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9/30/11 10:04 A

You have to be as dedicated to being healthy, working out & eating right as you are to your job or to wedding planning. You recognize that you're an emotional eater, which is good; emptying your house of any of those trigger foods would be extremely helpful cause when you're feeling stressed you can just walk into the kitchen and get something unhealthy to eat.

Are you doing too much for the wedding? Is your fiance helping with things? I'd recommend taking a look at the Real Simple wedding checklist as it will help keep you on task. My fiance and I decided early on that if we couldn't do it ourselves we were doing too much; we did the invites, programs, centerpieces, favors, and decorations all ourselves. We have 6 weeks till our wedding and not a lot to do nor am I stressed out at all. You may have to scale back. There's no reason to be stressed over an exciting day. Good Luck!! You Can Do This!! :)

9/30/11 5:02 A

I have been engaged since November 2010 and have been desperate to lose weight so I can be a beautiful bride. The problem is that since I have gotten engaged I have gained about 30 lbs instead of losing it and I could drop 100lbs and still be considered obese. I am an emotional eater and this has been a very stressful year. My wedding is getting closer and closer and I am feeling pretty awful and like time is running out. Frankly, I need some help! I am feeling desperate... Any advice or encouragement is needed and welcome. Thank you.

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