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You've gotten some great advice here already, I just figured I would give you my take based on the fact that Jillian Michaels workouts are my go-to form of exercise. I would not do the same workout back to back, not only will you get bored but you could risk injuring yourself OR your body could quickly get used to the same moves and you won't progress like you could be. I know Jillian recommends doing the same workout 5-6 nights a week before progressing, but that has never been my cup of tea. My favorite workout program of hers is actually the whole Body Revolution system because it is designed for the workouts to be alternated and you gradually increase the intensity as you move along.

If you have Killer Buns and Thighs and 6 Week 6 Pack, I would definitely alternate the two. You could even add something else in the mix if you have anything available. Right now I am going through Ripped in 30 (again), although I switch off between a Ri30 workout and 6 Week 6 Pack or Killer Abs. If I have the time (and energy!) I'll add 20 minutes of kickboxing in after the core workouts, but with Jillian I don't really think it's necessary because her workouts are pretty cardio intense!

Like the other posters have said, be careful not to overdo it. Starting off with 5-6 days of high intensity exercise per week can lead to burnout. May be better to ease into that routine rather than dive in, but that's just my opinion.

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I agree with Jen. Watching you eat and tracking your calories, to me, is step one of weight loss. Exercise certainly helps, but it has to do with your diet so much more than exercising. Your body will decide where the fat comes off. As for the routines, Killer Buns & Thighs is pretty intense. I have muscular legs and good lower body strength, but even level 1 of KB&T kicked my butt, and I was sore for 2 days. So you will definitely need a rest day or two. I've never tried the 6 Pack DVD but again, you will need rest days in between. Don't overdo it because like Jen said, you could easily burn out or hurt yourself.

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12/4/12 4:25 P

First, no workout routine is going to cause you to become smaller in a specific area. Only losing weight, which is 80% diet, will do that. And, your body picks where the weight/fat comes off first. Just because you workout a certain body part/area doesn't mean the weight iwll come off there.

I don't know anything about these workouts, but you should rest a day in between body parts. I'd assume JM is more cardio, even if they use some weights since the weights are so low, but if the workout is focused on a specific muscle group, it should be rested.

If your pants are feeling tight, I'd suggest first starting to track everything you're eating. Do some strength training and cardio. And, don't jump in balls to the wall first day out of you'll end up burning out really quickly. If you haven't exercised regularly in a few months, doing an intense workout 5-6 nights a week has the potential to lead to burnout or injury or both.

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So I'm supposed to be starting Jillian Michaels Kill Buns and Thighs tonight with my mom. We took a break from exercising for a LONG time because first she got sick and then I got sick and then with college for me and work for her and now its the holidays and so we need to get back to exercising because we're both having trouble fitting in our pants. And while I do need an overall body workout and need to trim my arms, stomach and definitely legs down, I want to start with my legs and stomach because those are my biggest problem areas.

So we have Killer Buns and Thighs and 6 Week 6 Pack. At first I thought we would do them together and extend Buns and Thighs out to 6 weeks to match the ab workout. My plan was to alternate nights 6 days in a row because we're nighttime exercisers. Like tonight we would do Buns and Thighs, tomorrow we'd do 6 week 6 pack and just keep alternating, breaking on Friday nights. Only now I'm wondering if that's a good idea.

I've been looking at a lot of reviews for both DVD's and all the reviews suggest doing each workout 5-6 nights a week which makes me wonder if I should just do that instead. If I should do a month of Killer Buns and Thighs and then do the 6 weeks of Ab work. But my biggest concern there is getting bored doing the same workouts for that amount of time and if, when I finish one program and start the other, is the part of my body that I'm not working now going to bounce back to what it was? For instance, if I slim down my legs and then start on 6 weeks of 6 pack, are my legs going to revert to the flabby ick they are now?

I've also been told for a long time that you shouldn't do the same workout everynight in a row because then it doesn't give your muscles time to heal and rebuild the torn tissue so I'm curious as to how doing 1 Jillian workout 6 nights a week is a good idea?

If anyone has any advice on the combining of the two programs or whether I should do one at a time and on my question above, I would appreciate it.

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