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JENNFIVE Posts: 214
10/25/13 1:29 A

Lowlights: Didn't track food today. Ate out twice, including dessert tonight. Deliberately calling today a "freebie."
Highlights: Did well on fitness goals. Enjoyed morning walk by lake. Nice family evening celebrating Dad's birthday.
Areas for improvement tomorrow: More time in the sun. do better nutritionally.
Thankful to spend the evening with my dad. Love watching him be Grandpa to two kids that adore him.

JENNFIVE Posts: 214
10/23/13 2:07 A

Lowlights: Yesterday was a downer: too much to get done. even without doing any fitness.stretching or food tracking, I still went to bed waaaay past bedtime. Feeling kind blah...not sure if that is a tired hangover from yesterday or maybe a cold headed my way.
Highlights: Tracked food and stayed within nutrition goals. Met several fitness goals.
Areas for improvement tomorrow: Get out and enjoy the sun!
Thankful to see my kids flourishing in their respective social settings. While they can try my patience to the nth degree, they really are sweet kids.

JENNFIVE Posts: 214
10/21/13 1:56 A

Lowlights: With breakfast out, ate enough at breakfast to only have two real meals today. So much for several, smaller meals. Went a little over on fat goal.
Highlights: Breakfast out, but still managed to keep within almost all of my nutrition goals.
Areas for improvement tomorrow: Get out and enjoy the sun!
Thankful to spend a morning with family keeping the memory of my Grandma alive. Happy when the kiddos requested a dance party (aka: Mom's cardio while spending quality time with the kids).

JENNFIVE Posts: 214
10/19/13 1:35 A

Lowlights: Didn't meet fitness goals...again. Feeling stressed by disorder in house, and non-active cleaning sucked up most of the day.
Highlights: Met food goals, except short on a veggie.Weighed in/measured after my first week, and was down FOUR pounds, and all measurements were down (or even). Makes me wonder at my initial measurements. :)
Areas for improvement tomorrow: Finish getting caught up at home so I can get back on the fitness track Sunday.
Thankful to see some results after the first week. Thankful to know the work and focus paid off.

JENNFIVE Posts: 214
10/17/13 2:54 A

Lowlights: Didn't meet fitness goals. Just not enough time to check things off the list.
Highlights: Met food goals, except short on a veggie. Did some house work that was in sore need of getting done.
Areas for improvement tomorrow: Make up some fitness minutes.
Thankful to have caught up on some housework..

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10/16/13 2:30 A

Lowlights: Less than a week in, I a feeling a little overwhelmed by the "diet" process. I know the time to track nutrition/fitness is critical, but I am finding it is becoming easy to let it cut into time with the girls. Feels a little like other things are falling off the radar...hopefully that is just temporary while I get in a groove.
Highlights: Hit most of the nutrition goals, except a smidge over on carbs. Beautiful walk in the sunshine with a friend this am. Good for some emotional wellness, too.
Areas for improvement tomorrow: Get more aerobic exercise.
Thankful for the ear and support of a good friend.

JENNFIVE Posts: 214
10/14/13 1:35 A

Lowlights: Tired after a lot of up and down with the little one all night.
Highlights: Stocked up with lots of beautiful produce at the Farmers' Market. Met fitness and calorie goals for the day
Areas for improvement tomorrow: Find a way to squeeze fitness in around a busy day. Eat well, even though not at home.
Thankful for the warm sun that graced our trip to the Farmers' Market, Also thankful to have great resources available to enjoy a fall produce bounty!

JENNFIVE Posts: 214
10/13/13 2:02 A

Starting a journal here for the purpose of proclaiming successes, lamenting misses, and identifying areas of improvement on a [hopefully] daily basis.

Lowlights: Slow start to the day... feeling tired and frustrated with the husband
Highlights: Nice evening with the kids: walk to park and healthy dinner out. Met calorie/fitness /tracking goals for the day!
Areas for improvement tomorrow: Keep meeting goals! Try and hold a more positive attitude that things out of my control.
Thankful for my beautiful, smart little girls. They challenge me, inspire me, and amaze me everyday,.

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