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8/5/12 8:34 P

How would I track this if it is not circuit training? I really want to add this to my workouts because I do a lot of cardio and not enough strength training.

NESTOF3 Posts: 107
8/5/12 6:45 P

I have used this DVD in the past consistently and quickly gained muscle mass and definition.

I always start with 4-pound weights and increase from there. For concentration curls, though, I use 10-pounds. I do not do the side lunges, and I add in a little gluteus medius work at the end because I find it helps.

I stopped and have started up again, and again, I am seeing results very quickly. It also doesn't take long before being able to increase the weight. The first couple of days I do it, I cannot complete it. It gets increasingly easier, and don't be afraid to increase the weight.

I find it enjoyable, and I find her quite motivational. I have lifted free weights on my own before, and while it works, it's not nearly as enjoyable.

I often do cardio on in between days or change it up with other DVDs or body sculpting classes. I do find this so much better than the 30-Day Shred as I feel like there is a more intense focus on the muscles.

AD2388 Posts: 11
8/4/12 4:30 P

Great that helps me a lot thanks!

8/4/12 3:47 P

First, toning is just a marketing word which has no real meaning. My clients normally do thirty minute strength training workouts of full body and compound movement exercises on alternate days. I advocate free weights over machines for exercises in order to get the most benefit. You can do your strength training in one of two formats, standard sets and reps or in circuits. With a strength circuit training workout you do 4 to 6 strength exercises in a row without a pause, you then take a measured recovery and repeat the circuit 3 to 5 more times. The advange of doing circuits is that they have a built in cardio benefit which the standard sets and reps format.

You select 4 to 6 from the following exercises, squats, lunges, dead lifts, standing press, bench press, bent rowing,a pull up or a pull down exercise or standing rowing with a cable apparatus.Use weights which challenge you in that you can do no more than 8 repetitions. Add some form of interval cardio on non strength training days.

If you want to workout at home my recommendation is to invest in a set of resistance bands. I recommend a three band sets with handles such as the Gold's Gym set sold at Walmart for $15.00. The set comes with instructions and an anchor point attachment which allows you to do virtuall any free weight exercise.

You many be interested in the Spark team F.I.T.Females in Training as a support and information resource.

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AD2388 Posts: 11
8/4/12 3:24 P

What kind of workouts would you recommend for toning? I do have a golds gym membership but I was thinking of canceling and just doing DVDs at home but I want people's opinions first

8/4/12 3:14 P

Not to be too much of a curmudegeon but I dislike any or her workouts and even her as a faux trainer. With that I will add I dislike hybrid workouts which combine alternating cardio and strengbth segmentst. After saying all this my answer is that if you have been sedentary yes the workouts will both test you and be workouts for you. Individual resluts will vary, on Spark there are many who swear by her workkouts and others who swear at them.

As a trainer i do not advocate using DVDs since you will always be a beat behind until you memorize the workout.

I believe the recommendation is to do the workouts every day not on alternate days. Final note you can not spot reduce anything nor can you get "ripped" in thirty days.

AD2388 Posts: 11
8/4/12 12:35 P

I wanna pick this DVD up and try it but I just started ripped in 30. Im wondering if I'd see any results just doing this 2-3 days a week???

8/2/12 12:31 P

I doubt it is that the exercises are too difficult it is probably more a function of the speed at which the DVD is paced. Be advised that this or any other DVD is not shot from start to finish without a pause. They are shot in segments with many retakes then the best segments are melded into a single piece. This gives the mistaken impression that it is a film made of an actual workout. The pace is set artifically high to decieve you into thinking that it is doing wonderous work and if you will persist you will see magic happen.

HELLCAT09 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/2/12 11:46 A

This DVD is kicking my ass :D It is so difficult...I lasted only for 20min :D with my own modifications because some of the exercises are too difficult for me ;)

4/9/12 11:34 A

Actually true classical circuit training is exclusively a series of strength only exercises. Four to six strength exercises are done without a pause then a short recovery is taken before the circuit is repeated. What is now called circuit training , combining strength exercises interspersed with cardio was originally called combination training.

Proper strength training is anaerobic and has no relationship to elevating and maintaining an elevated heart rate. Since the training effect occurs during recovery and not during the work phase of an exercise programme a sustained exercise bout produces a training effect only after the programme ends. The use of very light weights for a large number of repetitions does not qualify as strength training since it lacks the anaerobic element. Any muscle fatigue and soreness is due to the sustained duration of the exercise not a function of challenging the muscles anaerobically.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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4/9/12 9:46 A

If you use a heart rate monitor while doing strength training, you're overestimating your calorie burn. Strength is NOT cardio, and all reports on this DVD is that it is NOT cardio! While lifting weights does indeed get your heart rate up, the relationship between that heart rate and the use of your body's fuel is not the same as with cardio.

There's no point to wearing a HRM while lifting weights... the relationship isn't the same, and you're not working your body the same way. Strength can get your heart rate up (believe me, I do very challenging weights) but it isn't cardio... and wearing a heart rate monitor and recording it as cardio will overestimate your calorie burn, big time.

While JM calls this workout circuit, all reports I've seen state that this is NOT true circuit training. So don't record this as cardio!

BOHEMIAN3 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/9/12 6:07 A

Have you seen any difference? how long do you think I should stick to it?

CICELY360 Posts: 4,140
4/8/12 10:16 P

I don't do it every day. I put it in my DVD rotation, so I do it maybe 3 times a week at the most.

BOHEMIAN3 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/2/12 4:16 A

Hello! Is anyone doing this workout? I started on Saturday and I didnt believe I managed to do all of it! My hamstrings and biseps are sore today and I love it! Haha
During the week I'll be choosing circuits to workout for 30 minutes and on weekends I'll be doing it all.
Do you do it everyday? Is this the right way? I didn't find any information on this!

BOHEMIAN3 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/6/12 6:39 A

It is long, but it's devided in circuits that work muscle groups. So you may choose as many you want and can do, depending on your time, plus warm up and cooldown. I'll do it when I'll finish the 30 day shred, and i'll do 30-40 minutes, cause that's all my time!

MMINITEACH SparkPoints: (20,231)
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8/21/11 7:58 A

I'm about to start this dvd in a couple of days when I'm done the 30 Day Shred. How long is it? I see a bunch of you keep mentioning that it's long. And how many days/weeks are you supposed to do it for 5 days a week?

Thanks for the help. I'm excited to try this new one. I think Jillian is a good fit for me.

8/21/11 7:06 A

Tried it yesterday first time and honesty, I like it.
It's quite a thorough ST.
I've tried various other workouts (Slim in 6 series, Turbo Jam, Turbo Fire, gym equipment programs etc) and it does hit you on each and every muscle groups.
It will burn some calories, but it's definately not a cardio replacement.
I am at a time in my workout journey when I'm just playing it by ear and switch between new things and old routines I haven't done in a while..

But it I were to commit to this program I would do this for 2-3 days a week and the other 3 days would be 45-60 mins medium-high intensity cardio.
I believe this will get real results.

3/2/11 2:31 P

I record this as cardio. I'm 5'6 and 150 pounds right now, working on getting back down to 138 (my comfy weight). My heart moniter says I burn 375 calories during this workout!

Otherwise I do the Firm (usually burn 280 - 360 on a 45 - 55 min workout), Prevention Chris Freytag (burn 230 -280), and Yoga Booty Ballet (160 - 220).

In terms of calories burned for your buck, NMTZ is definitly up there! Depending on the circuit, my heart rate definitly reaches the cardio zone. At one point I checked and it was at 84%, I was definitly huffing and puffing. I use 3 or 6 lb weights depending on how I'm feeling.

Of course every workout is an individual thing- but I recommend everyone invest in a heart rate moniter! Getting in shape and losing weight is so much easier with it. Before I had it I drastically overestimated calories burned during workouts and so now I workout longer and harder and am seeing results!

TOTALREDO2013 Posts: 5,257
7/28/10 3:00 P

Yeah, when I first did these is was right after 30 Day Shred and P90x, so I thought it was easy both NMTZ and BFBM. BUT, now that I have not done them in a few months - like 7 - I think they are hard!

It all depends on what you have been doing. Now they are kicking my

I thought they were a breeze and not as challenging the first go round. Shows you how perpectives change.

I do think they are good to get you going and build endurance. But, for serious weight lifting and muscle development - nothing beats Cathe Freidrich.

7/28/10 8:58 A

I have this DVD at home and just tried it for the 1st time last week! Let me tell you - I have done Jillian Michaels' workouts before but this one took the cake! I was SO SORE for a week after (no joke!) I could barely sit, stand, walk and I consider myself to be an experienced workout person (I've been active for awhile now). I guess she worked some muscles in my body that needed to be worked! I love it and will def be doing this DVD on a regular basis to see what the results bring. Not sure about 5x per week tho...personally, i get bored QUICK with doing the same thing, but I'm thinking at least 3x per week - every other day. I'm also doing C25K so i'll do that on my off days!

SPARKVAMPY2012 Posts: 2,510
7/28/10 8:32 A

I LOVE this DVD, it is my favorite. Ive lost the most weight with this DVD.
I record it as circuit training.

TOTALREDO2013 Posts: 5,257
7/27/10 9:50 P

I agree it is mostly a circuit training raises the heart rate and goes too fast in the lifting to even be able to change out weights. It is impossible to lift heavy and do the moves without injury. So, 3-10 lbs. is reasonable. I think 15 for a few can be done too - like the surrenders.

But much more than 15 is way too much for the workout..since it goes fast with no type of break.

2/28/10 4:49 P

You should probably add it in as circuit training under cardio.. with the lighter weights and higher reps and as high as it gets ur heart rate it is most definitely cardio.

WISEONE24 Posts: 882
7/8/09 2:57 P

NMTZ is strength training and not cardio. And I think it is more to build muscle endurance, hence low weights, higher reps....then it is to increase muscle size. It is about toning those trouble zones and not getting totally ripped. There are other strength DVD programs designed for that.

FEED_ME_SHOES SparkPoints: (112,942)
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Posts: 1,342
7/8/09 2:10 P

I am using 6lbs at the moment, and that is giving me enough of a challenge, particularly as the workout is long and pretty non stop. Wow 15lbs - you really are strong! I also wish that Jillian would show us how she REALLY works out. It would be nice to see the amount of work she puts in..

LUV2LOPE Posts: 393
7/6/09 9:49 P

I love these dvds.. all of Jillians are great.. I mix them up.. and add on to my cardio with them. I use heavy enough weigths to feel it .. but not enough to lose my form. I also wish she would really show us how she trains... I have been a member of her website .. and she doesnt' show you there either.

JOLINAR SparkPoints: (0)
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7/6/09 12:32 P

I think you can go as heavy as you are comfortable with. I think she only uses 3 pounds because a) it keeps regular people from being scared off and b) she & her models do each circuit 3 times while filming, so it's probably to keep them from being too fatigued.

When I was doing NMTZ (usually immediately following Shred, so I was already worked up), I used 3, 5 and 10 pounds, depending on the exercise. Even with Shred, I'm using 15 in Level 3. So if you CAN go heavier and keep form, I think you'll get a better workout than just using 3. If 3 pounds is REALLY all you can handle, that's fine. Maybe try 5 pounds in few weeks. It's not supposed to be easy. It's supposed to REALLY challenge your muscles.

And yes, I do extra strength training. My main weight lifting is on days opposite of Jillian. But I'm only doing Shred and Banish Fat right now. I stopped doing NMTZ a few weeks ago because I wasn't getting anything out of it.

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JEM0622 Posts: 5,500
7/6/09 8:54 A

I have tried this one and it is brutal! I would consider it ST (she does reps, remember) so I would do the workout every other day.


FEED_ME_SHOES SparkPoints: (112,942)
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Posts: 1,342
7/6/09 8:09 A

Jolinar - I was shocked when i initially found out Jillian was only using 3lbs in this dvd, she is definately much more stronger than that,and it got me thinking what is the point of using 3lbs (other than marketing reasons)? Are you not supposed to be using heavier weights, she isn't!

Also when you guys are talking about heavier weights, how heavy are we talking, because as SHADOWPUP stated she moves very quickly through each circuit. Do you guys do extra strength training/weight lifting?

SHADOWPUP SparkPoints: (0)
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7/4/09 11:40 A

I believe the confusion comes in because not everything that involves a dumbbell is really strength training. It depends on whether the weight of the dumbbell and the way that you use it is challenging your muscle as opposed to increasing the cardiovascular challenge.

This means when you start, you may really be training your muscles with the lighter weights in NMTZ, if you've never lifted before. It's not that uncommon for women to find that their shoulders need to start out at 3-5 pound weights, at least for awhile, if they've never lifted anything above their heads. Or, if you've had breast cancer surgery, as I did (in that case double check with your doc, btw). If that's true for you, then you may want to add in a rest day for the first week or two, or just do the workouts without weights in your hands.

What you might want to do is start out by alternating NMTZ with BFBM, since you like Jillian. Picking someone you like is nice for consistency :). Then, once you've adapted to the weights in NMTZ and you are no longer getting strength gains, add in a new dvd or a strength training day. This might take a few weeks depending on what kind of shape you are in.

I like BFBM too - the circuit styles let you get out what you put in, and it is really easy to go from a moderate level of intensity to a very high level (especially if you add a weight vest to a few of the circuits). I'm not all that thrilled with Jillian's form on the kickbox in BFBM, so be a little careful with that if you haven't done it before.

BTW, don't be afraid to move up to heavy weights - just be a little cautious that you don't rush through the workouts. Personally I find that Jillian and Jari Love both move too fast through the move for me to be comfortable with their styles for challenging weights; I prefer Cathe Friedrich for strength training. She constantly includes safety tips, too.

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ELDIESSE Posts: 219
7/4/09 11:06 A

I am planning on getting this DVD, along with Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, and rotating them (NMTZ one day, then BFBM the next, etc), maybe adding in some pure cardio in betweeen. I'll start that when I'm done with my current program, 4 weeks from now.

JOLINAR SparkPoints: (0)
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7/3/09 7:26 P

Well, it's challenging because the workout is so darn long. You could lift heavier with fewer reps with a different program and get better results sooner. ChaLean Extreme is a great example - few reps as heavy as you can. There are also TONS of web sites out there with short, intense weight training programs.

Jillian uses 3 pound weights for marketing reasons, because a lot of women really underestimate what they can lift and are "scared" of heavier weights. I don't even think she does half the stuff in her own workouts that she has people doing in her DVDs. On her radio show, she talks about her trainer making her run on the treadmill on her hands - she calls him Crazy Trainer Steve so I can only imagine the stuff he has her doing.

Don't get me wrong - I love Jillian but I wish she'd show more of how she really works out, strength-wise.

FEED_ME_SHOES SparkPoints: (112,942)
Fitness Minutes: (22,545)
Posts: 1,342
7/3/09 6:08 A

I agree with CATARATA17. I am currently using 6lb weights and find it very challenging. Whilst many people might not consider it 'real' strength training, i would not go far as to say it is not challenging. Using 6lbs weight for upto 40 mins with no rest in between is certainly a challenge, particularly for those of us who are new to using weights (Jillian herself states in the dvd that she is using 3lbs and i believe the girls use 8lbs). I am seeing results, i can definately see definition in my arms and i am hoping with time, to see noticeable results elsewhere (obviously i am not expecting to end up looking like her!)

I am still confused about how to track it, although i wouldn't consider it as cardio, i track it under circuit training - i get a great workout from this and work up a real sweat.

CATARATA17 SparkPoints: (36,746)
Fitness Minutes: (49,110)
Posts: 691
7/2/09 11:55 P

BTW, Coach Nicole reviewed No More Trouble Zones on Dailyspark and called it strength training. If some of you are at an advanced level and it doesn't challenge you then that's fine. However, not all of us are at that level and it is challenging for some of us - me for instance. I definitely consider it strength training and know that I'm seeing progress. You don't have to lift heavy weights to get results.

CATARATA17 SparkPoints: (36,746)
Fitness Minutes: (49,110)
Posts: 691
7/2/09 6:47 P

I personally only do this DVD twice a week and do real cardio on other days. I see major definition in my arms, shoulders, legs even though I'm only doing it twice a week. I love it! I consider it strength training, but count the calories burned since it is circuit training and does get my heart rate up (per HR monitor).

I guess I just don't see the point in doing it every day. I like mixing it up.

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JOLINAR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (50,655)
Posts: 3,464
7/2/09 4:45 P

I've done NMTZ and don't find it aerobic in the least. It's certainly not challenging strength training, but seriously, it's not cardio. Is there an endurance option? It wears your muscles out because you're doing it forever, but it's not "real" strength training.

7/2/09 4:23 P

Cpnsidering the mini weights involved and the continous motion I assess the workout as being cardio. I assess Gilad's so called "sculpting" workouts the same way, dressed up cardio not strength.Strength work is normally anaerobic and that requires muscle challenging weights. The repetitions are making you sore not the weights being used.

I see no reason why it can not be done five times a week.

JOLINAR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (50,655)
Posts: 3,464
7/2/09 2:44 P

Technically it's not circuit training, but she makes it a "circuit" by repeating the sequence. You should log it as strength training.

Edited by: JOLINAR at: 7/2/2009 (14:45)
7/1/09 9:11 P

I'm also just starting this but I'm confused...during one of the sequences Jillian calls it "circuit training" but I always thought circuit training included cardio. On my fitness tracker do I add this as cardio or strength training?!!

6/10/09 8:09 P

I've been using 3 & 5 pound weights depending on which muscle group I'm working (or sometimes I do the first circuit with 5 lbs, then switch to 3 lbs for the second one)

I do like it - and the length of it can be daunting - but once you get into it, it goes along

and the fact that you change sets every 5 minutes helps too

but I am unsure also of how to track it - I just manually put it in (but didn't know how many sets or reps, so I just left it blank - cause I know I still did it)

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FEED_ME_SHOES SparkPoints: (112,942)
Fitness Minutes: (22,545)
Posts: 1,342
6/10/09 4:14 P

I love this dvd! What weights is everyone using? I am currently using this workout 3 times a week to give my muscles a rest in between, but am so glad to hear that you can use it multiple days in a row! Has anyone got good results from this dvd without lifting heavier weights? Also is everyone tracking it under circuit training?

RENAY322 SparkPoints: (12,092)
Fitness Minutes: (15,677)
Posts: 174
6/10/09 3:52 P

I have to check this one out.

MFIT4ME Posts: 526
6/10/09 2:50 P

I've been doing this one as well and love it! Like the others say, the weights are so low you can go ahead and do it every day if you'd like. I use 5 pounds when I do it which isn't a lot but it gives me a good workout. I do it 3 days a week and on the other days focus on lifting heavier.

PIXIEGIRL5 Posts: 82
6/10/09 2:43 P

It gets better as you do the dvd. Go ahead and do the dvd even if you are sore as hell. I found that it actually helps me get over the soreness faster. Or try doing it every other day and then doing a different workout on the off days until you can do it 5 days a week.

ADUDZI Posts: 170
6/10/09 2:42 P

This is an awesome workout, I love it!!! Don't worry about doing it multiple days in a row, it's not like lifting heavy weights. I do this DVD 5-6 times a week. In the time I have been doing it I have noticed more definition in my legs and my arms are ROCKING!!!!

6/10/09 2:29 P

HAHA I've purposely been avoiding this one cause the length of it scares me!

I may just go ahead and try it this week :)

6/10/09 1:31 P

thanks, PIXIEGIRL5 ! I will do it 5 x a week (hopefully I can stick to that for a while!)

my legs are so sore, it HAS to be doing something good for me haha

it even hurts to sit down and get off of the toilet LOL

PIXIEGIRL5 Posts: 82
6/10/09 12:25 P

I think because the hand weights are so low and you are using your own body weight your not breaking down the tissue the same way you would if you were working out with more weight and fewer reps.

I have been doing this dvd for 2 weeks and can see more definition in my legs.

The exercises remind me of stuff I did in boot camp years back. And we did those exercises everyday.

I would do this dvd 5 times a week. You'll see results.

6/10/09 12:05 P

Bumping up to the top (so somebody will hopefully read this :)

6/10/09 7:21 A

I just started doing this DVD - it's awesome and my muscles are very sore haha! (it's a strength training DVD)

what I'm wondering is, Jillian recommends on the DVD to do this 5 days a week - but aren't you supposed to rest every other day when strength training?

at the end of the DVD, she says "see you tomorrow"

I was always told to do strength training every 2nd day (if doing total body), so your muscles can rest and rebuild

any thoughts on this?

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