all fruit, some starchy veggies like carrots and potatoes, all grains and some dairy (milk has sugar in it)...oh, and of course ALL sweets like candy, donuts and ice cream. This is an extreme thing to do, but can really help curb a sweet tooth. Once that sweet tooth is under control, you can try adding back in some things (carrots, whole grains, berries) and see what triggers you. You don't necessarily need to live like this for the rest of your life, but this may just be a little kick start in the right direction.

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I'm in desperate need of help. I have been a junk food addict since I was 9. I'm 34 now. I still hoard junk food in my desk at home and I even find myself sneaking ice cream when I'm out running errands by myself. This is becoming a problem for me since I'm getting ready to train for my 1st 5k. I have quit drinking Diet Coke & I quit smoking 14 months ago. I packed on a lot of weight & the junk food eating hasn't changed. If anything, it gets worse. We do have a recent high school grad and a 9 year old in the home. So, we try to keep junk out of the house as much as possible. We try to eat balanced meals, but we all end up eating 2nds. I know where my limit is, but I'm having trouble controlling myself.

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