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2/26/12 3:16 P

Thanks for the advice and words of encouragement. I'm going to read over the programs here. I want to start jogging outside. I use to run/jog back in the 80s - I was in pretty good shape, jogging about 40-50 miles a week. I've got good running shoes and know some of the basics, but I'm a newbie all over again, so I appreciate all your advice and encouragement.

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2/26/12 3:05 P

If you are still wanting to slowing work up to any of these programs, including jogging in your walking routine is a good way to do it. It is also good for you to increase your heart rate periodically during your exercise. Right now I include about 1/2 a mile of jogging in my 2 mile treadmill cardio. I am hoping to get up to 1 mile of jogging out of 2 miles by next week. The best thing is to do what keeps you interested and that you can handle with out burning out or injuring yourself. Take it slow but keep increasing.

2/26/12 2:36 P

I just started jogging, so I am far from an expert. However, my one piece of advice (other than get good shoes), is to jog at a slow speed. I would always run too fast, hurt and then stop. I never had one single moment of enjoyment and was completely miserable. Finally, last week I decided I would run ridiculously slow, but not stop to walk until I completed my loop. I did 2 miles in 30 minutes (so 4 mph), so, very slow, but I didn't stop and it didn't hurt. For the first time in my entire life, I finally understood why people run-- it feels good.

Don't feel like you have to crank the treadmill up to 6mph in order to "really run", start slow and build.

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2/26/12 1:14 P

Check out the 5k programs here:

They're a little different than C25k, in a good way.

Invest in some good running shoes... they really do make the difference. Shoes aren't as important when you're just walking. If you want to simulate road conditions a little better, put some incline in there to help. STRETCH afterwards, and listen to your body.

You can do it!

SURGTECH56 Posts: 14
2/26/12 1:06 P

I plan to beginning jogging in about 2 weeks. I'm been walking on the treadmill, 5 days a week for about 45 mins(at 3.5-3.7 mph, no incline) I'm planning to use to C25K program. Any suggestions or advice.Thank you

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