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FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
7/22/13 10:05 A

I just got this dvd. I picked it up for $3 at a thrift store. I like that each workout is only around 25 min and your done. I also like how it works your abs daily. The only equipment you need is weights, but you could do without or could use soup cans or something.

As far as form, if you watch the 2 girls their form is great. I can't really say much for Jillian's form though. I think it would be good for a beginner. It has 3 levels so you can progress at your own pace.

I am on day 7 and really like my results so far. I also picked up a mini trampoline that I just love love love for fitness. I bounce on it while watching moves and tv shows.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,320
7/22/13 8:18 A

I would not say JM encourages poor form in this video. She actually specifically points out stuff NOT to do, although I do think she could've stressed proper form a bit more. I think with just about any video, listening to the instructor say the same things over and over, gets a bit annoying after a while. But then after doing the work out a few times, you can just turn the volume down. One of the other JM dvd's I've got, has the option to just have the background music and no instruction-- which is kind of nice. Til even the music gets annoying.

I'd also suggest if you're just starting out on strength training, to use some of the free Coach Nicole videos here on Spark. The most important thing is good form and Coach Nicole seems to really stress that. Better to do a few less reps with good form, than more reps with bad form. You'll injure yourself. And while lots of people will say, you need to do less reps with heavier weight.... personally I think that's something to work toward-- you don't go from no strength training at all, to hefting 20 pound dumbbells overnight. You can start with just your body weight and then add gradually increasing weights as you get more fit.

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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7/22/13 7:27 A

I concur! This is one of her best videos but her voice does get annoying after awhile, so turning down the volume works!

Remember to work at your own pace

LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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Posts: 2,545
7/20/13 3:44 P

I have one of her 3-2-1 videos. All you need are a couple of hand weights. It's as good workout, has 4 levels.

BUT! Watch your form. She loves lunges and I tweaked my knees doing them. Now, I do the exercises without the lunges, substituting my own moves.
She also talks a lot....but isn't perky which helps. I keep the volume low....

I prefer to work out at home. I have a ski machine that I use 3 x week, a bike that I ride outside 1-2 times a week (weekends depending on weather) and a couple of videos. I bought all of mine used and switch between them.

KIMMYGEE83 SparkPoints: (12,503)
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Posts: 65
7/20/13 1:37 P

Ok. Thank you so much for the feed back/advice. I really appreciate it.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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7/20/13 6:58 A

It's definitely a beginner's workout... and is more cardio than strength training. I'd save your money. You can get the whole workout on youtube.

I did it as a beginner, it was fun but not a replacement for an actual strength training program with heavy weights an low reps. You'll also have to be careful to avoid injury with this dvd. Really pay attention to proper form over trying to keep up with the girls. If you need to take rests, do it. If you're sore the following day take a rest day or two. Most people will not be able to complete the full level without breaks until they're around day 10 or so.

But to be honest, you'd probably be better off following some of Spark's strength training videos. Coach Nicole uses proper form and proper strength training technique... Jillian is infamous for encouraging poor form that can cause injury in beginners and her videos lean more toward cardio than strength training. I'd say our own homegrown Coach Nicole would make a better fitness instructor for introducing strength training to your routine.

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KIMMYGEE83 SparkPoints: (12,503)
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Posts: 65
7/19/13 4:53 P

I'm looking at getting buying this workout dvd. For anyone that has this dvd, I have some questions and would like opinions. :) I'm in the beginnings of starting my workout routine and I"m finding that I have more of a desire to do my workouts from home. Do you need any extra equipment for the workouts? Would you say that this a good dvd for beginners or one that you should work your up to?

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