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12/4/12 12:26 A

Do something low impact like elliptical. That's what I'm doing !

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12/3/12 4:18 P

I wouldn't worry overmuch about "toning" right now... strength training (proper strength training, not the silly arm waving stuff JM does) is critical for preserving and improving lean muscle mass, but you can't lift away the arm fat. Where you body loses fat first is primarily determined by genetics. Because fat loss is a total body process, all the arm exercises in the world won't make the bat wings fly away. :)

Just overall fat loss can do that.

12/3/12 1:08 P

Ok thank you both so much for the help. I have always had bigger/flabby arms but since losing 30 pounds I am now the not so proud owner of "bat wings". This has got to go, the DVD has helped a lot already since I had very little upper body strength but I want to keep losing and toning so I want to make sure I am getting all I need to out of every work out. Thanks Again

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12/3/12 12:58 P

Over the summer I did Ripped in 30 every other day and ran a few miles on the days I didn't do it. I kind of started it over again, except I'm using 10 lb dumbbells and doing fewer reps.

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12/3/12 12:53 P

Ripped in 30 is actually more cardio than strength, as are most of JM's videos. The weights she uses aren't enough to be truly challenging, and everything's a bit too quick to be truly effective for building muscle.

I would say add more effective strength training. :) You're already doing cardio!

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12/3/12 12:16 P

So I started doing the Ripped In 30 DVD last week, and have been sticking with it really well. My only question is do you think it would be more beneficial to do something else in between (like cardio) since this DVD is very strongly based on strength training.

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