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9/13/12 9:10 A

Take a look at this article: .

In particular, pay attention to the "Criticism" section.

It does not seem to be anything other than a marketing trick.

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9/13/12 2:29 A

Do you think that its a good idea to juice fast?


Will I gain the weight I lost back?

Yes, any weight lost will be water weight, not fat, and will come back quickly.

Has anybody ever done a juice fast?

No. The human body is designed to eat food. I have no reason to starve myself of something that I need to live.

9/13/12 12:07 A

There are many types of juice fasts that say they do many different things. As long as you are healthy, it is probably OK to do it for a day, maybe up to three days. If you have any concerns, speak with your doctor. I would be careful about high glycemic ingredients (very sweet fruit juices) and making sure you don't throw yourself for a sugar high and crash. The ones that mix veggies with fruit, or are all veggie are less concerning that way. Any kind of fasting is meant to be short term and occasional. You still need to find a healthy way to eat that you can sustain.

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Ok I just saw a documentary about juice fasting the other day. The people in the documentary got amazing results and seemed much happier and healthier. I want to give it a try not only for the weight loss but for the health benefits as well. Do you think that its a good idea to juice fast? Will I gain the weight I lost back? Has anybody ever done a juice fast? I'm just looking for some honest responses about this fast. Thanks for your replies.

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