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VAINVT Posts: 8,676
1/30/14 7:15 P

I am a member of a gym and I love it because of the variety of things I can do. I also like going to the gym, doing my 1.5 - 2 hours of exercise and being done with it. However, if you can spend 12 hours a month at the gym, I spend more than 25 hours, so it is well worth the expense to me. Preference is an important consideration. I love the classes and the equipment, and am not willing to have them in my home.

OWLVR54 Posts: 4,152
1/30/14 7:02 P

emoticon Workout at home. I have videos and I can use some of the exercise videos on Spark People as well as a treadmill. I feel more comfortable at home and don't use gas to go to a gym.

BABYDOLL_87 SparkPoints: (48,770)
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Posts: 205
1/30/14 6:33 P

Workout at home, i have a bunch of Jillian michaels dvds, weights, yoga matt and an elliptical, plus for change of pace, i take a long walk outside on the hills.

FITTEREVERYDAY SparkPoints: (29,128)
Fitness Minutes: (18,503)
Posts: 2,072
1/30/14 6:01 P

I walk a lot too. I don't run...I'm not really supposed to. The cold doesn't deter me unless it's below zero. The heat can deter me but if it's too warm I'm going to be swimming anyway (too warm for me is 80F or higher).

I like the fresh air too. If it's too hot, too cold or too rainy or too icy (snow doesn't bug me)I do my videos at home.

1/30/14 3:52 P

I walk a lot (10-20 miles a week) and do yoga on Hulu and arms/abs/butt apps at home, just because I prefer fresh air and feel in the time it takes me to get to and from the gym, I could be excersising! Also, it's all free, which is cool but I do miss socializing and feeling motivated by other people working out!

POUSLEY SparkPoints: (7,117)
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Posts: 14
1/30/14 1:51 P

I loss more weight doing videos than the gym but its good when you want to go for a run during the bad weather. I'm a runner for those who don't know so that's what helps me keep weight off. I just cant do the

THERUBYINME SparkPoints: (1,616)
Fitness Minutes: (586)
Posts: 47
1/30/14 1:21 P

I love having a gym membership. It is the single most constant motivator for me!

1/30/14 1:16 P

I like a little bit of both as well. Sometimes it's nice to not have to leave the house to work out. I've been digging yoga videos latley but do enjoy going to a class as well.

OMEGADIETER SparkPoints: (11,263)
Fitness Minutes: (2,173)
Posts: 95
1/30/14 12:58 P

I use videos, both DVD and those on this website. I am retired, so I do my exercise in bits and pieces, which is also easier on my knees. More importantly, when everything is within a few feet of me, it is pretty hard to muster up a convincing excuse to skip exercise!

TRI_BABE Posts: 2,968
1/30/14 10:17 A

I do both but find exercise DVDs to be too easy for the most part. I will say to invest in a home gym only if you workout all the time anyway. Else it will just sit there and accumulate dust as it does in most people's homes that buy them.

Especially when the weather is bad or I want to just do a quick workout after I run, or just when I feel like it, I love having my home gym. I work from home right now so sometimes it's nice to just be able to take a break at some point in the day and workout a bit, even if it's not my "full" workout.

FGESCHWI Posts: 56
1/30/14 9:51 A

I used to have a membership at the Y, but it's too expensive to maintain over the time. Even though I was going regularly, and I do enjoy exercise, it became more and more a hassle. All this time to get ready: Pack gym bag, find clothes, drive there, park, check in, change, workout, change, drive home, unpack wet gymbag. I felt like it took so much time that I needed to use for other things that I stopped going.
Now, I workout at home EVERYDAY (unless I am sick). I can do it whenever I have a little time, All I need to do is change, workout and shower. That way I can fit High intensity workouts for even 30 minutes because I cut out all this other extra time. I have a dvd, and a few weights, but I utilize a lot. They offer workouts for everything, every level, any length in time. I love sparkpeople's videos as well; however, sometimes I just need something for 45 minutes that takes everything out of me that I have, and sparkpeople doesn't have that.
All this said, I did enjoy their 6 am yoga class and their pool. These two are the things that I really miss, but I can do Yoga at home. :)
For me it's about efficiency. It saves me time and money. I am trying to save some money to get a good collection of dumbbells, for now water bottles are doing the trick :)

Hope that helps :)

ROADRRUNNER007 Posts: 1,369
1/30/14 9:28 A

I do both emoticon sometime the mood to work it hits you...and you have to get your work out on. This is going to sound weird but it keeps me from eating.

NEWALX SparkPoints: (37,351)
Fitness Minutes: (30,243)
Posts: 498
1/29/14 9:21 P

I joined the Y but haven't gone yet. Been doing all my works at home

JEN77001HOU SparkPoints: (245)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 6
1/29/14 7:52 P

If I had a pool in my back yard, and I don't, I would not join a gym. But no pool, so I have a gym membership to use their pool. However, some people enjoy going with friends. For others, it needs to be highly convenient. Walking is great for you and even better with your neighbor.

CCNP07 Posts: 293
1/29/14 7:33 P

Didn't join a gym, but a boot camp class in the mornings. I need the group motivaton

BEACHGIRL328 Posts: 3,063
1/29/14 7:22 P

I had a membership for years but had to give it up this year I found it harder and harder to get there now I have kettle bells and bands as well as a few weights and a pretty good collection of DVD's but I'm out of the practice of daily exercise. I was watching a really inspiring video on line about a woman who committed to 100 days of exercise and I am trying to get my "ducks in a row" and get caught on my life so I can do something like that too.

AMPROSKE1 SparkPoints: (65,348)
Fitness Minutes: (58,650)
Posts: 946
1/29/14 5:55 P

I like that doing videos at home is free and gives me a variety. I had a gym membership and liked it but it gets expensive and now that I have a family it's hard to find time for it.

SNOOPYLINKOS SparkPoints: (125,443)
Fitness Minutes: (28,946)
Posts: 280
1/29/14 5:04 P

A new gym opened 4 months ago near me. I was set to join until a smart mouth child of mine said "you should walk to the gym and back home." So I did. It's 1.2 miles round trip and back is up a hill. Four months have passed, I walk TO the gym 4 times a week, sometimes 1.2 miles but mostly now 2.5 to 3 miles by adding blocks on the way TO the gym. One day I am going to go INTO the gym. Kids, sometimes they make good sense!

JD-SARKAR1 SparkPoints: (6,067)
Fitness Minutes: (2,787)
Posts: 6
1/29/14 3:10 P

Personally, I prefer working out at home. However, everyone is different in what they enjoy doing. I do go to the gym 3x a week more to spend time working out with my husband because that is what he likes doing.

If your contemplating which works better for you maybe try a trial run at a gym for a month and see which you prefer. If you enjoying the gym continue your membership. If not, stick with home workouts.

KELKER Posts: 204
1/29/14 2:56 P

Recently I purchased my first workout DVD and have been using it on days I don't go to the gym.
By the time I get dressed, drive, park, etc, I can be most the way through my DVD workout.

Some folks doing really well with a gym environment, but you HAVE to have the discipline to get yourself there. I like the variety of some outside activities, some gym work and some home stuff. (Pretty soon my excuses all evaporate!)

MARTHROID Posts: 389
1/29/14 1:38 P

If I could afford a gym, I'd do it in a minute. But, my husband is able to go to Planet Fitness for really cheap and he uses it. I used to love going to the gym…when you're there, there's nothing to do but workout. At home, I get side tracked very quickly. I'm lucky that there is a nice walking trail near my house. When I go there, I jog/walk…that's what I'm there to do. The trail also has equipment scattered throughout, like a situp bench, step ups, parallel bars, pull up bar, etc.

Everyone is different though. I think you have to find what works for you.

Also, you have to see if a gym would be cost effective, unless you have money to burn (which I don't). If I couldn't workout most days in a month, I wouldn't do it. But that's just me. I tried home videos, didn't work. I have to get outside…away from distractions.

Good luck, especially with healing.

Oh yeah, and I won't JOIN anything. So, for me, I would have to have a gym that I can cancel easily with no backlash. There are quite a few gyms out there that you don't have to "join".

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FITTEREVERYDAY SparkPoints: (29,128)
Fitness Minutes: (18,503)
Posts: 2,072
1/29/14 1:28 P

I find it easier to be consistent at home because there's less prep (and I can workout in my PJs). I liked the gym but sometimes it was just hard to get out the door. All I have to do at home is make sure my clothing is workout appropriate.

HENRIE6 Posts: 24
1/29/14 10:48 A

Leslie Sansone Walk away the pounds is the best, I've used them for some time now and find working out at home is the best for me. I get up very early and I have to be at the office on time going to the gym would cost me too much time. and besides I lost quite a bit of money at a gym that closed after I had registered, so not going that way again.
first thing in the morning, I don't have to get dressed. just go down to the basement, turn on the TV and push in the CD !!!! and !!! Voila away I go, This morning it was 45 mins.
and also if i feel like doing more this afternoon I can, don't have to go out !!just get it done .. I am already at home...I recommended WATP to my co worker and she is now using them too.
I just love the program emoticon

NEWATTITUDE2010 Posts: 452
1/29/14 4:45 A

Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds DVDs work best for me.

LOVELIFE45 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,585)
Posts: 799
1/28/14 1:52 P

Thanks to everyone for the thoughts. I actually went out this morning and joined a gym. I only pay 20.00 a month, which is awesome. No pool, but I have one in my backyard. They are open 24 hrs a day, so no excuses about them not working with my schedule. They offer free personal training, either one on one or as a group. I am really looking forward to the new adventure. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

ERINMCQ Posts: 26
1/28/14 1:43 P

I am a gym lover that got hooked on classes - it keeps it interesting for me and I just do what I can. The teachers (trainers) are really nice at my gym and I spoke to them before taking classes about my own limitations. They were very understanding and whenever I take one of their classes they mention modifications for whatever exercises they are doing. I'm not saying all gyms are this great - or all teachers but most of the people who take the classes have their own issues and everyone does what they can. Once you get over the idea that everyone is watching you, you can enjoy it. For the most part people at the gym are concerned with their own bodies - not mine :) Whatever you choose, just keep it up :)

VWMOMMY SparkPoints: (9,888)
Fitness Minutes: (5,930)
Posts: 296
1/28/14 10:54 A

In the past I have always used home workouts and bike riding to get in shape. This winter I got myself a gym membership and it is absolutely the best thing I could have done for me! I get to go away from home and not have someone yelling that they need me for something every two minutes. It is also a 24 hour gym so I can go any time of day or night (I am a night owl so I usually go after putting my little man to bed). And, with the use of the weight machines I find myself feeling much more confident about adding strength training to my program (in fact it is probably my favorite part right now) as opposed to in the past when I would only focus on cardio or very minor body weight only exercises. Only four weeks in I am already seeing a lot of difference in my body composition with the weight training added. The other thing about the gym membership for me was that I felt like I was making an investment in me. The fees are only $25 per month and I really have to stop and realize that there is no reason that I shouldn't consider myself to be worth about $6 a week.

In the end it just depends on your motivations and what you are more likely to keep up with. Are you disciplined enough to take time to yourself at home to do your home workouts? Do you have the equipment and/or desire to do strength training in each place? Do the financial aspects play into the decision? Do you do well with internal motivation or do you need some kind of external stimuli to keep you going? Either way you go, embrace it and give yourself credit. You are worth the work!

DEELIBRARIAN SparkPoints: (139)
Fitness Minutes: (60)
Posts: 12
1/28/14 10:51 A

I use home workout videos. As a single mom, its convenient for me to workout at home before my little one wakes up. Plus, I live in a small town and the childcare centers in the gyms are not that great and they close very early. So I've opted to working out at home until I relocate and can join an awesome YMCA!

NOBLEEQUESTRIAN SparkPoints: (5,640)
Fitness Minutes: (10,988)
Posts: 247
1/28/14 9:00 A

It depends upon you as an individual. However I find that I'm less likely to work-out at home. It's much harder to choose your intensity level with at home videos. There is a lot of 'beginner' and 'advanced' workouts but very little intermediate. At the gym you can adjust your machines to whatever activity level your at, at the day. I am much more likely to give up after 5 minutes with a video.

Plus, if you joint the right gym you will also have a pool and fitness classes. I always recommend fitness classes because you feel like you need to go because you paid for it.

CDCSMITH2013 Posts: 1,688
1/28/14 8:04 A

I do both. I like the gym because I can go first thing in the morning before work and it is right on the way. Also, having to pay for it, makes me go. I don't like wasting my money, so even though I only pay $20/month, I will go because I'm paying money. And I won't lie, the water pressure is better there and not a single person at the gym bugs me for stuff while I'm in the shower. It's sort of a joke that I joined a public gym so I could take a shower in private. ;)

I also do videos at home though. I started the JAnuary Jump Start challenge and I've been doing Sparkvideos daily. I also like my Pilates program on my off gym days. FOr me, the gym is primarily about using equipment I don't have access to otherwise.

VIDABUENA2010 Posts: 121
1/28/14 7:15 A

It's a good question that I'm currently pondering. I prefer a combo of home and outside, but it's been so cold lately. I'm contemplating the gym, but don't want to have to choose between getting to the gym and skating, biking or swimming with my son.

As everyone says, it's so different for each person, and where he or she is at in life.

GEENAH1979 SparkPoints: (3,783)
Fitness Minutes: (3,552)
Posts: 43
1/27/14 9:39 P

I went to the gym, but eventually started working out at home due to time restraints. I love doing Zumba, kickboxing, and if I'm not feeling too energized, then I do a walking video, which is great. I tried doing the TaoBo videos but always feel like I've strained a muscle.

POXYFAIRY Posts: 1,498
1/27/14 8:43 P

I think the gym is great for certain things, but ultimately I prefer home exercises (or even doing them at the gym if I'm there) that use my own body weight, and/or adding free weights in with some strength moves.

The gym is good in the winter or when you can't get on the road, for either biking or walking/running on the treadmill. The weight machines just aren't natural, I much prefer free weights. You can get an absolutely excellent workout using no equipment - just do a quick google search or grab a personal trainer if you're unsure of form.

Herniating my disk was a big wake up call for me. I went through physical therapy, then started working out at the gym with the machines - I was getting a lot weaker. I found when I did exercises without machines, using my own body weight, I got a lot stronger. Now I'm able to do 2 minute planks!

SHADOWCHIC12 Posts: 170
1/27/14 8:02 P

I do both. I also have lower back issues, and I need to strength train certain muscles to hold my back correctly. The gym machines are easier for me to isolate and work those muscles. My chiropractor gave me many activities to do both at the gym and home with my stability ball to help my back.
I work out at home on my stability ball because I feel awkward doing that at the gym. I also do Zumba for the Wii and a few SP videos and workouts at home to mix it up.
Best of luck!

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,384)
Fitness Minutes: (85,068)
Posts: 3,415
1/27/14 4:44 P

I like to use my elliptical and then do a variety of exercises seen in my videos. I hate to waste time so I move things faster doing my own program with dumb bells, resistance bands and stability ball. If I get bored I do a different exercise.

SHEILAMARIEHALL SparkPoints: (250)
Fitness Minutes: (156)
Posts: 1
1/27/14 4:35 P

I tried going to the gym with some friends but really wasn't for me. So I tried a few workout videos at home and it really worked for me. I really like the Biggest losers "BootCamp" workout and Leslie Sansone walk away the pounds with hand weights. Just give it a try. I sometimes invite friends over for a workout day and a healthy snack afterwards.

LOVELIFE45 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,585)
Posts: 799
1/27/14 1:29 P

I never really thought about the cost versus missing time at work due to my back issues. Great point. I thought the price was phenomenal too. Best of luck on your journey to health and happiness.

LOVELIFE45 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,585)
Posts: 799
1/27/14 1:22 P

No, I haven't requested any passes. I have went and toured several different types of facilities. I know I don't need one that has all the different classes, since I am workout challenged, a class environment wouldn't be a good fit for me. I have one in mind, the main thing is I will be going alone, and am hoping that won't be a discouragement from me going. I don't need anything fancy, but a trainer to help me is a must. I wanted to wait until I figured out the whole food thing with my 12 hr schedule. It has taken two weeks of trial and error, I have this one down pat, now onto the fitness schedule. Thanks for all the awesome feedback makes a person feel loved... The Power of SparkPeople is amazing....

VKKESU Posts: 1,010
1/27/14 1:19 P

Exactly. My husband told me that the gym was worth it because I spent less time at the chiropractor when I do go to the gym. When I take the pilates classes , my back muscles strengthened up and I didn't have back problems anymore.

That is an unbelievable good deal if trainers are included !!

GECKO722 SparkPoints: (34,430)
Fitness Minutes: (71,274)
Posts: 196
1/27/14 1:11 P

I think it really depends on what will keep you going. I split my week up between home workouts and the gym. I really enjoy the gym, it's almost a meditative experience for me. It's harder to convince myself to workout at home. Have you gone to any gyms to request a pass to try it out? You could give a couple a try and see if one works best for you.

LOVELIFE45 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,585)
Posts: 799
1/27/14 1:11 P

Thanks so much, I agree with so much of what you said. I don't want to hurt myself doing things the wrong way. One of my local gyms has a special going right now for 19.99 a month, where I can bring a friend with me every time I go, or 10.00 a month to do it solo. They offer trainers as well included in the 19.99 a month. Which when you calculate that out to approx 30 days a month, that is less than a cup of coffee. I guess you have to ask yourself what is your health and happiness worth to you as an individual.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

VKKESU Posts: 1,010
1/27/14 12:47 P

I only go to the gym twice a week. It is the only thing that keeps me motivated through the years I learned. Everytime I've quit to save money ...... I've gained the weight back. I like the classes personally , but you may also be interested in a trainer.

I got a trainer for the first time and have enjoyed learning new exercises that I can do. I have bad knees and a bad shoulder. He knows so many exercises that I can safely do, that I'd have never known about.

You know yourself. If you can stay motivated at home and do it all, then save the money. If you are like me and work harder and better in the gym atmosphere than it's worth it. If you will only go for the equipment then pass on the bigger gyms with the pool and other stuff. I paid for three years up front and it's only costing me about 15.00 a month. WELL WORTH IT ! You hours may make the 24 hr. fitness gym a good place for you too.

Go to each gym , they always are willing to give a free pass for a week or so and see which one suits you.

BANDOMOM1 SparkPoints: (3,254)
Fitness Minutes: (3,530)
Posts: 337
1/27/14 12:25 P

Depends on you. I sometimes workout at home, but I like to go to the Gym. I don't have all those machines at home. So Gym works best for me.

LOVELIFE45 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,585)
Posts: 799
1/27/14 12:04 P

Good points to ponder, Which one am I likely to do, is a great question. There is no doubt I feel much better when I exercise, it is best for me in the morning, about 4 am. I think working out at home for the days I work would be the best answer. I also think joining a gym for my days off would give me a change of pace, and allow me to use some equipment to help obtain my goals. I can relate to not being able to keep up with others pace at the gym, trying to do Zumba or something similar would be a fiasco. Appreciate your thoughts, makes me dig a little deeper.

1/27/14 11:58 A

I am embarrassed to do most exercises in front of people. I get embarrassed when I can't keep up as good as other people, and I don't like how I look when I am exercising. when I am at home I do not worry about these things.
On the other hand when I am at home I am not afraid to try new thing because no one will see me.
I think it depends on how motivated you are to go to a gym or work out at home. which one are you more likely to do?

LOVELIFE45 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,585)
Posts: 799
1/27/14 11:56 A

Thanks for the feedback, do you find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise at home? I am trying to get my sister to possibly commit to going to the gym with me, to help keep me on track. My biggest fear is not staying committed.

CMJOHNSON1217 Posts: 11
1/27/14 11:47 A

I love to workout at home. There are many different workout dvds and programs, I especially like Shaun T and Chalene Johnson workouts. You don't have the gym equipment but you dont have to worry about all the equipment being used and having to wait. You can also do your workout anytime you want do and not have to schedule around gym hours. And if you have a kid like me, its hard to find a gym with a daycare. So working out at home solves that problem!

LOVELIFE45 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,585)
Posts: 799
1/27/14 11:31 A

Thanks for your opinion, just trying to figure out which is the smartest thing to do. One of my problems about the gym is that I don't have anyone to go with me, I think it is easier if you are a member of a gym to have a workout partner.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
Fitness Minutes: (6,555)
Posts: 2,744
1/27/14 11:27 A

It really depends on the type of person you are. Me, I need to work out at the gym because I need the change of environment from a place where I relax (home) to a place where I am working out (the gym). Others on here do just fine working out from home using videos, basic gym equipment, or no equipment at all.

LOVELIFE45 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,585)
Posts: 799
1/27/14 11:13 A

I need some opinions here. I am contemplating joining a gym. Let me first say I had back surgery and was out of work for a year and a half, I have limited mobility, I am by no means incapacitated, I work daily, but as far as doing boot camps, and jumping and hopping around is not an option with me. Spinning and things like that I can't do because of my back. I can use most of the equipment in a gym. I am just trying to figure out if it is worth the investment or if I should just use what I have in my own. I would love some feedback. This is really toying with me. I am committed to getting this exercise program under way. I do work 12 hr days, I have a very strange schedule, I could probably use the gym about 12 days a month. HELP

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