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1/2/12 1:13 P

If you are using cardio as your only exercise and eating at a calorie deficit you consuming muscle as well as fat. The loss of muscle with reduce your resting metabolic rate impending your progress and making you weaker. Over time without a strength training dimension to your exercise programme you will find your progress in the cardio area diminishing.

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1/2/12 11:56 A

Jogging is fantastic exercise. I've just started training for my first half marathon (I've only done 5K and 10K races to date). I love how quickly you can improve. As others have said continually pushing your intensity is important to keep improving. I'd also suggest that you make sure you are doing enough strength training to help build and maintain muscle mass as running distances actually breaks down muscle tissue.

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1/2/12 11:35 A

thanks for that response! I will def invest in those things you just spoke of and I will continue to jog! it's actually pretty good, have a great year Happy New Year!

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1/2/12 11:34 A

thank you so much!! I will continue to jog!!!!

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1/2/12 11:32 A

yes it's a great workout. Go enjoy yourself and jog-----jog----jog------. I love doing it.

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1/2/12 11:24 A

I think jogging is great exercise. Calorie burn depends on your weight, the distance you go and at what level of intensity you run. Invest in a stop watch to time yourself so you can figure your mile per minute at the very least. A heart rate monitor is a great investment also.

Be sure you have a really good pair of running shoes and avoid running on cement or asphalt. I started having issues with one of my knees and I blame the sidewalk but I know there's many runners out there who never have problems with injuries so to each his own.

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1/2/12 11:07 A

I was just wondering was jogging a good form of exercise daily? I wake up and do 20 minutes and in the afternoon 30 minutes, started this a month ago! and I've slimmed down pretty good, and of course watching my calorie intake..on top of a few other exercises, and tryna drink alot of water! Just want some other people opinions on the jogging thing, and how many calories do you think that burns perday? Happy New Year!

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