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I took piano in junior high school. The piano teacher made me play in the recital which I really did not want to do. She made a deal with me. I had to play in that one and next year when it came around I wouldn't have to participate. I absolutely hated that recital. I loved the piano but wanted to play for my own enjoyment. When the next year's recital came she told me I had to play. I flatly refused to do that again. So she said I couldn't continue to take lessons if I didn't do the recital. So.......that's how I ended up in field hockey.
I've always regretted not continuing the piano (but not with her) and always meant to go back to it when I had time. She was the only teacher in our rural area so there wasn't any other choice. I still can't believe she would lie like that!

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11/5/12 6:57 A

Piano was my dream. Took lessons...just never focused. Polka on!

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Since this is the only life we ever get to live, DANCE NOW and enjoy it. We won't get any younger and we certainly can't go back and live anything over. I certainly wish I'd stayed playing the accordion all these years. I took lessons as a child and then my parents didn't want to keep spending the money on them. When I met my husband in high school he made fun of me playing it and "polka music" so I gave it away to a woman who needed a new accordion. I was really foolish.

10/21/12 5:06 A

... but I love it! Sure, I can't move as fast, I'm not as supple, it takes me a bit longer to learn a routine, but I do keep up. They are all so nice to me, I don't feel anything but love and affection from the teacher and the group. It's a 90 minute class, and it's the hardest thing I do all week, but I feel so great afterwards.

It helps that I did ballet as a child, so I know a pliƩ a jette and the various positions - that's a big help. So if there is something you did as a child, but haven't done for years, make use of all that old knowledge and get out there. Don't assume that youngsters will not welcome you - I think they like anyone who saves them from being the worst dancer - at 68 I'm happy to claim that role - just thrilled to be in the class at all.

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