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1/23/12 10:36 P

My body became jiggly because the fat was burnt off- what is remaining is access skin. I have had a tummy tuck the doctor came back and praised me on burning my fat off so well- he didn't have to do lipo and decided to tighten up my muscles there and then without asking me because they were easy to get at..
I have increased my muscle mass- great spin off increased my resting metabolic rate for the better too..
Weight training 3 times a week is poor mans plastic surgery!


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1/23/12 7:18 P

Without strength training, up to 25% of your weight loss can come from lost muscle, rather than fat. It may well be the lost muscle that is leading to a "softer" feel.

Strength training should be part of any weight loss program.


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1/23/12 6:37 P

yes, we call it the swoosh effect.

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1/23/12 4:37 P

SHARBEAR100 has it right. One reason that 8-glasses of H2O is recommend is that it flushes impurities from your body and allows your liver to do its job. Without water your liver has to do double duty by helping out your kidneys. I work out with heavy weights and drink 10 glasses a day. Muscles use more energy even when you are resting. Increase lean mass, do your cardio and that fat will melt away; providing you are eating "healthy nutrients". I keep my fat intake below 25%. If my body needs more it can take it from my storage locker.

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1/23/12 4:14 P

Yes - this is part of the process! Think of a balloon filled as much as possible with air or water. It's firm and hard. Let some of the water out, and it becomes more pliable. Let out more, and it becomes softer still, and jiggly! The difference is that your body will start adjusting as you build muscles and as your skin starts shrinking. (How much your skin will shrink depends on many factors.) It sounds like you're on the right track and making progress!
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1/23/12 3:43 P

Maybe nothing has changed but your perception of your body.

Another possibility is that you've lost some weight but your skin is still loose. Think of a balloon full of as much water as it can hold. It'll be firm, right? But if you let out some of the water, it will be squishier and easier to squeeze.

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1/23/12 2:45 P

Can someone explain the reason for the Jiggly fat. Before I started working out my fat was pretty hard/solid and since I have been working out (3 months) it has become very Jiggly and soft. Is there a process when losing fat?

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