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JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
1/14/15 8:45 A

Ripped in 30 is one of my favorites of hers. She's got some good ones!

MARIEENC Posts: 104
1/13/15 7:57 P

I did Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30, and my legs are jelly. Lol. Not ready for a body revolution.

HGLASGOW22 SparkPoints: (18)
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1/13/15 7:49 P

I started this program on Saturday if anyone wants to do it with me!

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
11/7/14 11:20 A

I wish you ladies lots of luck! You are doing great. You should start a team page so you can encourage and support each other!

AMEIS30 Posts: 39
11/6/14 12:39 P

Starting over on Monday. Who's with me? emoticon

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MORGELLA SparkPoints: (3,450)
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7/15/14 1:03 P

I am on Day 3 and have already lost 4 lbs. I am really excited and so far it hasn't been too difficult or overwhelming.

TIAONYX1 SparkPoints: (9,768)
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1/29/14 6:49 A

Fell off for a bit there. Someone posting to this board got me back on track. Thanks. :)

SPARKLED87 Posts: 268
1/28/14 1:13 P

I completed the 90DBR the first time in April of last year. The workout program is awesome and I had amazing results. I took a trip to Mexico that same month and LOVED the pictures of me in my swimsuit (which is definitely a first).

Right now I'm focusing on running since I have some races coming up but I still pull out 90DBR DVD's for my strength training during the week. Even on their own they are great workouts.


KLONG14 SparkPoints: (1,642)
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1/28/14 10:34 A

I started day 1 yesterday. I'm a little sore this morning. But it's not too bad. Can't wait for DVD 2 this afternoon. I am here for motivation and encouragement...and accountability. So awesome to see how well everybody has done and is doing here. I think I will definately like it here at Sparkpeople. So excited to get started. emoticon

And the 30 minutes goes by so fast. This is something I can definately do.

TIAONYX1 SparkPoints: (9,768)
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1/11/14 10:42 A

I started on Jillian's Michael's Body Revolution on January 4. My main goal was to get my food under control as that is what is throwing off my weight-loss. I've only done 3 days of her videos this week. I stuck with the food which is very filling breakfast, lunch, and snack and for the most part the dinner but some days I fell off but always got back on the next day.

Today is my weigh in day. WOW!!!

Start: January 4, 2014 215.6 40% Body Fat
1st week: January 11, 2014 211.0 (4.6 lb loss) 39% Body Fat (1% loss)

I'm over the moon. I'm going to really try for 100% for week 2 and see what happens.

AMEIS30 Posts: 39
5/22/13 2:52 P

Body Revolution - Day 1


Weight: 174.6 lbs
Upper Chest: 38"
Bust: 42"
Midriff: 34"
Upper Arm: 12"
Waist: 34.5"
Upper Hip: 42"
Lower Hip: 43"
Upper Thigh: 27"
Mid Thigh: 26"
Calf: 15"

DVD: Phase 1 Workout 1

I love this dvd. It was a great starting point. Jillian Michael keeps you motivated. Don't know how many calories burnt but I think I'll invest in a heart rate monitor to keep track. The 30 mins was over before I knew it. Sweated bullets.

AMEIS30 Posts: 39
5/22/13 2:51 P

Thanks. I'll try my very best.

DEBORAUSN SparkPoints: (13,841)
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5/21/13 4:09 P

You can do it. Just stick with it and stay focused.

AMEIS30 Posts: 39
5/21/13 2:31 P

I've been a member of Spark People since June 2010. I have worked out and eaten healthy in spurts. Since then, I may have put on another 10 lbs and enough is enough. I am now 174.6 lbs and unless I change, it'll only get worst.

Today I'm starting Jillian Michael's Body Revolution and I am determined to lose this weight and get healthy. I'm hoping that posting this message and updating it will motivate me to keep going. If anyone else have this program and haven't been using it like they should, start over with me.

Something has to change, change with me. Starting tonight I will do something really scary. I will post my measurements and we will get started.

Body Revolution is divided into 3 phases.

Let's get this done. emoticon

I found this gem after I bought the dvds. Look for "Jillian Michaels Body Revolution links with calendars">

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