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JULIA1016 Posts: 4
5/5/14 8:47 A

Thank you all! That was very helpful I definitely am out of the way of anyone working out and try to go when there is no one there.

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5/5/14 8:32 A

Also, landing on your toes rather than your heels will make the movement less noticeable to others. Landing light on your toes rather than heavy on your heels is better for your joints and muscles as well.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,294
5/5/14 8:19 A

I'd agree. As long as you're out of the way of the traffic flow. The only other thing I could think might possibly be annoying, is if you cut loose with a bunch of f-bombs, when you miss a jump. Otherwise... have at it.

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5/5/14 8:04 A

It would only be annoying if people could not pass by you to reach equipment.

JULIA1016 Posts: 4
5/5/14 7:37 A

Has anyone does this and does it seem to annoy other people (or you if other people do it?) I go to a small gym at the apartment that usually has 1 person in there when I am and I only jump rope for a few minutes. I don't want to be obnoxious to the others around me but its really the only place I can do it. Thanks!

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