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4/13/14 9:52 A


I need to know whethr this 6w6p is a cardio or strength training. I did level one for one month. I felt really good. But level two is too fast and I could not follow that. pls reply.

RACHELCHADDOCK SparkPoints: (16,477)
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11/19/13 2:22 P

To add to my first post - this DVD is really hard for me. This is only my 2nd day, and I am glad I waited until today to say anything. Had you asked me yesterday I probably would have needed to be censored. I should have watched it through first. No matter what she says, this is no workout for beginners and I was really unfamiliar with some of the moves (and she does call them by name but gives no description of them or explanation or warning and I'm a perfectionist and stubborn so I'm trying to rush to get the dang move done and I probably really could have hurt myself).

However, I did it again today and it was still quite difficult but it went better, so I'll keep going.

RACHELCHADDOCK SparkPoints: (16,477)
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11/18/13 9:06 A

I'm on day 5 of the 30 Day Shred and I've been supplementing that with brisk walking (to start) but I thought I would give this a try today too - I just wanted to see what y'all thought and also how you'd log it in under your fitness. Thank you so much for all of the advice!

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3/29/13 6:03 P

The "Befit" channel on youtube has lots of Jillian's workouts on there, as well as tons of other work outs you can watch and use from your computer or mobile device, I urge you to try before you buy or just use the work outs from there to save yourself some money. I'm still kind of bitter about some of my work outs I've purchased ending up on there, lol. Free is very nice. :D

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3/29/13 2:13 P

Toning and defining Abs is indeed my challenge area, and I have hit one of these plateaus; for now it seems next to impossible to drop a full pound. This sounds like a DVD that I can use to add intensity to my work out and possibly speed my metabolism enough to break through and shed additional unhealthy weight. I will explore adding this DVD emoticon to my workout.

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5/14/12 12:06 P

Hello all. I'm on day 3 today. It's a beautiful workout. Level one doesnt seem so hard on my abs, but I can barely cope with the speed of circuit 2.
I had to move to this work out because I got bad knees and I wanted something less hard on the legs. So it says in 6 weeks, all 6weeks the same programm? Aint that boring? I got no more time than 1/2 hour per day and 6 days a week.
Is yoga meltdown hard on the knees?

MLUNDEEN SparkPoints: (0)
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8/24/11 5:33 P

I love this workout!! I sweat more during this workout than I do running 4 miles (at my current 9:45min pace). I have never done any core work until I started 6 week 6 pack (and shred it with weights), and I love it. Mostly I try to do 4 video sessions a week.

8/2/11 1:48 P

How often would you recommend doing this workout? I would like to include this with my routine, which is work out 3 days/week, this would be done on days 4 and 5. Will that be effective? My abs are my trouble spot!

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6/23/11 6:00 P

I did Level 1 yesterday and today for the first times and am happily surprised. It's something that I expected from the 30 day Shred and sadly never got. No rest! There were too many pauses in the Shred. This one is fast flowing with no pausing and leaves me dripping with sweat. I feel it in my triceps, shoulders, thighs and core (abs and back). It's a good solid workout that I forsee myself doing for a bit until it's time to rotate. I log it under circuit training.

KRISTINE716 Posts: 1
6/10/11 4:07 P

I rotate the 6 week 6 pack abs with the yoga meltdown and ripped in 30 dvds all on level 1 for right now... I usually do the ab workout twice a week and the ripped in 30 twice a week and break it up with the yoga or a rest day. Pretty similar to the P90/P90X philosophy but slightly less intense and I can make it work for me. Defiitely continue with whatever workout dvd/plan that you feel works best for you, but adding a little yoga or core-based exercise 1-2X a week definitely helped me tone and break through plateaus. Hope this is helpful :-)

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6/10/11 9:48 A

I bought this DVD.. I am currently doing the 30 days shred (I am now on Day 5). Has anyone done and completed this DVD (6 weeks to a 6 pack)if so are there any before and after pictures. I am trying to find a way to get my abs nice and tight......

LIVING4HIM_INWI SparkPoints: (43,931)
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4/17/11 8:05 P

I record her dvds as circuit training.

TJLUFKIN SparkPoints: (2,675)
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4/15/11 12:20 P

I record mine as cardio since there is a lot of cardio. Maybe do like 15 min cardio and then a few sets of crunches?

SRAE20 SparkPoints: (315)
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4/15/11 12:01 P

What do you record the Six Weeks to Six Pack Abs under for myfitness?

SRAE20 SparkPoints: (315)
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Posts: 4
4/15/11 12:01 P

What do you record the Six Weeks to Six Pack Abs under for myfitness?

BLOODGO1 Posts: 53
3/27/11 6:52 P

I thought the 30 day shred was hard... Oh boy. Even though this video targets your core Jillian does an amazing workout routine because there are plenty of cardio, leg, buns and arm minutes in there. Plank is huge with your arms and there are plenty of squats and lots of cardio thrown in to keep up your heart rate to increase the calorie burn.

Just thought I'd post that since I read over some skeptical posts about how Jillian is only targeting one spot and the video is therefore useless. This is totally not the case!

I just did it for the first time today and it kicked my butt. I'm hoping in the next few days my body will adjust to it and I can dig deeper into the workout. I will post in a few weeks to update on whether or not I'm really seeing results, but from what I saw and did today I'm not sure how it would be possible not to see results :)

LAKERSKB24 Posts: 329
2/17/11 2:32 P

I'm glad this thread is still going! Thanks guys! Keep the reviews coming!

I LOVE this dvd. What a HARD 35 minutes you go through with Jillian. Wow. So, I kinda do consider myself to be in good physical shape. Level 1, I feel like I've mastered pretty good. I tried level 2 - WOW. I could NOT go through it all. The first time I tried it, I had to stop after 5 minutes. Yesterday, I did about 12 minutes, Go me. Eventually, I'll finish level 2(I hope lol). I love how great of a workout it is for the amount of time!

KCALLZ SparkPoints: (0)
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2/17/11 12:12 P

I love this DVD and do it everyday! My legs and arms aren't as sore anymore but my abs burn during the workout. Can't wait to hit the 3 week point and move up to level 2 :)

KATINAHATRUNS SparkPoints: (0)
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2/8/11 7:54 P

I just did this dvd yesterday for the first time. The first level is 35 minutes. I didn't buy it thinking I'd be ripped in 6 weeks. I thought it would be a good addition to my collection. My only concern was that she goes through it quickly, and I wasn't sure I did the moves correctly. I need to wear and hrm so I have an idea on calorie burn. I actually found this thread by googling that exact question.

I like Jillian, and she gives a good bang for the buck. I am in good shape already (run 15 miles a week and do other cardio), and I love the Shred. So that is my review! Oh and my abs hurt today and inner thighs!

LIVING4HIM_INWI SparkPoints: (43,931)
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1/30/11 8:43 P

I don't have this dvd, but I do have 6 other Biggest Loser dvds. They are all great!!! A few co-workers get together 2-3 days a week after work and do these. We switch them around so that we don't get used to one or bored with it. All of them are great whole body workouts using cardio and strength together, so you get more results in a short amount of time. We always do all the levels on them and try our best to do what we can. I am glad to read this blog and that you like it, I might have to buy this one too to add to the collection.

1/30/11 7:15 P

"For example, there's quite a bit of cardio that focuses on the abs (high knees, mountain climbers, etc.)."

I would like to correct what I see as a misunderstanding of what an exercise is or does. The above named exercises are bodyweight strength exercises not cardio exercises. The fact that your heart rate is elevated does not make an exercise a cardio exercise per se. All bodyweight exercises will elevate your heart rate if done correctly, as an example try an eight count body builder or an eight count push up for ten repetitions.

If you examine the anatomy and kinesiology of the two cited exercises they do have a core component but they are also designed to exercise and strengthen other muscles, they are both total body exercises.

The point to remember is that the titles of all of this trainers DVDs are designed with one thought in mind, to find a target market and essentially recycle the same workout with minor modification. While Ms Michaels has a devoted following many who are certified in disciplines she lays claim to in her various DVDs, kettle bells and yoga in particular have said that she does not know what she is doing.

If it works for you, go for it however I suggest caveat emptor applies in that any thing she sells can most likely be found for free.

LYNNBAUM Posts: 3,733
1/30/11 6:54 P

ALYSSABELLE1027 I have to first say I did this or should I say part of this yesterday morning after running 2 miles and I think if you did this for 6 weeks your abs would be a lot more killer than they are now. The reason people ask about dvds and games is because despite the name of any dvd we are looking for a honest review. Jillians first wii game sucked. I will be one to say please no one else waste time or money on it. I am also looking into other games and trust the review I get from my spark friends. Would you really buy a dvd names -save your muffin top- or eat your way to your max weight. How to couch and save your calories to walking to the frege. I thank all my spark friends for saving me from the latest and greatest. I will say her kettle bell is pretty good. Level 1 is better than level 2. I will have to check out level 2 of the 6-pack dvd. We all have to remember that we are all at different levels of our fitness. While you maybe looking for something to drop your first 20 pounds someone else might be looking to tone the last 10. I can't tell you which one is harder but I will tell you that you are never done working on your health. There are a lot of DVDs that are so easy to me that I wish there was a tag on then that says for beginners and be true. The jillian DVD should not be your first ab dvd. If you can't hold a plank for atleast 60 sec and do burpees your wasting your money. Jillian does cardo between core. I am using this an addition to running those 2 miles working up to a 5K and wanting to run a 4 mile this summer. How do they say this is not for the fant at heart. Get the last chance workout.

Edited by: LYNNBAUM at: 1/30/2011 (18:55)
ANG58137 Posts: 1
1/30/11 5:51 P

She doesn't change her philosophy at all. It's core focused, yes, but she works the core BY working the whole body. For example, there's quite a bit of cardio that focuses on the abs (high knees, mountain climbers, etc.). I've been working out for a while, am at a healthy weight and in pretty good shape, and level 2 is honestly the hardest workout I've ever done. The titles are of course a marketing gimmick.

ALYSSABELLE1027 Posts: 47
1/30/11 5:28 P

Okay, now I can understand it then. I just have a tendency to avoid this type of DVD. Maybe I'll try it.

KTK987 Posts: 196
1/30/11 4:12 P

I'd have to disagree with you. I use this video a couple times a week, and you certainly do a whole body work out when you're doing it. Between the lunges, weights, planks and various other exercises, it is in no way shape or form ONLY working your core. Your legs, arms, shoulders, it all gets a great workout. And you definitely can tell a difference in your abs in only a few short weeks. I know I can.

ALYSSABELLE1027 Posts: 47
1/30/11 1:12 P

Please keep in mind I have not even done this video, BUT I am avoiding it for the reasons that SERGEANTMAJOR has pointed out.

It just seems silly to target the core and nothing else. Isn't that what Jillian wants to not do? Doesn't she want to "burn as many calories as possible" by working multiple and all muscles?

I don't take issues with NMTZ because it is a full body workout. She even works areas that aren't necessarily considered by most to be trouble zones.

This is a Jillian video I'm going to have to pass on because of it's core only focus. (Again, I'm assuming based on the title)

FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
1/30/11 11:50 A

Ok couldn't make it to the gym today, so this workout was on my cable TV. This was a bit challenging and fast paced. I couldn't imagine doing this everyday. I did get some new ideas to do at the gym. I will stick with the gym for my abs, since I am getting some good results.

I agree though you are not going to get a six pack in 6 weeks. Not going to happen.

KTK987 Posts: 196
1/27/11 1:18 P

I have this DVD. I really like it, and I can definitely see a difference in my abs. My husband can see the definition more too, and I did a lot of core work prior to starting the DVD a month ago. I don't have a lot of abdominal fat though, I don't think you can expect to *see* much if the muscles are covered up, but you will be working your core all the same. I do the DVD a couple times a week after a run.

I do find the two work outs on the DVD very different from each other. I much prefer the second level. It seems a lot more cardio based to me, while working the snot out of my core. It gets my heart rate up a lot higher than the first. I do it with a 7 lb weight.

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ABRANDNEWME15 Posts: 3,071
1/27/11 1:13 P

I haven't heard of this dvd. Only tried 30 day shred which I liked!

Fitness Minutes: (21)
Posts: 12
1/27/11 12:54 P

I just bought it online. I really want the P90X and plan to get that soon, but I love Jillian and I found a site where they had this dvd for 3.95, one day only, no shipping cost, so I went ahead a got it. I am very excited!

1/4/11 1:53 A

Lakerskb24 - I was tired and today I am sore in my obliques. emoticon I burned about 320 calories doing the workout. Not bad for 35 minutes. I really don't see doing this every day though, its seems like overkill.

1/3/11 2:16 P

I really hate stuff named like that. How can they promise a 6week six pack? :S If you have 20+ percent body fat, there's absolutely no way ull build a sixpack in 6 weeks. thats 1 n half months for crying out loud.

It might be a good workout, but the name just immediately screams "ripoff". They are preying on people who wants results quick, usually beginners.

Train everything. And do specific core days, do functional exercises (kettles are great for core, stuff like windmills work wonders for ur obliques) and like, do alot of isolated core work. Then you'll be fine.

If i was you, spend the money on a few sessions with a PT and have him create a work out plan, that incorporates everything, but focuses on making ur core work. Better use of your money :)

KDC011 Posts: 180
1/3/11 1:56 P

I got it too and really like it.. ive done it a few times and its really tiring and most moves i can feel it working my abs .. some of the moves she does too fast for me to actually be able to do them correctly so i slow some down because it will be more effective to do them right.. im never sore afterwards but I rarely get sore afterwards for any ab workouts

LAKERSKB24 Posts: 329
1/3/11 1:51 P

DIGITALRAIN1 - Glad you liked it! Did you feel like your abs specifically were being worked out? Just curious to see if I'm doing anything wrong! I definitely was exhausted and my whole body was worked though!

1/3/11 2:24 A

I did this workout yesterday (level 1) and it whooped my ass. I think it would help acheive a defined core with a disciplined diet and added cardio. I loved the workout!

LAKERSKB24 Posts: 329
1/3/11 2:09 A

I just wanna say that I did go out and get this dvd.

Two different levels, 1 and 2. You start off with 1 for 3 weeks and so on.

I've only done level 1 so far, it's about 30 minutes and I am sweating BUCKETS while doing it! wow! I don't necessarily feel my abs sore or burning or anything after finishing it, it's definitely more of a full body workout, but still, fantastic. Would definitely recommend it.
Can't wait to try level 2!

CUBBYMAMMA SparkPoints: (36,110)
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Posts: 361
12/30/10 3:19 P

SergeantMajor: "Your ab definition is built by executing a seated forward press against the edge of the dining room table then executing the positive portion of a squat."


Edited by: CUBBYMAMMA at: 12/30/2010 (15:20)
LAKERSKB24 Posts: 329
12/30/10 12:49 P

Ya, I do all the plank type stuff on my own, but find I don't stick with it for too long because I get bored on my own(silly, I know). So lately, have joined fitness classes for cardio 4x a week (which have been amazing to get me going)and now want to try following a dvd because I KNOW I will last the whole thing if I'm either in a group workout, or following a dvd..which is my main purpose for trying to find a good dvd.

6 pack in 6 weeks is definitely not what I'm going for lol :)

12/30/10 12:43 P

First comment a six pack in six weeks is a fantasy. Your ab definition is built by executing a seated forward press against the edge of the dining room table then executing the positive portion of a squat. As for specific abdominal routines you are better off working both sides of your core and not chasing the myth of a washboard set of abs.

You do not need a dvd to develop a strong core, doing full body exercises such as push ups and standing presses and row will do wonders. Add some planks,side planks, hip lifts and pushups and you will develop a rock solid core.

LAKERSKB24 Posts: 329
12/30/10 10:36 A

CUBBYMAMMA - thanks so much for your reply! I generally won't care how Jillian is in the dvd - I've never done any of hers, so I have no idea..But my main issue is that I definitely want it to be really challenging. So, I'm disappointed that it wasn't for you :( I did try reading reviews online and most do seem to be really impressed by it but I wanted a more personal review on here, so thank you!

CUBBYMAMMA SparkPoints: (36,110)
Fitness Minutes: (70,096)
Posts: 361
12/30/10 8:00 A

I just got it last night a w-mart....
I'm kind of disappointed.

I just deleted my whole first post to tone my review down a few notches.

I felt like she is, to use one of her favorite phrases...phoning it in. Now - I just tried the level 1 this morning, and it might grow on me. Jillian seems detached and the workout is not as challenging as to 30 Day Shred (that's all I have of Jillian's stuff so my only comparison). There is not as much cuing as I would like - so one of the moves, I had no idea what the girls were doing, because the camera moved from the 'challenging' one to the 'basic' one too fast, and it took me a while to see what either was doing.

I'm going to try it a bit more of course before I reject it - with a heavier weight on level 1 and give level 2 a try.

I'm interested to hear what other people think of this one as well....

12/30/10 1:07 A

I have it, but I have not tried it yet. I did read other reviews online and they were very positive.

LAKERSKB24 Posts: 329
12/30/10 12:39 A

Help! anyone have this dvd? Is it worth it to buy? I'm looking for something at a good price and this dvd is discounted at the moment. Wanted opinions before I buy it! Is it a good and hard workout for the abs?(which is what I'm looking for)

thanks guys!

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