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8/22/11 10:25 A

Honestly? Waste of money and space.

You would always be better off eating the fruit and vegetables, you get the fibre, the fullness... and it takes say 8 oranges to get a glass... you wouldnt eat 8 whole oranges in one go, but you just drank the calories of 8 oranges, so I dont think juicing is much good,.

Smoothies however, much better, as you actually use the whole fruit or vegetable, so get the benefits of the fibre and so on. Why not look into that instead?

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8/20/11 4:26 A

I have recently been reading that juicing can be very helpful in increasing the amount of fruits and veggies a person consumes during a typical day, and can be use to supplement a traditional meal or two per day.

My trouble is, I don't really like lettuce or spinach, and tend to use them only in moderation in salads, or on sandwiches, so Kale and some of the other recommended green leafy vegetables to try sound kind of gross to me. I am not sure sour apple alone would be enough to cover the taste. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to ease into using these vegetables which are good for you?

Does anyone have any "go to" juice recipes that they go to? Any advice for anyone new to doing it?

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